Coaches, timers, parents, and MileSplit community as a whole... I need your help! The list below is what I currently have, whether it is posted on MileSplit or not, for the Mississippi High School state records. Please take a look at it, and not only take a walk through memory lane, but if anyone sees a mark and they know that it has been broken, and you can prove it with results, PLEASE let me know! 

In light of recent events, there have been a couple of performances that I thought were state records, and according to Mississippi MileSplit, they were. I was incorrect, though, and take full responsibility for my actions. 

However, I want the state records on Mississippi MileSplit to be 100% accurate. So, as mentioned before, if you have the results of anyone that has run faster for a mark below, please send them to me! It will not embarrass me in the slightest, and I can even get it up on the site page. I think it is important for the up-and-coming stars to see these accurate records and know what to shoot for, as well as being able to see what the all-time greats did in their youth. 

Lastly, just some guidelines for the record submissions... Anyone informing me that they saw someone or that they know that they ran a certain time, or even if there is a video of it, that unfortunately will not count. There has to be some kind of result for it, or at the very least an official recording in writing about it. Those are the rules for the time to even go on the site or else it will be denied... They are not my personal rules. 

Also, speaking on the sprints and jumps, for it to actually go towards any rankings, it needs to be Wind-Legal. However, if it is not wind-legal, or if there is no wind reading at all, then it will go under the "all-conditions" records, which you will also see listed below.

With that being said, have a look at some of Mississippi's all-time greats! 



100m - 11.26 - Bianca Knight - WIND-LEGAL

100m - 11.21 - Demi Washington - All-conditions

200m - 22.94 - Bianca Knight 

400m - 52.92 - Janice Davis

800m - 2:10.04 - Cory Mcgee

1600m - 4:46.40 - Cory Mcgee

3200m - 10:33.18 - Madison Jones

5k(XC) - 17:29 - Cory McGee

100mH - 14.14 - Taryn Hartfield - WIND-LEGAL

100mH - 13.77 - Zaria Tillman - All-conditions

300mH - 41.87 - Monica Mosley

High Jump - 5-11 - Bria Rice

Long Jump - 20-10 - Kimberly Jones 

Triple Jump - 40-5.75 - Asia Poe 

Shot Put - 46-8.25 - Khadija Talley

Discus - 153-4 - Yakeishma McLaurin

Pole Vault - 12-7 - Julie Seagroves

4x100m - 46.14 - Clinton HS

4x200m - 1:36.78 - Clinton HS

4x400m - 3:52.5 - Brookhaven HS

4x800m - 9:25.17 - Pearl HS