Boys Virtual Meet Clinton Home Opener

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A couple of things to note. This meet uses last years best times which means relays are not in the scoring because seniors from last year are deleted. This does not complete reflect entries so it may leave in an athlete that had a good mark last year but are not competing in this meet. Plus if an athlete is entered that does not have a mark on MileSplit they will not be counted. Still it is a way to see how the top eight might be. 

Alijah Martin, North Pike is the only double winner projected in the triple jump and high jump. But we will see as other athletes in this virtual meet could win in more than one event.

100 Meter Dash

1Tayvius Wright10Clinton High School11.0110
2Richard O'Bryant10Brandon High School11.138
3Derrick Stovall10Pearl High School11.186
4Amir Smith10Laurel High School11.195
5Josh Montague10Brandon High School11.224
6Daniel Clark11North Pike High School11.303
7Ashton Nickelberry10Brandon High School11.302
8Christian Williams10Clinton High School11.311

200 Meter Dash

1Richard O'Bryant10Brandon High School22.4310
2Christian Williams10Clinton High School22.458
3Cedric Phillips10Vicksburg High School22.526
4Josh Montague10Brandon High School22.545
5Daniel Clark11North Pike High School22.714
6Amir Smith10Laurel High School22.953
7Derrick Funches10Vicksburg High School23.012
8Ashton Nickelberry10Brandon High School23.371

400 Meter Dash

1Justin Day10Callaway High School49.3510
2Juqurious Bell11Wingfield High School50.588
3Chris Wiggins11North Pike High School51.666
4Martinez Bogan10Clinton High School51.735
5Christian Williams10Clinton High School51.984
6Ja'marea Briscoe9Clinton High School52.323
7Brian Lawson11Brandon High School52.442
8Kristian Nolden10Pearl High School52.711

800 Meter Run

1Jordan Shannon11Clinton High School1:59.2310
2Patrick Spurgeon11Pearl High School2:01.208
3Austin Bourne11Brandon High School2:01.906
4Joshun Noel11Clinton High School2:02.775
5Daniel Duran11Pearl High School2:05.764
6Kristian Nolden10Pearl High School2:08.223
7Leondre Dodds10Loyd Star School2:08.412
8Martinez Bogan10Clinton High School2:09.361

1600 Meter Run

1Austin Bourne11Brandon High School4:34.1110
2Patrick Spurgeon11Pearl High School4:38.238
3David Adams11Pearl High School4:45.576
4Daniel Duran11Pearl High School4:48.745
5Kristian Nolden10Pearl High School4:49.334
6Cain Wilkerson10Pisgah High School4:54.533
7Leondre Dodds10Loyd Star School4:58.022
8JiKori James10Pearl High School5:00.501

3200 Meter Run

1David Adams11Pearl High School10:08.4710
2Damon Thomas10Pearl High School10:20.798
3Austin Bourne11Brandon High School10:22.166
4Roddrick White9Laurel High School10:23.275
5JiKori James10Pearl High School10:29.804
6Jacob Spring8North Pike High School10:35.743
7Brady Helms9Pearl High School10:52.182
8Robert Velez11Laurel High School10:55.151

110 Meter Hurdles

1Damien Lynch11Pearl High School15.3610
2Celeycan Hill11Brandon High School15.438
3Rickey Colbert10Clinton High School15.686
4Ben Arnold10Pisgah High School15.945
5Kievon Bell10Ridgeland High School16.234
6Mauricka McKenzie10Clinton High School16.693
7Mose Stowers10Pisgah High School16.812
8Kendreal Thompson9Ridgeland High School16.861

300 Meter Hurdles

1Rickey Colbert10Clinton High School40.7510
2Jay Ward10Pearl High School42.828
3Ben Arnold10Pisgah High School42.876
4Damien Lynch11Pearl High School43.025
5Kyeon Lyles10Ridgeland High School43.114
6Celeycan Hill11Brandon High School43.333
7Jacoby Matthews9North Pike High School43.782
8Decorey Woodall10North Pike High School43.901

Shot Put

1Marquis McNeil11North Pike High School47-6.2510
2Tristan Gladney9Brandon High School46-9.58
3Zias Perryman11Laurel High School46-9.256
4Paxton Edmondson10Brandon High School45-95
5Orvin Gipson11Brandon High School43-54
6Michael Perry9Brandon High School42-8.753
7Rasard Straw11O'Bannon High School42-6.52
8Tavorious Quin9North Pike High School42-51


1Connor White10Pearl High School148-310
2Willie Hedrick10Pearl High School136-108
3Jace McCoy11North Pike High School135-4.56
4Jordan Lawson10Brandon High School134-75
5Theron Bishop11Pearl High School132-14
6Zias Perryman11Laurel High School131-113
7Cade Watkins10Pisgah High School126-2.752
8Josh Walker10Clinton High School122-21

Long Jump

1Keandres Atkinson9Wingfield High School22-9.510
2Robert Jones11Vicksburg High School21-98
3Alijah Martin10North Pike High School21-6.756
4Javontae Joiner10Clinton High School20-105
5Christian Lewis11Brandon High School20-104
6Tyler Proctor11Brandon High School20-8.53
7Jeffrey Cole11Pisgah High School20-1.752
8Da'Veion Mason11North Pike High School19-101

Triple Jump

1Alijah Martin10North Pike High School45-5.510
2Justin Day10Callaway High School44-98
3Javontae Joiner10Clinton High School44-96
4Tyler Proctor11Brandon High School44-35
5Dylan Johnson10Clinton High School44-2.54
6Zavier Robinson11Brandon High School42-103
7Cedric Phillips10Vicksburg High School42-52
8Christian Lewis11Brandon High School42-3.51

High Jump

1Alijah Martin10North Pike High School6-410
2Ta'Bias Parks11O'Bannon High School6-28
3Kievon Bell10Ridgeland High School5-116
4Tyree Cochran11Brandon High School5-10.55
5Marvin Courtney11O'Bannon High School5-104
6Javontae Joiner10Clinton High School5-103
7Jeffrey Cole11Pisgah High School5-82
8KeAndre Woods9Pearl High School5-81

Pole Vault

1Jason Collier11Pearl High School14-610
2Gabriel Harvey11Pearl High School13-08
3Aaron Fortenberry9Brandon High School12-66
4John Ingram11Brandon High School12-05
5Kirby Berch9Clinton High School11-64
6Blake Finklea10Brandon High School11-03
7Ryan Graham11Pearl High School10-62
8Trevor Hallett11Pisgah High School10-61

Team Scores

		                    Boys - Team Rankings - 14 Events Scored                     
1) Pearl High School 136 2) Brandon High School 125
3) Clinton High School 89 4) North Pike High School 63
5) Pisgah High School 23 6) Laurel High School 23
7) Wingfield High School 18 8) Vicksburg High School 18
9) Callaway High School 18 10) Ridgeland High School 15
11) O'Bannon High School 14 12) Loyd Star School 4