Woody Barnett Track & Field Complex

Address: Woody Barnett Track and Field Complex, Pearl, Ms 39208

Woody Barnett Track & Field Complex was built in 2003 and hosted it's first meet in 2004. This complex is home to the Pearl Track & Field Team. Because of it's rich heritage Pearl is referred to as TrackTown Mississippi. Pearl's Track and Cross Country Program has won a total of 47 State Championships. This is more than any other sports program in the state of Mississippi. This complex has hosted college meets and every year host many Junior High and High School Meets including USA Track & Field, Invitationals, Little 6 Championships, Division, Region and the MHSAA State Championship Meet.


Venue Records

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Meets Held Here

Date Meet
2018-06-02 Peak Performance Track Classic
2018-05-05 MHSAA State Championships 1A/3A/5A
2018-05-04 MHSAA State Championships 2A/4A/6A
2018-04-23 MHSAA Region 3-4A & 3-5A
2018-04-17 MHSAA Division Meet 6-5A
2018-04-12 MHSAA Division 7-1A, 6-4A & 6-6A
2018-04-11 JPS Middle School Championships
2018-04-06 Pearl Track & Field Invitational Cancelled Weather
2018-04-03 JPS Middle School Meet
2018-04-02 JPS Middle School Meet
2018-03-20 Junior Pirate Track & Field Invitational
2018-03-08 TrackTown Mississippi Relays
2018-02-24 Pearl Track & Field Opener
2017-06-03 Peak Performance Track Classic
2017-05-06 MHSAA State Championships 2A/4A/6A
2017-05-05 MHSAA State Championships 1A/3A/5A
2017-04-22 MHSAA Region 3-4A Region 3 -6A
2017-04-13 MHSAA Division Meet 6-4A & 6-6A
2017-04-07 Pearl Track & Field Invitational
2017-04-06 Little Six 8th Grade Championship
2017-04-04 Little Six 9th Grade Championship
2017-03-30 Junior Pirate Track & Field Invitational
2017-03-10 TrackTown Mississippi Relays
2017-02-25 Pearl Track & Field Opener
2016-05-07 MHSAA State Championships 1A/3A/5A
2016-05-06 MHSAA State Championships 2A/4A/6A
2016-04-14 MHSAA Division 6-4A, 5-5A & 6-6A
2016-04-12 MHSAA Division 4-6A
2016-04-08 Pearl Track & Field Invitational
2016-03-31 Junior Pirate Track & Field Invitational
2016-03-25 Arrow Invitational
2016-03-17 Clinton 8th Grade Jr Arrow Meet
2016-03-17 Clinton 9th Grade jr Arrow Meet
2016-03-15 Pearl TrackTown Relays
2016-02-27 Pearl Home Opener
2015-06-06 Peak Performance Track Classic
2015-05-09 MHSAA State Championships 2A, 4A, 6A
2015-05-08 MHSAA State Championships 1A, 3A, 5A
2015-04-25 MHSAA Region 2-5A and 3-2A
2015-04-16 MHSAA Division 4-5A & 6-4A
2015-04-13 MHSAA Division 8
2015-04-13 MAIS test
2015-04-10 Pearl Track & Field Invitational
2015-03-26 Northwest Rankin Junior Cougar Invitational
2015-03-19 Junior Pirate Track & Field Invitational
2015-03-17 Pearl TRACKTOWN Relays
2014-08-14 "Under the Stars Challenge"
2014-06-07 Peak Performance Track & Field Classic
2014-05-12 MHSAA State Championships 1A, 3A, 5A
2014-05-10 MHSAA State Championships 2A, 4A, 6A

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