Whats Up In Mississippi MileSplit

Well lets start with the bad news, the Okatibbe Classic in Collinsville was postponed until next Tuesday. The Dawg Trails Invitational was run yesterday but no results yet. 

Now for the Weekend. The Azalea City Classic in Mobile has D'Iberville, East Central, Ocean Springs,  and Pascagoula registered to run. At Oakville (Al) Tupelo Christian Prep with Brock Kelly is registered to run in the Chickasaw Trails Invitational.

Now for the Mississippi Meets. 

Hickory Flat Invitational 

Boys - Bradley Turner, Houston High School(Tn) is the leader at Hickory Flat with Preston Burks, Hernando the top Mississippi runner.

1Bradley Turner12Houston High School16:28.841
X2Preston Burks12Hernando High School16:56.332
3Jake Arnold10Houston High School17:07.723
4Steve Belles12Houston High School18:11.874
5Austin Syme12Senatobia High School18:26.795
6Robert Randall9Houston High School18:37.576
7Geir Sajdak12Hernando High School18:40.747
8Wesley Green11Hickory Flat High School18:42.008
9Grant Robison12Houston High School18:52.539
10Damian Paudler11Houston High School18:53.3810

Girls - Katelyn Cartwright, Hernando leads Lydia Tankersly, Houston High (TN) by 20 seconds but look for this to be a great race.

1Katelyn Cartwright12Hernando High School19:37.721
2Lydia Tankersley10Houston High School19:59.522
X3Madeline Harreld10Houston High School20:07.683
4Annabel Leonard11Houston High School20:34.64
5Jessica Cartwright8Hernando High School20:53.065
6Felicity Bost10Houston High School21:07.26
7Brenna Riseling11Houston High School21:17.067
8Anna Clark10Senatobia High School21:35.818
9Meghan Turner10Houston High School21:36.229
10Reagan Killebrew10Houston High School22:01.8710

Teams Registered