Which Schools will Move UP at MC Watson Ford

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Not sure if Tupelo Christian boys will stay here or move up to the big school division. Right now it is Brock Kelly, Tupelo Christian the hands on choice to win but if they move up then is Wesley Green, Hickory Flat to win.

Championship Meet - 20 Teams

1Brock Kelly11Tupelo Christian Prep School16:16.21
2Wesley Green11Hickory Flat High School17:25.52
3John Michael Foster10Tupelo Christian Prep School17:32.583
4J.T. Posey10Tupelo Christian Prep School17:43.74
5Preston Noland11Tupelo Christian Prep School17:52.65
6Alonso Henry11Choctaw Central HS18:01.216
7Alex Tatum9Hickory Flat High School18:14.007
8Cade Meyers10Saint Patrick High School18:26.368
9McCoy Johnson12Choctaw Central HS18:27.549
10Causey Simmons10Tupelo Christian Prep School18:27.9410
11Dylan Middleton12Saint Patrick High School18:44.0311
12Dominic Patino9Saint Patrick High School19:02.7012
13Mason McCullough11Saint Patrick High School19:16.5013
14Evan Warnick12Tupelo Christian Prep School19:19.5014
15Dewayne Cotton10Choctaw Central HS19:23.5415
16Aidan Barr10Southeast Lauderdale HS19:30.5016
17Luis Flores12Saint Andrew's HS19:41.1117
18Aiden Mckinney9Choctaw Central HS19:46.5718
19Raven Frazier11Choctaw Central HS19:47.6819
20Ethan Eaton10New Site High School19:56.6020
21Griffin Bailey9Newton County High School20:05.6021
22William Fugate7Madison St. Joseph HS20:07.4422
23Cameron Jenkins12Choctaw Central HS20:07.8923
24Justus Willis10Southeast Lauderdale HS20:15.2524
25Logan King8Hickory Flat High School20:17.7025
26Tucker Hoeniges12Loyd Star School20:19.7026
27Carson Holly11Winona High School20:23.0627
28Jack Sewell10Saint Andrew's HS20:29.9128
29Jeffery Waltman11Clarkdale High School20:30.0729
30Jr., Lucus Thomas12Choctaw Central HS20:34.6630
31Terrance Thomas12Choctaw Central HS20:34.67--
32Isaac Frink9Newton County High School20:37.2731
33Tyler Cavenaugh10Newton County High School20:44.7032
34Cole Tadlock8Newton County High School20:45.3833
35Joshua Harvel9Saint Andrew's HS20:49.0534
36Anthony Westmoreland10Hickory Flat High School20:49.9035
37Leondre Dodds11Loyd Star School20:52.9036
38Jt Lee11Magee High School20:55.92--
39Owen Newburger9Saint Andrew's HS20:56.9937
40Kashten Grisham9Choctaw Central HS20:57.74--
41William McKinney10Choctaw Central HS20:57.89--
42Gavin Williams11Tupelo Christian Prep School20:58.5038
43Ian Graham8Clarkdale High School21:01.0039
44Roberto Galindo11Loyd Star School21:10.5340
45Andrew Smith8Madison St. Joseph HS21:16.2941
46Ben Woolhouse11Tupelo Christian Prep School21:19.74--
47Aiden Gossitt10Hickory Flat High School21:20.7042
48Tucker Shelson12Saint Andrew's HS21:21.6143
49Jeremiah Thompson10Hickory Flat High School21:23.7044
50Bounds Simmons7Tupelo Christian Prep School21:26.40--
51Wils Davis8Madison St. Joseph HS21:27.4645
52Lee Pearson Simmons12Tupelo Christian Prep School21:27.60--
53Hib Johnson10Enterprise High School21:31.3146
54Marshall Eleuterius9Saint Patrick High School21:31.6347
55Owen Stowell11New Site High School21:32.6048
56Jacob Lanier9Newton County High School21:32.9849
57Sam Strange8Saint Andrew's HS21:37.5750
58Preston Daily8Saint Andrew's HS21:37.9751
59Giovani Cervantes10Newton County High School21:49.9052
60Jonathan Boudreaux12Newton County High School21:55.4853
61Jackson Pharr10New Site High School21:56.0054
62Kreon Golden11M. S. Palmer High School21:56.5055
63Byron Poindexter II12Madison St. Joseph HS22:03.2956
64Jameson Thriffiley9Saint Patrick High School22:03.4257
65Clay Cooley12Newton County High School22:07.54--
66Thomas McCaffrey7Saint Andrew's HS22:08.93--
67Connor Moore9New Site High School22:13.8958
68Stephen Mills11Loyd Star School22:17.2659
69Kodee Conner11Clarkdale High School22:20.4160
70Corvell Murray9M. S. Palmer High School22:27.6061
71William Turner11Madison St. Joseph HS22:29.1262
72Sam Matriasciano10Winona High School22:32.2563
73Kentavious Kelly11M. S. Palmer High School22:36.0064
74Jack Brown11Saint Andrew's HS22:36.46--
75Donald Blake9Newton County High School22:40.20--
76Noah Durham8Winona High School22:43.6865
77Nehemiah Thompson8Saint Andrew's HS22:48.88--
78Walker Moreland11New Site High School23:07.1466
79Tanner Dailey10Newton County High School23:07.36--
80Cameron Shoemake10Choctaw Central HS23:12.09--
81Ga Hollingsworth--Newton County High School23:14.01--
82Chris Rias12J. Z. George High School23:14.1067
83Zach Johnson9New Site High School23:17.8068
84Jack Crawford8Saint Andrew's HS23:19.20--
85Zachary Kalish11Tupelo Christian Prep School23:22.22--
86Alexander Criss9J. Z. George High School23:22.3069
87Jonquavain Green9J. Z. George High School23:23.7070
88Gage Hollingsworth9Newton County High School23:25.42--
89Taylor Buchanan10Southeast Lauderdale HS23:30.2071
90Yahya Naveed10Saint Andrew's HS23:37.69--
91Emmanuel Jones12M. S. Palmer High School23:46.0072
92Ethan Gentry12Newton County High School23:49.35--
93Meritt DeVoss10Saint Andrew's HS23:49.47--
94Austin Moore9Benton Academy23:49.9273
95marquinn watt12J. Z. George High School23:54.8074
96Kaleel Salloum11Saint Patrick High School23:55.8875
97Swain Smith12New Site High School23:57.0376
98Cornelia Powell11M. S. Palmer High School24:02.2077
99Michael Doherty11Madison St. Joseph HS24:08.5378
100Garret Vandevere7Benton Academy24:11.9079
101Isaiah Rios7Clarkdale High School24:13.0080
102Cole Todd10Clarkdale High School24:21.3381
103Palmer Rigdon7Clarkdale High School24:21.7382
104Cade Mangum8Newton County High School24:25.90--
105Chance Bounds7Newton County High School24:30.40--
106Jack Stedman7Madison St. Joseph HS24:37.6383
107Aiden Lilly9Choctaw Central HS24:37.64--
108Carter Miller9Southeast Lauderdale HS24:40.0084
109James Xu12Saint Andrew's HS24:41.56--
110Selase Dzathor10Saint Andrew's HS24:49.15--
111Waylen Dewitt6Benton Academy24:53.3085
112Nicholas Brilley11Madison St. Joseph HS25:04.24--
113Greg Murphy11New Site High School25:21.70--
114Anthony Nations10Enterprise High School25:32.4086
115Piker Ratliff11Brookhaven Academy25:35.90--
116Daniel Smith11Scott Central High School25:37.8787
117Joel Linton10Southeast Lauderdale HS25:39.7888
118Clayton Wilkins8Saint Andrew's HS25:46.92--
119Jody DeBord10Clarkdale High School25:53.0389
120Heath Seawright8Saint Andrew's HS26:08.03--
121Jabraelle Davis12Winona High School26:12.3990
122Jaeden Bell12Choctaw Central HS26:13.22--
123Zachary Rutledge9Clarkdale High School26:14.66--
124Eli Stewart8Scott Central High School26:20.7691
125Brandon Collins9M. S. Palmer High School26:32.2092
126Terrell Harris10M. S. Palmer High School26:40.0093
127James McCay10Southeast Lauderdale HS26:49.4594
128Alex Brown10Saint Andrew's HS26:58.33--
129Grant Morgan12Saint Andrew's HS27:03.57--
130Luke Wall12Newton County High School27:04.27--
131Josh Richardson10Enterprise High School27:10.1495
132Jessie Williams11Newton County High School27:14.31--
133Slade O'Mell11Southeast Lauderdale HS27:24.3296
134Elijah Park9Tupelo Christian Prep School27:36.60--
135Damon Ford11Southeast Lauderdale HS27:38.60--
136Keldrick Glover10J. Z. George High School27:44.7097
137Ben Ready10Enterprise High School27:45.8898
138Prentice Archie11J. Z. George High School27:48.2099
139Bryce Ables6Benton Academy27:54.30100
140Austin brown9Enterprise High School27:58.90101
141Nathan Reiss11Scott Central High School28:01.41102
142Hunter Miles9Southeast Lauderdale HS28:09.00--
143Terrence Dotson9Saint Andrew's HS28:16.58--
144J.J Trice7Madison St. Joseph HS28:17.48--
145D'Marco Campbell11Winona High School28:21.00103
146Luis Benividez11Loyd Star School28:21.92104
147John Matthews9Saint Andrew's HS28:24.41--
148Dylan Williams9Choctaw Central HS28:32.09--
149Nick Parker11Southeast Lauderdale HS28:41.70--
150Davonte Lewis10Scott Central High School28:52.46105
151Jayden Butler7Newton County High School28:58.50--
152Anthony Jones8Saint Andrew's HS29:03.77--
153Curt Todd12Clarkdale High School29:07.41--
154Jordan Cobbins7J. Z. George High School29:13.50106
155Jordan Meaows12Scott Central High School29:22.83107
156Jaden Hollingsworth9Southeast Lauderdale HS29:32.66--
157Treundes Willis12Choctaw Central HS29:35.44--
158Fred Howard9J. Z. George High School30:07.10--
159Burkitt Anderson8Saint Andrew's HS30:20.08--
160Michael Kees10Enterprise High School31:04.70108
161Justin Hopkins10Clarkdale High School31:09.08--
162Silvio Morales7Choctaw Central HS31:19.34--
163Parrion Hunter12Choctaw Central HS31:22.69--
164Jeterrion Reaves8J. Z. George High School31:25.00--
165Zane McDougald10Tupelo Christian Prep School31:35.53--
166Zachary Smith10Scott Central High School31:36.24109
167James Rigby11Tupelo Christian Prep School31:45.20--
168Alex Sales7Enterprise High School31:56.40110
169Kody Metts10Tupelo Christian Prep School31:56.96--
170Faraaz Yousuf12Saint Andrew's HS32:27.69--
171Devonte Adams11M. S. Palmer High School32:41.20--
172Nathan Bigford7Benton Academy33:47.47111
173Jalin Cole9Southeast Lauderdale HS34:32.80--
174Harley Moak7Enterprise High School34:40.20--
175Parker Nelson6Benton Academy35:30.00112
176LaDouglas Townsend9J. Z. George High School35:36.70--
177Evan Michael Williams6Benton Academy37:03113

Championship Meet - 20 Teams Team Scores

1Tupelo Christian Prep School23134510--
2Choctaw Central HS6769151819--
3Saint Patrick High School91811121347--
4Hickory Flat High School11127253542--
5Saint Andrew's HS1591728343743--
6Newton County High School1662131323349--
7Madison St. Joseph HS2262241455662--
8New Site High School2462048545866--
9Loyd Star School26526364059104--
10Southeast Lauderdale HS2831624718488--
11Clarkdale High School2892939608081--
12M. S. Palmer High School3295561647277--
13Winona High School34827636590103--
14J. Z. George High School3776769707497--
15Enterprise High School42646869598101--
16Benton Academy448737985100111--
17Scott Central High School4928791102105107--
--Magee High SchoolNTS
--Brookhaven AcademyNTS