THE OPENER - High School / Middle School 2022

Clinton, MS
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Athlete Entries

Boys 3000 Meter Run 217 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Smithers, Wyatt East Rankin Academy
Van Duijvendijk, Jonah Ocean Springs High School
Bowie, Henry Madison Middle School
Lewis, Andrew Reimagine Prep Middle School
Lee, Brooklyn Brookhaven High School
Price, Ian Gulfport High School
Rollins, Fisher West Lincoln Attendance Center
Shah, Abi Madison Middle School
Robinson, Lee Petal Middle School
Dan, Quinton Neshoba Central HS
Humphreys, Rylee Northwest Rankin HS
Thacker, Liam West Lincoln Attendance Center
LeFlore, Zane Florence High School
Kuppersmith, Caleb Ocean Springs High School
Cobb, Matthew Madison Middle School
Townsend, Cameron Reimagine Prep Middle School
McKnight, Thomas Cathedral Unit School
Newman, Landon Brookhaven High School
Taylor, Wright Madison Middle School
Osteen, Ben Petal Middle School
Smith, Charlie Neshoba Central HS
McDonald, Drake Northwest Rankin HS
Wroten, Caleb West Lincoln Attendance Center
Russ, Henry Jackson Preparatory School
Tucker, Parker Florence High School
Hardy, Jackson Clinton High School
Seitz, Landon Ocean Springs High School
Heath, Ben Madison Middle School
Waycaster, Michael Cathedral Unit School
Lopez, Kagan Brookhaven High School
Watts, Everett Madison Middle School
Sullivan, Wyatt Petal Middle School
Vaughn, Ezekiel Northwest Rankin HS
Threadgill, George Clinton High School
Kern, Carson Madison Middle School
Wingfield, John Zachary Cathedral Unit School
Boone, Luke Clinton High School
Berg, Stone West Lauderdale High School
Farley, Taylor Madison Middle School
Pittman, Chris Petal Middle School
Drennan, Will Jackson Preparatory School
Fortenberry, London Clinton High School
McDavid, Trace Clinton High School
McKey, Joe Madison Middle School
Stewart, Jayden South Pike High School
Ketchum, Andrew Northwest Rankin HS
Knight, Gavin West Lauderdale High School
Price, Ethan West Lincoln Attendance Center
Read, Sawyer Petal Middle School
Neely, Colston Madison Middle School
Coney, JahKevius South Pike High School
Lee, David Christ Covenant School
Windham, Sawyer West Lauderdale High School
Sanders, Benton Gulfport High School
Purvis, Aden West Lincoln Attendance Center
Trosclair, Joey Petal Middle School
Eleraky, Joey Madison Middle School
Shields, Levi Northwest Rankin HS
Satterfield, Parker Loyd Star School
Perkins, Cole Madison Middle School
Lee, Miles Petal Middle School
Arapalli, Aalekh Madison Middle School
McCormick, Nickalas West Lauderdale High School
Blackmon, Mayson Gulfport High School
Pitts, Jordan Leflore County HS
Legget, Elijah West Lincoln Attendance Center
Bingham, Christian Petal Middle School
Dickerson, Bailey Warren Central HS
Rice, Clark Madison Middle School
Smith, Tylar Petal Middle School
White, Connor Northwest Rankin HS
Harris, Bradley Ocean Springs High School
Bosarge, Payne Madison Middle School
King, Joseph Reimagine Prep Middle School
Thompson, Ryan West Lauderdale High School
Therrell, Ryan Brookhaven High School
Tindall, Jt Gulfport High School
Jones, Jacob West Lincoln Attendance Center
Rives, Jason Madison Middle School
Carpenter, Jake Petal Middle School
Sitta De Melo, Fabricio Northwest Rankin HS
Dancy, Porter Madison Middle School
Tingle, Ben East Rankin Academy
Huffman, Manny Ocean Springs High School
Chisolm, Matthew Madison Middle School
Taylor, Zackarie Reimagine Prep Middle School
Gamberi, Chase Cathedral Unit School
Iles, Isaac Brookhaven High School
Crumbly, Andrew Gulfport High School
McCarty, Mason West Lincoln Attendance Center
Smith, Crew Madison Middle School
Haydel, Henry Petal Middle School
McMillan, Bj Neshoba Central HS
King, Braycen Northwest Rankin HS
Johnson, John Madison Middle School
Leggett, Brody West Lincoln Attendance Center
Sistrunk, Jakob Florence High School
Messenger, Max Ocean Springs High School
Gatewood, Tyler Madison Middle School
Verruchi, Matthew Cathedral Unit School
Henning, Jeremiah Brookhaven High School
Walker, Jacob Madison Middle School
Howared, Cole Petal Middle School
Isaac, Lazarus Neshoba Central HS
McPhail, Miles Northwest Rankin HS
Miller, Reed Madison Middle School
Eady, Mason Brookhaven High School
Lane, Bryce Clinton High School
Shadrick, Mason Ocean Springs High School
Kelly, Cappie Madison Middle School
Crockett, Dylan Northwest Rankin HS
Novak, Dane Cathedral Unit School
Atkinson, Tobias Clinton High School
White, Nicholas Madison Middle School
Navarro, Walter Petal Middle School
Wilson, Cullen Clinton High School
Kirk, Cannon Madison Middle School
Jackson, Zayvion South Pike High School
Annison, James Jackson Preparatory School
Brister, Jaylen Clinton High School
Gressett, Brody West Lauderdale High School
Boerner, Tyndale Brookhaven High School
Spring, Brice West Lincoln Attendance Center
Matthews, Marsh Madison Middle School
Downey, Aiden Petal Middle School
Graves, Ethan Jackson Preparatory School
Hardy, Alex Clinton High School
Kennedy, Will Clinton High School
Mohon, Carson Madison Middle School
Porter, Bobby South Pike High School
Lewis, Samuel Christ Covenant School
Pigford, Cody West Lauderdale High School
Iles, Ian Brookhaven High School
Calhoun, Matthew West Lincoln Attendance Center
Crum, Deacon Petal Middle School
Riemann, Jon East Rankin Academy
Cardona, Donovan Madison Middle School
Patrick, Miller Northwest Rankin HS
Brannon, Evan Madison Middle School
Neyland, Christopher Madison Middle School
Bowser, Mikey Petal Middle School
Massey, Kiptyn West Lauderdale High School
Clark, Cook Gulfport High School
Teiplke, Adonis West Lincoln Attendance Center
Doggett, Tate Petal Middle School
Young, Caiden Madison Middle School
Britt, Turner Loyd Star School
Pierce, Gavin Madison Middle School
Parker, Waylon Petal Middle School
Scott, Conner Ocean Springs High School
Babl, Jonah Madison Middle School
Luvene, Jaquvis Reimagine Prep Middle School
Watson, Landon West Lauderdale High School
Thompson, Asa Brookhaven High School
Rollins, William Gulfport High School
Lilly, Blaise West Lincoln Attendance Center
Thomas, Jackson Petal Middle School
Rice, Jack Madison Middle School
Casey, Ben Petal Middle School
Barron, John Northwest Rankin HS
Wallace, Cooper 12:11.04 Brookhaven High School
Johnson, David Levi 12:53.98 Clinton High School
Knott, Coleman 12:59.98 Brookhaven High School
Boone, Hyrum 13:12.30 Clinton High School
Cobb, James 13:12.53 Madison Middle School
Spiers, Andrew 13:19.56 Northwest Rankin HS
Giraldo, Andrew 13:41.23 Germantown High School
Campbell, Peyton 13:51.64 Madison Middle School
Sartin, Walker 13:57.27 East Rankin Academy
Carruth, Grey 14:04.82 Northwest Rankin HS
Lampton, Noah 14:06.03 Northwest Rankin HS
Pacelli, James 14:06.99 Northwest Rankin HS
Pierce, John Parker 14:07.92 East Rankin Academy
Chambliss, Charlie 14:22.23 Madison Middle School
McGee, Jadon 14:34.90 East Rankin Academy
Woods, William 14:36.12 Germantown High School
Mason, Cullen 14:37.54 Germantown High School
Harrison, Matthew 14:37.59 Clinton High School
Pittman, Dillon 14:38.85 Clinton High School
Wilkinson, Thade 14:43.02 Madison Middle School
Richardson, Conner 14:54.47 Madison Middle School
Hunt, Callan 14:55.91 East Rankin Academy
Wolfe, Karr 14:58.88 Brookhaven High School
Brooks, Owen 15:01.27 Madison Middle School
Welch, Jack 15:16.73 Madison Middle School
Kilpatrick, John 15:17.00 Neshoba Central HS
Bennett, Cort 15:20.06 Clinton High School
Greer, Jackson 15:24.55 Brookhaven High School
Leggett, Cohen 15:24.80 Brookhaven High School
Tate, Rone 15:30.85 East Rankin Academy
Price, Zack 15:41.85 East Rankin Academy
Taylor, Joel 15:56.68 Clinton High School
Williams, Terrance 15:57.00 Leflore County HS
Huwe, Jackson 16:02.02 Germantown High School
Kilgore, Reed 16:07.00 Neshoba Central HS
Ross, Will 16:11.00 Florence High School
Martinez, Abram 16:20.57 Germantown High School
Taylor, Jude 16:20.66 Germantown High School
Smith, Parker 16:22.00 Clinton High School
Giachelli, Jayce 16:41.56 Northwest Rankin HS
Fairly, Brooks 16:50.51 Germantown High School
Germany, Connor 16:59.41 Madison Middle School
Farr, Haden 17:09.96 Germantown High School
Vowell, Cade 17:22.64 East Rankin Academy
Allen, Abel 17:28.70 Northwest Rankin HS
Baysinger, Haygen 17:29.00 Neshoba Central HS
Quinn, Conner 17:38.95 Madison Middle School
Hopkins, George 17:45.40 Northwest Rankin HS
Wesolowski, Aaron 17:55.00 Germantown High School
Lindsay, James 18:00.12 Warren Central HS
McCay, Braden 18:03.26 Madison Middle School
Stephens, Quinton 18:41.00 Neshoba Central HS
Knoll, Max 18:49.61 Germantown High School
Stone, JJ 19:02.89 Madison Middle School
Smith, Ethan 19:33.48 Germantown High School
Knoll, Kaden 20:05.69 Germantown High School
Desai, Krish 28:05.45 Germantown High School
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Boys 4000 Meter Run 93 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Christopher, Cooper Northwest Rankin HS
Rufleth, Charlie Ruston
Greaves, Charlie Madison Ridgeland Academy
Biggerstaff, Wyatt Madison Central HS
Joiner, Wyatt Germantown High School
Walker, Felton Jackson Preparatory School
Snowdy, Joshua Madison Ridgeland Academy
Burkhalter, Myles Jackson Preparatory School
Warren, Austin Madison Ridgeland Academy
Youngblood, Brennan Ruston
Cofer-Williams, Markell Jim Hill High School
Harrison, Carlos Northwest Rankin HS
Lenoir, Nikolai South Pike High School
Hall, George Jackson Preparatory School
Daulton, Joshua Ruston
McKenzie, Caden Madison Central HS
Chung, Colin Northwest Rankin HS
Magee, Cole Ruston
Morrison, Clark Madison Central HS
Hansberry, Jaylen Terry High School
Hill, Trenton Ruston
McNeese, Parker Madison Ridgeland Academy
Hicks, Timothy Madison Central HS
Evans, Keegan Terry High School
Wilson, Al-Amin Ruston
Bailey, Jack Madison Ridgeland Academy
Neira, Rodrigo Madison Central HS
Fayard, Noah Northwest Rankin HS
Hurd, Bryson Terry High School
Decoux, Rylan Ruston
Hendon, Trace Madison Ridgeland Academy
Abdrabbo, Zaid Madison Central HS
Bragg, Tate Germantown High School
Jenkins, Kemper Madison Central HS
McLellan, Grant Northwest Rankin HS
Rhodus, Ethan Madison Ridgeland Academy
Littleton, Darius Jim Hill High School
Graves, Charlie Jackson Preparatory School
Thompson, Will Madison Ridgeland Academy
Hood, Camden Madison Central HS
Boyd, Trinton Jim Hill High School
Hirn, Sullivan Madison Ridgeland Academy
Harley, Dylan Northwest Rankin HS
Miller, Samuel Jackson Preparatory School
Boudreaux, Ben Ruston
Brannon, Drew Madison Central HS
Johnson, Taylor Terry High School
Wood, Zachary Northwest Rankin HS
Madix, John Ruston
Cunningham, Cashel Madison Central HS
Finely, Josiah Ruston
Mason, Bradyn Madison Ridgeland Academy
Querin, Caleb Madison Central HS
Taplin, Brad Terry High School
Roller, Tyler Ruston
Murphy, Scott Thomas Madison Ridgeland Academy
Beattie, Beaux Madison Central HS
Daughdrill, Aiden Northwest Rankin HS
Price, Daniel Terry High School
Hawkins, Jake Ruston
Mann, Jonathan Madison Ridgeland Academy
Howell, Linus Madison Central HS
McDaniel, Ray Northwest Rankin HS
Ochai, Awulu 17:47.35 Germantown High School
Schipper, Tyler 18:26.31 Northwest Rankin HS
Williams, Miles 19:15.70 Northwest Rankin HS
Sasser, John 19:33.94 Northwest Rankin HS
Wise, Clayton 19:34.46 Germantown High School
Durr, Caden 19:40.25 Northwest Rankin HS
Christian, Aden 20:24.66 Northwest Rankin HS
Cowart, Seth 20:40.55 Germantown High School
McFadden, Bo 21:01.36 Northwest Rankin HS
Thomas, Zarin 21:38.20 Germantown High School
Valenciano, Neo 21:49.83 Germantown High School
Towler, Mason 22:02.20 Madison Ridgeland Academy
Hardin, Reece 22:27.91 Madison Central HS
Williams, Zavian 22:33.11 Northwest Rankin HS
Banipal, Jasmaan 22:47.39 Germantown High School
Will, Riley 22:54.60 Germantown High School
Jones, Hayden 22:55.05 Madison Central HS
Jones, Brandon 23:37.00 Terry High School
Hardy, Channing 23:42.16 Germantown High School
Cooper, Andre 23:47.00 Terry High School
Wesolowski, David 23:50.47 Germantown High School
Guynes, Hayden 24:49.10 Germantown High School
Huang, Evan 25:03.46 Germantown High School
Bailey, Cayden 25:15.86 Germantown High School
Kremser, Jameson 26:28.99 Madison Central HS
Wilson, Julian 27:40.54 Germantown High School
Addison, MonJavious 28:04.90 Jim Hill High School
Smith, Caden 28:28.86 Germantown High School
Johnson, Barrett 29:53.02 Germantown High School
Brister, Will 29:57.73 Germantown High School
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Boys 5000 Meter Run 366 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Herron, Deshawn Yazoo County High School
Bertelsen, Owen Cathedral Unit School
Ruliffson, Ben Parkway High School
Ben, Noah Neshoba Central HS
Lord, Roman Pearl River Central High School
Rodriquez, Camden Choctaw Central HS
Minchew, Levin Yazoo County High School
Cage, Gavin Petal High School
Gregory, Swelvyn Leflore County HS
Green, Braylon Vicksburg High School
Boyd, Landon Simpson Academy
Maestrini, Cole Ruston
Maxwell-MacArthur, Lucas Neshoba Central HS
Morris, Noah Pearl River Central High School
Clemmons, Deondre Choctaw Central HS
McMillian, Hunter Sebastopol High School
Wilson, Willie Greenville HS
Graves, Gryff Petal High School
Khadaran, Jasir Gulfport High School
Powell, Riley Benton Academy
McKaskle, Andrew Ruston
Smith, Jacquez Brookhaven High School
Brown, Davian Amanda Elzy High School
Williamson, Trevor Columbia High School
Barnett, Micheal Warren Central HS
Gilmore, Bryson Sebastopol High School
Rollins, Jp Petal High School
Shuttleworth, Zack Petal High School
Byrd, Landon Ruston
Stovall, Isaac Brookhaven High School
Friloux, Riley Loyd Star School
Lewis, Avyon Columbia High School
Gipson, Owen Newton County High School
Peters, Tony Warren Central HS
Irby, Jayden Sebastopol High School
Conerly, Sawyer Ocean Springs High School
Russ, Stewart Jackson Preparatory School
Mangum, Dylan Florence High School
Bailey, Khaleb Vicksburg High School
Ross, Tylar Ridgeland High School
Lowe, Liam Ruston
Garrison, William West Lauderdale High School
Sellers, Carson Loyd Star School
Chaney, Harrison Newton County High School
Harrington, Patrick Ocean Springs High School
Davidson, Ty Jackson Preparatory School
Copeland, Prentice Neshoba Central HS
Ainsworth, Brennan Florence High School
Derby, Markel Vicksburg High School
Reed, Isaiah Ridgeland High School
Selmon, Steven Greenville HS
Castleberry, Mason Ocean Springs High School
Moore, Zayden West Lauderdale High School
Wallace, Jackson Brookhaven High School
Spangler, Gabriel Newton County High School
Myles, Kameron Vicksburg High School
Evans, Kelton Ridgeland High School
Worrell, Preston Parkway High School
Rickles, Levi West Lauderdale High School
Kiihnl, Gabe Madison Central HS
Shaffer, Grelan Yazoo County High School
Allen, Crayton West Lauderdale High School
Neal, Jayden Vicksburg High School
Ernest, Charles Parkway High School
Bowman, Zalyn Leflore County HS
Stevens, Caleb Neshoba Central HS
Hathorn, Jaden Yazoo County High School
Holder, Garrett Petal High School
Jones, Daveon Leflore County HS
Fuller, Zachary West Lincoln Attendance Center
Miller, Holden Parkway High School
Sistrunk, Talbott Neshoba Central HS
Hecker, Jase Pearl River Central High School
Shumake, Anslee Choctaw Central HS
Brown, Allton Yazoo County High School
Parker, Dallas Petal High School
Mabry, James Clinton High School
Joffrion, Marcus Gulfport High School
Williams, Lajuan Leflore County HS
Brown, Joshua Vicksburg High School
Irwin, Gabe Benton Academy
Smith, Grayson Petal High School
Madden, Bryar Ruston
Hickman, Zyan Neshoba Central HS
Thompson, Logan Pearl River Central High School
Stover, Mark Amanda Elzy High School
Williamson, Conner Columbia High School
Bray, Trenton Sebastopol High School
Maksi, Noah Petal High School
Rigney, Jackson Petal High School
Rogers, Thomas Ruston
Lee, Trayshun Amanda Elzy High School
Hobgood, Jacob Columbia High School
Geter, Tj Newton County High School
Howell, Tristan Warren Central HS
Miles, Morgan Sebastopol High School
Patano, Landon Ocean Springs High School
Creel, Jake Petal High School
Lee, Elijah Pearl River Central High School
Sistrunk, Bryan Florence High School
Watson, Marcus Ridgeland High School
Roller, Taylor Ruston
Stringer, Asher Brookhaven High School
Rojas, Abel Sebastopol High School
Gazzo, Matthew Ocean Springs High School
Montgomery, Gauge Loyd Star School
Parkes, Brody Newton County High School
McKinney, Tyler Warren Central HS
Grenfell, Sparks Jackson Preparatory School
Portier, Matthew Pearl River Central High School
Meacham, Nolan Florence High School
Washington, Darrius Vicksburg High School
Thompson, Kristopher Ridgeland High School
Newsome, David Greenville HS
Cosby, Ace Ocean Springs High School
Greenlee, Tyler West Lauderdale High School
Walker, Sharpe Brookhaven High School
Reid, Brennon Loyd Star School
Holliman, Hayes Newton County High School
Lowry, Henry Jackson Preparatory School
Walker, Noah Florence High School
Patten, Andre Vicksburg High School
Duarte, Jesus Ridgeland High School
Simmons, Isaac Greenville HS
Moorehead, Alex West Lauderdale High School
Jimmie, Dresen Newton County High School
McKey, Gus Madison Central HS
Duchmann, Joseph Pearl River Central High School
Minor, Khalib Vicksburg High School
Fountain, Jackson East Rankin Academy
Lafitte, Noah Parkway High School
Walls, Aaron West Lauderdale High School
Ferguson, Bennett 16:09.23 Oak Grove High School
McElwain, Gabe 16:13.96 Walnut High School
Brannon, Colin 16:30.10 Madison Central HS
Skinner, Luke 16:40.41 Oak Grove High School
Parks, Christian 16:41.10 Clinton High School
Wheat, Gavin 16:42.28 Oak Grove High School
Lansdown, Trent 16:54.19 Ocean Springs High School
Griffin, Kohl 16:55.34 Germantown High School
Owens, Benjamin 16:55.50 Madison Central HS
Chen, Matheson 16:57.72 Ocean Springs High School
Falting, Gabriel 17:15.54 Parkway High School
Davis, Elliot 17:17.73 Jackson Preparatory School
Gray, Jaden 17:20.00 Oak Grove High School
Adcock, Tom 17:22.57 Madison Central HS
Price, JT 17:23.32 Clinton High School
Welch, Davis 17:24.41 Madison Central HS
Castleman, Tate 17:26.78 Ocean Springs High School
Bankston, Miguel 17:30.59 Clinton High School
Gee, Mazi 17:31.83 Germantown High School
Henning, Marcus 17:32.93 Madison Central HS
Boone, Joshua 17:38.70 Clinton High School
Eye, Jacob 17:45.84 Oak Grove High School
Smith, Andrew 17:46.54 Madison Central HS
Harkey, Jon 17:52.59 Ocean Springs High School
Smith, Gary 17:52.99 Parkway High School
Sylve, Benjamin 17:56.11 Germantown High School
Carter, Denver 17:59.84 Simpson Academy
Taylor, Grayson 18:00.00 Oak Grove High School
McGuire, Matthew 18:00.00 Oak Grove High School
Gibbs, Carter 18:00.79 Clinton High School
Hallford, Evan 18:08.00 Neshoba Central HS
Fox, Noah 18:08.23 Parkway High School
Henry, Brennan 18:08.96 Choctaw Central HS
Burget, Barrett 18:09.96 Cathedral Unit School
Smith, Holland 18:10.09 Germantown High School
Tubby, Diontray 18:10.99 Choctaw Central HS
Tadlock, Cole 18:11.10 Newton County High School
Cox, Jonas 18:12.91 Madison Ridgeland Academy
Will, Josh 18:14.96 Germantown High School
Lartigue, Tristan 18:21.74 Ocean Springs High School
Wedgeworth, Kace 18:24.00 Florence High School
Wolfe, Bram 18:24.44 Brookhaven High School
Kent, Andrew 18:25.30 Parkway High School
Sanders, Wesley 18:25.57 Gulfport High School
Reynolds, Evans 18:27.00 Jackson Preparatory School
Bond, Jacob 18:31.47 Ocean Springs High School
Wilson, Cali 18:34.74 Choctaw Central HS
Barnhardt, Jonah 18:35.80 Clinton High School
Ruliffson, Charlie 18:40.10 Parkway High School
Thames, Xander 18:42.84 Madison Central HS
Hairston, Cris 18:45.16 Germantown High School
Bryant, Bacon 18:46.06 Clinton High School
Willis, Emjae 18:49.60 Neshoba Central HS
Rainer, Cooper 18:49.66 West Lauderdale High School
Mingo, Peyton 18:50.85 Choctaw Central HS
Creel, Cody 18:54.88 Petal High School
Cordova, Jesus 18:57.70 Parkway High School
Thomas, Zyler 19:00.72 Choctaw Central HS
Antinnes, James 19:01.14 Oak Grove High School
Maxwell, Landry 19:02.70 West Lauderdale High School
Brown, Kellan 19:05.80 Clinton High School
Abel, Zach 19:07.87 Oak Grove High School
Windham, Foster 19:08.09 West Lauderdale High School
Guillory, Bobby 19:12.30 Clinton High School
Parker, Crosby 19:13.49 Gulfport High School
Bond, Hunter 19:13.90 Pearl River Central High School
Perkins, Ethan 19:14.27 Madison Central HS
Furr, Campbell 19:14.85 Ocean Springs High School
Terrell, Ethan 19:25.87 Newton County High School
Adams, Jack 19:27.62 Madison Central HS
Schneider, Aiden 19:30.81 Germantown High School
Johnson, Sebastian 19:33.00 Newton County High School
McMillian, Kameron 19:33.60 Neshoba Central HS
Etheridge, Parker 19:34.13 Petal High School
Monagan, Alex 19:35.10 Cathedral Unit School
Dixon, Colen 19:36.45 Choctaw Central HS
Johnson, Ford 19:36.90 Madison Ridgeland Academy
Haydel, Sam 19:38.57 Petal High School
Vandevere, Tanner 19:40.30 Benton Academy
Perrett, Lane 19:41.69 Florence High School
Harrington, Noah 19:44.09 Petal High School
Bowen, Grant 19:46.83 Pearl River Central High School
Thompson, Ladon 19:48.65 Petal High School
Lafferty, Cooper 19:49.81 West Lauderdale High School
Brewer, Matthew 19:50.73 Warren Central HS
Washington, Christian 19:51.39 Germantown High School
French, Landon 19:54.80 Cathedral Unit School
Dodd, Hayden 19:56.62 Petal High School
Pownall, Holt 19:57.50 Warren Central HS
Clark, John Hunter 19:59.00 Florence High School
Collier, Kadin 20:00.00 Oak Grove High School
Blalock, Adam 20:00.00 Oak Grove High School
Williams, Omar 20:04.44 Neshoba Central HS
Smith, Jayden 20:05.24 Simpson Academy
Boone, Adam 20:06.60 Clinton High School
Hillman, Jesse 20:09.28 Newton County High School
Thompson, Drew 20:10.14 Cathedral Unit School
Bounds, Chance 20:11.70 Newton County High School
Irby, Roman 20:17.08 Oak Grove High School
Austin, Andrew 20:17.90 Germantown High School
Manuel, Jimmy 20:18.70 Madison Central HS
Gomez, Alex 20:20.20 Parkway High School
Banks, Jorden 20:20.50 Yazoo County High School
Hathorne, Aladrick 20:20.80 Neshoba Central HS
Dossett, Landon 20:22.74 Pearl River Central High School
Coleman, Aydan 20:24.90 Clinton High School
Whittington, Jake 20:25.54 West Lauderdale High School
Carr, Nathan 20:25.99 Petal High School
Sana, Zeyad 20:35.80 Yazoo County High School
Long, William 20:37.25 Petal High School
Ishee, Res 20:40.16 Jackson Preparatory School
Overby, Braden 20:40.34 Simpson Academy
Turner, Jacob 20:40.40 Greenville HS
Ducksworth, Dillon 20:40.47 Clinton High School
Creel, Cooper 20:40.62 Loyd Star School
Awabdy, Abram 20:40.66 Germantown High School
Diaz, Victor 20:46.04 Yazoo County High School
Payne, Parker 20:49.91 Simpson Academy
Skates, Hayden 20:52.23 West Lincoln Attendance Center
Anderson, Keondre 20:53.00 Choctaw Central HS
Gipson, Seth 20:53.02 Newton County High School
Saltzman, Stone 20:54.31 Madison Central HS
Kelley, David 20:55.00 Clinton High School
Banks, Jalen 20:55.59 Vicksburg High School
Polk, Ethan 20:57.89 Gulfport High School
Lang, Lathan 21:00.00 Oak Grove High School
Little, Blake 21:02.27 Clinton High School
Schneider, Jackson 21:03.62 Parkway High School
Giesecke, Noah 21:05.30 Madison Central HS
Adams, Charlie 21:08.90 Brookhaven High School
Humpherys, Isaiah 21:10.07 Oak Grove High School
Williams, Davian 21:10.42 Vicksburg High School
Leverette, Conner 21:10.90 Warren Central HS
Davis, Carson 21:12.83 Newton County High School
Clark, Gavin 21:15.00 Neshoba Central HS
Stribling, Shot 21:16.30 Neshoba Central HS
McCoy, Deuce 21:20.65 Germantown High School
Waltman, Noah 21:23.37 Pearl River Central High School
Tadlock, Zane 21:24.14 Newton County High School
Shines, Braylon 21:25.51 Ridgeland High School
Harrelson, Sawyer 21:25.56 Pearl River Central High School
Johnson, Braden 21:28.00 Brookhaven High School
Reed, Zach 21:30.60 West Lincoln Attendance Center
Williams, Cameron 21:30.80 Yazoo County High School
Peabody, David 21:30.90 Clinton High School
Dickerson, Aiden 21:32.32 Warren Central HS
Pawlik, Joseph 21:39.28 Madison Central HS
Fairchild, Evan 21:39.36 Petal High School
McPhail, Caden 21:40.72 Petal High School
Stott, Malcolm 21:41.30 Oak Grove High School
Hayden, Kobe 21:41.62 Pearl River Central High School
Hollingsworth, Lyle 21:43.34 Newton County High School
Cook, Levi 21:45.00 Clinton High School
Tackett, Isaac 21:45.20 Oak Grove High School
Fleming, Logan 21:53.13 Pearl River Central High School
Jones, Thatcher 21:55.78 Madison Central HS
Novak, Lehmann 21:56.24 Cathedral Unit School
Addy, Peyton 21:58.40 Newton County High School
Zavala, Enner 22:00.00 Oak Grove High School
Posey, Joshua 22:00.00 Oak Grove High School
Harrison, Jonathan 22:00.00 Oak Grove High School
Martin, Arrick 22:02.60 Leflore County HS
Shanks, Ethan 22:03.09 Benton Academy
Long, Luke 22:05.09 Pearl River Central High School
Isidro, Anthony 22:12.60 Yazoo County High School
Stover, Ernest 22:14.50 Ridgeland High School
Marcum, Austin 22:15.48 Newton County High School
Hurt, Kenyar 22:19.46 Leflore County HS
Vandevere, Garret 22:22.65 Benton Academy
Martin, Thomas 22:23.93 Simpson Academy
Neira, Fabricio 22:26.20 Madison Central HS
Katsaboulas, Nicholas 22:30.93 Jackson Preparatory School
Lucas, Cole 22:36.10 Columbia High School
Robertson, Cayden 22:36.20 Petal High School
Bates, Will 22:38.19 Warren Central HS
Davenport, Benjamin 22:40.90 Greenville HS
Breeland, Eli 22:42.18 Pearl River Central High School
Perez, Jaydon 22:44.64 Neshoba Central HS
Johnson, Cade 22:45.30 Brookhaven High School
Lay, Cullen 22:50.70 Clinton High School
Blair, Grayson 22:51.00 East Rankin Academy
Allen, Owen 22:51.80 West Lauderdale High School
Pace, Brandon 23:00.00 Oak Grove High School
Downing, Coleman 23:00.00 Oak Grove High School
McGowen, Bridges 23:01.70 Oak Grove High School
Bryant, Jayden 23:04.74 Petal High School
Gibson, Jayden 23:14.30 Leflore County HS
Lott, Ethan 23:14.60 Oak Grove High School
Jackson, Jaylin 23:15.40 Vicksburg High School
Pickens, Michael 23:16.40 Yazoo County High School
Rea, Braxton 23:29.14 Madison Central HS
Pinkins, Joseph 23:30.71 Warren Central HS
White, John Austin 23:30.80 Warren Central HS
Johnson, Connor 23:32.40 West Lincoln Attendance Center
Sellers, Jack 23:33.99 West Lauderdale High School
Warren, Gabe 23:37.20 Yazoo County High School
Thompson, Alex 23:38.00 Neshoba Central HS
Davenport, Brycen 23:42.50 Greenville HS
Bordelon, Nathaniel 23:50.80 Brookhaven High School
Johnson, Jayden 23:51.00 Clinton High School
Johnson, Aydin 23:56.51 Florence High School
Richardson, Cade 23:58.55 Madison Central HS
Bass, Kealon 24:05.57 Vicksburg High School
Miller, Hughie 24:10.88 Pearl River Central High School
Turner, Caleb 24:15.63 Greenville HS
Rodriguez, Cameron 24:18.50 Choctaw Central HS
Rees, Wyatt 24:20.80 Clinton High School
Franklin, Malik 24:22.29 Vicksburg High School
Purdy, Ryan 24:29.93 West Lincoln Attendance Center
Bailey, Kameryn 24:36.05 Vicksburg High School
Galloway, Matthew 24:42.90 Canton Academy
Burkhalter, Jacob 24:43.20 Petal High School
Silas, Pierre 25:22.00 Leflore County HS
Glorioso, Collin 25:55.01 Ocean Springs High School
Walton, Carter 26:10.98 West Lauderdale High School
Gower, Jace 26:11.57 Pearl River Central High School
Bruni, Cooper 26:19.29 Gulfport High School
Ratliff, Traevion 26:25.35 Columbia High School
Starks, Derriak 26:31.50 Leflore County HS
Sellers, Cooper 26:37.40 West Lauderdale High School
Shoffner, Nathan 26:55.60 West Lauderdale High School
Moore, Cameron 27:00.00 Oak Grove High School
Creel, Chandler 27:12.14 Loyd Star School
Spencer, Jaden 27:17.57 Ridgeland High School
Sullivan, Jack 27:20.54 Petal High School
Hallstrom, Logan 28:16.40 Petal High School
Kacarka, Brayden 29:21.40 Florence High School
Sanders, Lou 29:45.40 Greenville HS
Sexton Jr., William 30:20.30 Greenville HS
Moore, Jabarie 30:48.44 Amanda Elzy High School
White, John Thomas 31:04.96 Simpson Academy
Love, Jaiden 32:23.72 Ridgeland High School
Floyd, Charlie 33:46.07 Jackson Preparatory School
Riley, Nathaniel 35:16.90 Leflore County HS
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Girls 3000 Meter Run 195 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Newton, Lydia Madison Middle School
Wright, Madison Petal Middle School
Moore, Mary Claire Northwest Rankin HS
Carter, Goldie West Lauderdale High School
Sherrod, Camille Leflore County HS
Cheruku, Aashritee Clinton High School
Williams, Emari Ocean Springs High School
Norvell, Emma Madison Middle School
Sherrod, Jala Leflore County HS
Anderson, Peyton Madison Middle School
Brooks, Karie Petal Middle School
Donovan, Anna Northwest Rankin HS
Stewart, Lydia West Lauderdale High School
Chowske, Delaney Gulfport High School
Stephens, Mary Culipher Clinton High School
Pelch, Dottie Madison Middle School
Spustack, Lexie Germantown High School
Hill, Minia Gulfport High School
Maier, Sidney Cathedral Unit School
Barrett, Mae Madison Middle School
Palmer, Elizabeth Petal Middle School
Lopez, Kylee Brookhaven High School
Little, Emma Northwest Rankin HS
Welch, Takailyn Reimagine Prep Middle School
Dennis, Elizabeth Madison Middle School
Ticker, Zoey Petal Middle School
Wayts, Lilly Clinton High School
Robey, Cora Madison Middle School
Hopson, Emma Gulfport High School
Smith, Paisley West Lincoln Attendance Center
Aldridge, Ann Carlton Jackson Preparatory School
Moak, Ella Cathedral Unit School
Ainsworth, Bailey Florence High School
Bowen, Maggie Madison Middle School
Kinsler, Penelope Petal Middle School
McGraw, Khloe Northwest Rankin HS
Allen, Jayden Ocean Springs High School
Williams, Kennedi Reimagine Prep Middle School
Edwards, Reese Madison Middle School
Wardlaw, Maggie Clinton High School
Bell, Amerie Neshoba Central HS
Swindell, Katherine Madison Middle School
Kennedy, Elizabeth Germantown High School
Chappell, Paytin West Lincoln Attendance Center
Thorne, Linley Jackson Preparatory School
Allen, Colbie Florence High School
Bumgarner, Bradyn Madison Middle School
Stianche, Lily Petal Middle School
White, Sophie Northwest Rankin HS
Brown, Isabel Ocean Springs High School
Pointer, Emarah Reimagine Prep Middle School
Johnston, Avery Madison Middle School
Tillman, Leah Cathedral Unit School
McHarris, Cendal Clinton High School
Atwood, Alexis Neshoba Central HS
Williams, Trinity Madison Middle School
Arnold, Kodi West Lincoln Attendance Center
Frith, Jenna-Claire Ocean Springs High School
Wilcox, Neykora Reimagine Prep Middle School
Knight, Lola Madison Middle School
Speed, Makenzie Clinton High School
Charlie, Madison Neshoba Central HS
Wolfe, Sophie Madison Middle School
Lillis, Adela Madison Middle School
Fountain, Caroline East Rankin Academy
King, Jayla Ocean Springs High School
Thornton, Allie Clinton High School
Stribling, Lilly Madison Middle School
McCurdy, Tanna East Rankin Academy
Lansdown, Isabella Ocean Springs High School
Mooney, Maddie Madison Middle School
Bullock, Brantley Germantown High School
Hollifield, Landry Northwest Rankin HS
Bowman, Zybreil Leflore County HS
Tucker, Taylor Madison Middle School
Bell, Breanna Petal Middle School
Liang, Lavenia East Rankin Academy
Lindsay, Cora Warren Central HS
Patano, Anniston Ocean Springs High School
Norvell, Bailey Madison Middle School
Throwbridge, Avery Madison Middle School
Aycock, Leah Petal Middle School
Wheat, Kaylin Northwest Rankin HS
Graybill, Brianna West Lauderdale High School
Sherrod, Rosalyn Leflore County HS
Brown, Meghan Clinton High School
Odom, Olivia Madison Middle School
Montgomery, Ava Germantown High School
Anglin, Macy Madison Middle School
Barrentine, Aliyah Petal Middle School
Hall, Trinty Northwest Rankin HS
Johnson, Aniyah Reimagine Prep Middle School
Ezell, Hannah Gulfport High School
Henry, Caroline Clinton High School
Pure, Lily Madison Middle School
Hopson, Ava Gulfport High School
Smith, Palyn West Lincoln Attendance Center
Floyd, Susannah Jackson Preparatory School
Aurthur, Anna Cathedral Unit School
Boothe, Selby Madison Middle School
DeFatta, Ella Kate Petal Middle School
Kellum, Mary Brookhaven High School
McGee, Sha'Keya Northwest Rankin HS
Smith, Kmiryah Reimagine Prep Middle School
Easley, Lexie Madison Middle School
Williamson, Janay Petal Middle School
Killebrew, Caroline Clinton High School
Williams, Yazi Neshoba Central HS
Boston, Keelan Northwest Rankin HS
Sisson, Mallory Madison Middle School
Crocker, Temple Germantown High School
Furr, Lexi West Lincoln Attendance Center
Caballero, Miriam Jackson Preparatory School
Gosnell, Haydon Florence High School
Bradshaw, Chelsie Madison Middle School
Welford, Dara Shay Petal Middle School
Robinson, Brooklyn Northwest Rankin HS
Ano, Caylee Ocean Springs High School
Smith, Ja'Kiya Reimagine Prep Middle School
Germany, Mary Caroline Madison Middle School
Carlton, Caroline Cathedral Unit School
Harrington, Jaliyah Clinton High School
Rogers, Lacey Neshoba Central HS
Williams, Indy Madison Middle School
Skates, Alana West Lincoln Attendance Center
Cunningham, Norah Madison Middle School
Brown, Raymie Petal Middle School
DeHart, Brynne Ocean Springs High School
Vaughn, Tyatianna Reimagine Prep Middle School
Kirk, Adelaide Madison Middle School
McLemore, Molly Cathedral Unit School
Ducksworth, Dayna Clinton High School
Cooley, Avery Madison Middle School
Mingo, Taelyn Neshoba Central HS
Winders, Catelyn Madison Middle School
Nichols, Bre'Kyra South Pike High School
Ledford, Ava Madison Middle School
McCaffery, Gracie West Lincoln Attendance Center
Bryant, Kate East Rankin Academy
Graves, Bella Ocean Springs High School
Lenoir, Willow Clinton High School
Lowe, Annabell Madison Middle School
Headrick, Haley East Rankin Academy
Klein, Carter Ocean Springs High School
James, Kirsten Clinton High School
Short, Dakota Leflore County HS
Pierce, Cambry East Rankin Academy
Hearn, Cara Beth Warren Central HS
Latch, Avery Ocean Springs High School
Neely, Macy Madison Middle School
Drennan, Kayleigh 13:21.23 Northwest Rankin HS
Drennan, McKinley 13:22.68 Northwest Rankin HS
Hoeniges, Grace 14:12.71 Northwest Rankin HS
Smithers, Savannah 14:13.93 East Rankin Academy
Uppu, Tejasvi 14:15.74 Clinton High School
Livingston, Macey 14:24.41 Madison Middle School
Fortenberry, Ellen Claire 14:25.91 Clinton High School
Smith, Eliza 14:51.44 Brookhaven High School
Moore, Riley 15:12.91 Clinton High School
Hawk, Arin 15:33.64 East Rankin Academy
Dennis, Jordan 15:43.88 Northwest Rankin HS
Tate, Edie 15:50.95 East Rankin Academy
Hunsberger, Abigail 15:58.30 Madison Middle School
Henning, Maddie 16:08.23 Brookhaven High School
Slay, Abby 16:10.01 Brookhaven High School
Baker, Jensen 16:19.74 East Rankin Academy
Spustack, Lauren 16:46.32 Germantown High School
Heard, Hannah 16:47.75 Northwest Rankin HS
Ferguson, Reagan 16:55.41 Northwest Rankin HS
Constoncio, Keelyn 17:01.45 Clinton High School
Moulds, Breland 17:01.99 East Rankin Academy
Weaver, Ava 17:02.11 Germantown High School
Strickler, Ellie 17:02.71 Clinton High School
Mayatte, Paige 17:10.09 East Rankin Academy
Frizzell, Makayla 17:32.73 Germantown High School
Cross, Kaitlyn 17:34.75 Northwest Rankin HS
Sullivan, Scarlett 17:44.68 Madison Middle School
Furr, Amelia 17:47.93 Brookhaven High School
Zheng, Cathleen 17:59.68 Germantown High School
Vowell, Addison 18:06.90 East Rankin Academy
Hawkins, Tobi 18:14.20 East Rankin Academy
Williamson, Chaney 18:31.67 Clinton High School
Williamson, Michaela 18:35.39 Germantown High School
Jacobs, Ellie 18:36.02 Germantown High School
Sylve, Bailey 18:43.96 Germantown High School
Dickinson, Chloe 19:12.81 Clinton High School
Heard, Emma 19:20.45 Northwest Rankin HS
Carnley, June 19:24.56 East Rankin Academy
Bradley, Annabel 19:37.46 Madison Middle School
Moore, Audrey 19:41.16 Germantown High School
Pace, Kinadee 20:30.00 Neshoba Central HS
Frizzell, Madison 21:57.22 Germantown High School
Boutwell, Abby 22:04.26 Germantown High School
Johnson, Corinne 22:36.29 Germantown High School
Tucker, Maddie 28:51.90 Florence High School
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Girls 4000 Meter Run 111 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Lewis, Ayanna Columbia High School
Tigrett, Madison East Rankin Academy
Brandon, Leah Northwest Rankin HS
Ruhl, Reese Madison Central HS
Rushing, Jaimee West Lincoln Attendance Center
Holstead, Zoie Ruston
Cain, Nyasia Columbia High School
Jones, Tenia Terry High School
Lowe, Elaine Ruston
Brittain, Liz West Lauderdale High School
Barnes, Tamara Columbia High School
Bounds, Emma West Lauderdale High School
Gardner, Londyn Madison Central HS
Fulcher, Laila Madison Ridgeland Academy
Tolstad, Ava Madison Central HS
Bartholomew, JeKendria Jim Hill High School
Watson, Olivia West Lauderdale High School
Milan, Liv Madison Central HS
Burget, Adeline Cathedral Unit School
Wiggins, Sims Madison Ridgeland Academy
Filgo, Willa Madison Central HS
Rios, Raquel Parkway High School
Tolliver, Alicia Jim Hill High School
Verucchi, Lizzie Cathedral Unit School
Kirk, Collins Madison Ridgeland Academy
Morrow, Meredith Madison Central HS
McQueen, Ella Madison Ridgeland Academy
White, Alana Madison Central HS
Packer, Ericka South Pike High School
Jones, Anna West Lincoln Attendance Center
Sasser, Katie Northwest Rankin HS
Gee, Ava Madison Central HS
Nations, Jaylee West Lincoln Attendance Center
George, Carolyn Jackson Preparatory School
McCain, Khaleah Northwest Rankin HS
Roberts, Ivy Madison Central HS
Black, Natalie Terry High School
Davis, Kaleigh West Lincoln Attendance Center
Tyler, Landry Ruston
Ferguson, Grace Northwest Rankin HS
Uribe, Yedith West Lincoln Attendance Center
Edgerton, Abby Ruston
Barnes, Tamyra Columbia High School
Filgo, Wenston Madison Central HS
Rich, Maggie Madison Ridgeland Academy
Beckman, Isabel Madison Central HS
Parkman, Maddy Ruston
Lenoir, Layla Columbia High School
McInteer, Rileigh Madison Ridgeland Academy
Jones, Marlina Madison Central HS
Taylor, Allison Parkway High School
Frazier, Tatiyana Jim Hill High School
Garrison, Rhea West Lauderdale High School
Bertelsen, Lillie Cathedral Unit School
McInteer, Rivers Madison Ridgeland Academy
Carmody, Madison Madison Central HS
Pye, Madison Parkway High School
Vernon, Julia Jackson Preparatory School
Mcgehee, Allie Grace Cathedral Unit School
Dallas, Libby Claire Madison Ridgeland Academy
Berry, Mehunanna Madison Central HS
Bishop, Audrey Madison Central HS
Black, Sha'Tyra South Pike High School
Chappell, Jaydin West Lincoln Attendance Center
Whitehead, Natalie Northwest Rankin HS
Smith, Shelby Northwest Rankin HS
Pipes, Addison Madison Central HS
King, Consuela West Lincoln Attendance Center
Lewis, Leighton Jackson Preparatory School
Benton, Abi Alden 19:54.80 Madison Ridgeland Academy
Olson, Cheyenne 21:19.90 Parkway High School
Morrow, Ariel 21:51.30 Parkway High School
Thomas, Adickes 22:57.12 Madison Central HS
Bryan, Neely 23:20.99 Northwest Rankin HS
Raines, Abby 23:30.32 East Rankin Academy
Gealogo, Amelia 23:37.88 Northwest Rankin HS
Rogers, Emily 23:38.00 Parkway High School
Pierce, Ember 23:49.40 Parkway High School
Wright, Marrianna 24:27.48 Madison Central HS
Tadlock, Rachel 24:55.54 East Rankin Academy
Horn, Emily 25:09.61 Northwest Rankin HS
Holifield, Kylee 25:10.50 East Rankin Academy
Kirk, Ellie James 25:37.51 Madison Ridgeland Academy
Simpson, Katie 25:50.90 East Rankin Academy
Poole, Katie 25:57.96 Jackson Preparatory School
Moore, Anne Wylie 25:57.98 Madison Ridgeland Academy
Taylor, Lauren 26:02.00 Parkway High School
Scarberry, Lesley 26:04.90 East Rankin Academy
Smith, Edi 26:26.59 West Lauderdale High School
Strickland, Hollie 26:29.41 Northwest Rankin HS
Riemann, Lane 26:31.70 East Rankin Academy
McIntyre, Mary 26:56.04 Madison Central HS
High, Kennedy 27:58.10 Madison Ridgeland Academy
Ray, Hannah 28:04.20 Madison Central HS
Balderas, Karen 28:57.80 West Lauderdale High School
Chaudron, Calleigh 29:11.40 West Lauderdale High School
Sumrall, Revees 29:48.52 Madison Ridgeland Academy
Martin, Jakhia 30:01.03 Jim Hill High School
Adari, Akhila 30:02.90 Jackson Preparatory School
Williams, Avery 30:55.67 Jackson Preparatory School
Williams, Lola 30:58.29 Madison Central HS
Foster, Molly 31:28.00 Cathedral Unit School
Foreman, Kaylan 32:01.40 Terry High School
Henson, Sarah Beth 32:41.22 Jackson Preparatory School
Hawk, Audrey 32:42.80 East Rankin Academy
Bennett, Caroline 33:25.00 Madison Central HS
Blanden, Abby 35:57.61 Columbia High School
Johnson, Keionna 36:08.00 Terry High School
Tucker, Grace 36:10.58 Germantown High School
Hornback, Avery 36:57.34 Germantown High School
Henderson, D'Mani 38:03.11 Terry High School
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 280 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Ables, Jaelyn Benton Academy
Gunn, Sofia Ridgeland High School
Owens, Sydney Ruston
Robertson, Jasmine Brookhaven High School
Kraft, Finley Benton Academy
Ventura-Cruz, Priscilla Ridgeland High School
Jarancik, Cara West Lincoln Attendance Center
Joyner, Macy Newton County High School
Davis, Laven Greenville HS
Lowe, Elaine Ruston
Tyler, Jelisa Vicksburg High School
Johnston, Jasmine Benton Academy
Carroll, Kalie Neshoba Central HS
Carter, Nicole Pearl River Central High School
Quarles, Chrisiyona Brookhaven High School
Powell, Jayda Greenville HS
King, Madison Yazoo County High School
Weeks, Christianna Choctaw Central HS
Richards, Katorrica Leflore County HS
Purdy, Ryleigh West Lincoln Attendance Center
Lance, Breanna Greenville HS
Coleman, Aisley Ocean Springs High School
Mazie, Janiyah Vicksburg High School
Arender, Emily Yazoo County High School
Willis, Kailyn Neshoba Central HS
Bohannan, Roslyn Choctaw Central HS
Woodward, Caroline Gulfport High School
Smith, Jazmine Leflore County HS
Barnes, Ikema Amanda Elzy High School
Allen, Ella Peyton Madison Central HS
Reed, Kimille Warren Central HS
Haymer, Zania Yazoo County High School
Thomas, Miley Neshoba Central HS
Davidson, Anna Marie Sebastopol High School
Williams, Alaina Leflore County HS
Hampton, Tamaya Neshoba Central HS
Edwards, Reagan Sebastopol High School
Garrett, Lily Ruston
Gibson, Raegan Petal High School
Jimenez, Jhoseline Columbia High School
DeJesus, Abigail Warren Central HS
Grandson, Dekya Yazoo County High School
O'Connell, Dolly Ocean Springs High School
Brown, Annalyse Yazoo County High School
Gibbs, Aubrey Sebastopol High School
Hebert, Hallie Ruston
Gilchrist, Kristen Petal High School
Sellers, Klila Columbia High School
Reed, Grace Ridgeland High School
Magyar, Ingrid Benton Academy
Sartin, Kadee Columbia High School
Swan, Nayaria Yazoo County High School
Nations, Parker Ruston
McDaniel, Lucy Benton Academy
Renk, Dallanara Ridgeland High School
James, Hannah Newton County High School
Lance, Crislyn Greenville HS
Edgerton, Abby Ruston
Beeson, Allie Brookhaven High School
Patterson, Elsie Benton Academy
Graham, Ariyana Brookhaven High School
Crutchfield, Summer Greenville HS
Parkman, Maddy Ruston
Ramsdell, Mia Pearl River Central High School
Stone, Mary Virginia Clinton High School
McKinney, Natalie Brookhaven High School
Dixon, Jordan Leflore County HS
Griffin, Orion Greenville HS
Coronado, Karla Yazoo County High School
Bell, Karli Choctaw Central HS
Burgess, Destiny Clinton High School
Britt, Blair Madison Ridgeland Academy
Coleman, Tatiana Gulfport High School
McCain, Ella Benton Academy
Lance, Hannah Greenville HS
Williams, Abby Ocean Springs High School
McNelly, Lindsey Petal High School
Baker, Karlita Vicksburg High School
Franks, Charlee Brees Columbia High School
Collins, Julliet Yazoo County High School
Truss, Kylie Neshoba Central HS
Hilton, Olivia Leflore County HS
Jones, Natalia Neshoba Central HS
Nicks, Keyara Sebastopol High School
Tyler, Landry Ruston
Hampton, Ella Petal High School
Fontenette, Alexus Columbia High School
Smith, Mere Warren Central HS
Hathorn, Jamea Yazoo County High School
Blaker, Anickah Ocean Springs High School
Rowell, Karalynn Sebastopol High School
Holstead, Zoie Ruston
McCalup, Syllia Brookhaven High School
Cervantes, Jenny Petal High School
Smith, Klia Columbia High School
Purvis, Madelyn Yazoo County High School
Watson, Valencia Ridgeland High School
Haddox, Hallie Columbia High School
Harrison, Kyra Yazoo County High School
Naff, Sara Ruston
Colombo, Benny Petal High School
Rainey, Ashton 19:30.26 Ocean Springs High School
Hogue, Lindsey 19:34.60 Benton Academy
Warren, Layla 19:38.70 Simpson Academy
Litton, Sarah 19:45.25 Ocean Springs High School
Rutledge, Rachel 19:49.12 Jackson Preparatory School
Snodgrass, Emily 19:52.90 West Lauderdale High School
Collipp, Leah 19:58.59 East Rankin Academy
Overby, Lilly 20:04.41 Simpson Academy
Brown, Michelle 20:04.98 Ocean Springs High School
Rainey, Addison 20:06.03 Ocean Springs High School
Smith, Olivia 20:10.77 Jackson Preparatory School
Carter, Carson 20:18.46 Simpson Academy
Atkinson, Gracie 20:23.93 Jackson Preparatory School
Sheppard, Kimmons 20:24.55 Jackson Preparatory School
Williams, Emily 20:30.93 East Rankin Academy
Sylve, Ava 20:33.04 Germantown High School
Mata-O'Dwyer, Evelyn 20:38.20 Clinton High School
Overstreet, Emma 20:44.00 Simpson Academy
Cook, Sabine 20:51.84 Clinton High School
Mayatte, Audrey 20:55.66 East Rankin Academy
McAlpin, Caroline 20:55.71 Simpson Academy
Welch, Kinsley 20:58.96 Simpson Academy
Lyons, Mari Alis 21:07.94 Oak Grove High School
Clymer, Zoe 21:11.60 West Lauderdale High School
Bell, Mattison 21:12.38 Choctaw Central HS
Scott, Hailey 21:24.66 Ocean Springs High School
McBride, Riz 21:26.90 Madison Ridgeland Academy
Stovall, Ramie 21:28.50 Brookhaven High School
Kennedy, Samantha 21:28.52 Oak Grove High School
Flowerday, Mary Greer 21:29.66 Germantown High School
Iles, Isabella 21:30.93 Brookhaven High School
Wilson, Kaedyn 21:32.14 Clinton High School
Mitchell, Hannah 21:32.33 Pearl River Central High School
Mallett, Mae Ellen 21:32.83 Madison Ridgeland Academy
Renegar, Anna 21:32.86 Clinton High School
Ramirez, Kaylynn 21:34.28 East Rankin Academy
Martin, Chloe 21:34.40 Florence High School
Ladner, Isabella 21:35.41 Oak Grove High School
Bittle, Lily 21:36.16 Germantown High School
Doggett, Taylor 21:37.57 Petal High School
Fisher, Elise 21:37.69 Germantown High School
Cruse, Abbie 21:38.23 West Lauderdale High School
Smith, Lainey 21:40.70 Madison Central HS
Tadlock, Katie Lee 21:45.40 East Rankin Academy
Jones, Ireland 21:46.11 Petal High School
Collipp, Lydia 21:55.60 East Rankin Academy
Miley, Mati Claire 21:56.37 Clinton High School
Eid, Ava 21:59.76 Ocean Springs High School
Glasgow, Meg 22:06.10 Germantown High School
Summers, Annabelle 22:09.16 Brookhaven High School
Raines, Emma 22:09.36 East Rankin Academy
Ingram, Kaytlen 22:14.70 Madison Central HS
Thompson, Ella 22:15.21 Brookhaven High School
Lee, Alex 22:16.50 Madison Central HS
Blackstock, Sloan 22:19.74 Neshoba Central HS
Engels, Sophie 22:19.85 Madison Central HS
Reeves, Emma 22:20.30 Jackson Preparatory School
Lawrence, Cheryl 22:22.53 Ocean Springs High School
Adams, Courtney 22:24.10 Greenville HS
Magyar, Isabella 22:26.23 Benton Academy
Smith, Kienzle 22:31.70 Madison Central HS
Dear, Ava 22:32.88 Madison Central HS
Johnson, Reese 22:34.80 Madison Ridgeland Academy
Harrison, Brooke 22:41.89 Clinton High School
Way, Ava 22:45.97 Newton County High School
Farve, Hunter 22:48.73 Choctaw Central HS
Goolsby, Ella 22:51.13 Clinton High School
Dixon, Celie 22:51.51 Clinton High School
Aaron, Navayiah 23:04.49 Florence High School
Wilkinson, Wellsley 23:06.20 Clinton High School
Williams, Katelin 23:07.42 Neshoba Central HS
Trowbridge, Ella 23:09.02 Madison Central HS
Yoste, Mary Carlat 23:11.45 Madison Central HS
Cruse, Emma 23:17.24 West Lauderdale High School
White, Grayson 23:18.24 Germantown High School
Lollar, Marin 23:19.99 Germantown High School
Ledford, Lila 23:21.31 Madison Central HS
Simmons, Gabrielle 23:25.72 Gulfport High School
MacGown, Maddie 23:33.56 Germantown High School
McDonald, Lania 23:34.88 Gulfport High School
Mcdonald, Savannah 23:35.26 Germantown High School
Sowden, Micayla 23:36.99 Petal High School
Hoerman, Miriam 23:41.05 Germantown High School
Horn, Allie 23:43.00 Neshoba Central HS
Wariner, Victoria 23:51.50 Ocean Springs High School
Thomas, Alexis 23:52.52 Choctaw Central HS
Skinner, Emily 24:00.00 Oak Grove High School
West, Mary Clayton 24:00.00 Oak Grove High School
Estes, Maggie 24:00.10 Gulfport High School
Pearce, Ella Claire 24:02.16 Petal High School
Weed, Ashley 24:03.37 Clinton High School
Caples, Niah 24:06.20 Vicksburg High School
Rushing, Hannah 24:08.50 Clinton High School
Pace, Natalie 24:10.40 Clinton High School
King, Emilayah 24:10.99 Choctaw Central HS
Beith, Ana Paige 24:16.60 Benton Academy
Hardy, Isabella 24:20.44 Ocean Springs High School
Lemaster, Grace 24:32.40 Oak Grove High School
Morris, Amelia 24:32.42 Madison Central HS
Bounds, Katherine 24:33.31 West Lauderdale High School
Brady, Sheridon 24:36.20 Greenville HS
Smith, Rachel 24:38.80 East Rankin Academy
Swafford, Caroline 24:41.04 Benton Academy
Brown, Peyton 24:43.60 Clinton High School
Mangum, Trinity 24:48.84 Florence High School
Holmes, Mary Alice 24:49.32 Canton Academy
Copeland, Greylynn 24:57.10 Madison Central HS
Zingler, Miley 25:12.30 West Lauderdale High School
Coleman, Terrica 25:16.61 Leflore County HS
Bankoske, Brookelynn 25:17.11 Ocean Springs High School
Collins, Kari Rose 25:22.30 Newton County High School
Cooper, Madison 25:23.06 West Lauderdale High School
Scoggins, Emma 25:23.89 Simpson Academy
Tiblier, Rosalyn 25:24.73 Ocean Springs High School
Gunn, Caroline 25:25.44 Petal High School
Boutwell, Madison 25:27.60 Newton County High School
Clark, Alexcia 25:29.24 Newton County High School
Powell, Hailey 25:31.16 Petal High School
Ulmer, Claire 25:32.60 Madison Central HS
Boyd, Terri 25:34.40 Vicksburg High School
Billy, Audrianna 25:41.67 Choctaw Central HS
LeFlore, Bree 25:42.81 Florence High School
Reeves, Addison 25:47.80 Madison Central HS
Kraft, Perry Kate 25:50.12 Benton Academy
Morlier, Isabella 26:07.83 Pearl River Central High School
Dixon, Ruth 26:09.21 Neshoba Central HS
Kern, Courtney 26:17.10 Madison Central HS
Meeks, Ava Grace 26:21.54 Benton Academy
May, Robyn 26:27.62 Benton Academy
Smith, Anna 26:28.15 Clinton High School
Chandler, Carson 26:33.50 Madison Central HS
Smith, Kamryn 26:38.90 Clinton High School
Willis, Mary 26:41.10 Columbia High School
Campbell, Conner 26:50.61 Ocean Springs High School
Pittman, Kiera 26:50.84 Pearl River Central High School
Netherland, Mymphis 26:53.80 Sebastopol High School
Yoste, Elizabeth 26:56.30 Madison Central HS
Saulter, Skylar 27:03.11 Greenville HS
Carter, Layla 27:05.73 Vicksburg High School
Webster, Morgan 27:13.32 Germantown High School
Tullos, Mckenzie 27:41.27 Petal High School
Smith, Precious 27:45.50 Greenville HS
Mathis, Alaina 27:53.14 West Lincoln Attendance Center
Taylor, Melody 28:00.00 Oak Grove High School
Sims, Yi'Reyun 28:00.00 Oak Grove High School
Cobb, Laney 28:16.53 Clinton High School
Edwards, Emma 28:16.90 Madison Central HS
james, kierra 28:17.00 Vicksburg High School
White, Neely Kate 28:20.03 Simpson Academy
Gibbs, Caroline 28:29.60 Clinton High School
McClatchy, Kate 28:37.97 West Lincoln Attendance Center
Anderson, Brooke 28:50.00 Clinton High School
Bailey, Cayla 28:52.81 Germantown High School
Drain, Aaliyah 29:00.00 Oak Grove High School
Johnson, Lamya 29:00.00 Oak Grove High School
Guin, Anna 29:00.00 Oak Grove High School
Hathorn, Bailey 29:01.50 Oak Grove High School
Cumberland, Raziya 29:35.60 Neshoba Central HS
Willis, Nataysia 29:37.00 Choctaw Central HS
Rodriguez, Paula 29:44.68 Pearl River Central High School
Thomas, Kiera 29:48.00 Neshoba Central HS
Allen, Ka' Dayai 29:54.17 Vicksburg High School
Hobson, Rachael 30:19.58 Yazoo County High School
Fuller, Saige 30:19.70 Clinton High School
Mckenzie, Anna 30:33.30 West Lincoln Attendance Center
Callegan, Kathryn 31:00.10 Clinton High School
Russell, Rivers 31:28.30 Clinton High School
Dewitt, Abby 31:30.85 Benton Academy
Clemons, Haven 31:38.00 Neshoba Central HS
Johnson, Alexandria 31:46.60 Clinton High School
Hall, Rodrianna 31:51.67 Vicksburg High School
Romano, Marina 32:57.15 Ocean Springs High School
Moore, Dawson 33:33.50 Clinton High School
Briscoe, Laya 33:58.20 Choctaw Central HS
Rashid, Tasmiyah 35:11.60 Clinton High School
Colenburg, Ja'Na 35:58.23 Vicksburg High School
Harper, Carmen 36:06.40 Amanda Elzy High School
Davenport, Madison 37:17.80 Amanda Elzy High School
Rosa, Jada 39:22.00 Leflore County HS
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