Mississippi College Small Schools

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Check out the Mississippi College small school division. I tried to pick out the small schools that would move up to compete in the large school division for the competition. Clayton Fulgham, East Union leads the field but it is Brock Kelly, Tupelo Christian Prep and his teammates that win the small school division, 

Championship Meet - 19 Teams

1Clayton Fulgham12East Union High School16:38.891
2Brock Kelly10Tupelo Christian Prep School16:46.122
3Chris Webber12Columbus Christian Academy17:05.083
4J.T. Posey9Tupelo Christian Prep School17:32.094
5Jalen McCoy12Cathedral Unit School17:42.085
6Jonathan Mathis11West Lincoln High School17:50.326
7Jarvis Harris12Hickory Flat High School17:56.007
8Wesley Green10Hickory Flat High School18:07.458
9Glenn Misiak12Columbus Christian Academy18:11.659
10John Michael Foster9Tupelo Christian Prep School18:14.3210
11Preston Noland10Tupelo Christian Prep School18:15.0411
12Causey Simmons9Tupelo Christian Prep School18:17.9512
13Josh Barnes12Florence High School18:27.7213
14Hayes Daly11Cathedral Unit School18:31.9214
15ryan skates9Cathedral Unit School18:41.7915
16Evan Warnick11Tupelo Christian Prep School18:44.0016
17Luis Flores11Saint Andrew's HS18:53.7017
18Wynn Garriga12Saint Andrew's HS18:54.1418
19Cade Miller11Cathedral Unit School18:55.5519
20William Turner10Madison St. Joseph HS18:56.1920
21Will Vaughan11Cathedral Unit School19:01.2821
22Roberto Galindo10Loyd Star School19:01.7222
23Tiler Castillo9West Lincoln High School19:04.9223
24Trevor Murray11West Lincoln High School19:07.1624
25Alex Mungan9Saint Andrew's HS19:09.6225
26Jackson Bataille9Saint Andrew's HS19:11.1026
27Cade Meyers9Saint Patrick High School19:12.4527
28William Duley11East Union High School19:16.5728
29Liam Blackburn9Cathedral Unit School19:21.3129
30Leondre Dodds10Loyd Star School19:24.8730
31Trent Gresham12Hickory Flat High School19:24.9931
32Takemus Porter9Greenwood High School19:42.9232
33Jack Archer12Saint Andrew's HS19:43.8933
34Ian Graham7Clarkdale High School19:47.1034
35Alex Tatum8Hickory Flat High School19:51.5335
36Ben Woolhouse10Tupelo Christian Prep School19:51.7236
37Dylan Middleton11Saint Patrick High School19:52.6637
38Nate Parker12Columbus Christian Academy19:56.1538
39Zehlin Cornette9Cathedral Unit School19:57.0239
40Tucker Shelson11Saint Andrew's HS19:58.8640
41Micah Fulgham9East Union High School20:04.8041
42Nolan Burchfield9French Camp High School20:06.0342
43John Spencer Jones12Saint Andrew's HS20:06.2943
44Pres Hudson9Cathedral Unit School20:10.35--
45Mason McCullough11Saint Patrick High School20:13.6944
46Madison Croft11East Union High School20:14.0145
47Lee Pearson Simmons11Tupelo Christian Prep School20:14.95--
48Joseph Davis10Tupelo Christian Prep School20:16.80--
49Ryan Ellis10French Camp High School20:21.8946
50Austin Freeman9Clarkdale High School20:22.2047
51Gavin Adams12Tupelo Christian Prep School20:26.54--
52Sam Mosby9Cathedral Unit School20:26.77--
53Jeffery Waltman10Clarkdale High School20:27.1048
54Cameron Garrett10Clarkdale High School20:27.4049
55Will Gary11West Lincoln High School20:35.8350
56Zack Mann9Cathedral Unit School20:42.76--
57Ethan Sevier10Columbus Christian Academy20:48.2951
58Cade Eidt9Cathedral Unit School20:48.40--
59John Russo12Hickory Flat High School20:49.8852
60Clayton White11Florence High School20:50.0553
61Jack Ditto12Saint Andrew's HS20:55.91--
62Kodee Conner10Clarkdale High School20:56.2054
63Joseph Blackburn9Cathedral Unit School21:12.90--
64Logan Hearn10Florence High School21:13.3455
65Gavin Williams9Tupelo Christian Prep School21:16.14--
66Christain Bolen8Madison St. Joseph HS21:17.9656
67Ashtin Castillo10West Lincoln High School21:19.4557
68Chris Givens12J. Z. George High School21:22.8758
69Wes Smalley8Florence High School21:22.9959
70Andrew Smith7Madison St. Joseph HS21:23.2160
71Justin Pratt9West Lincoln High School21:28.5561
72Tommy Blalock12Clarkdale High School21:37.2062
73Zachary Kalish10Tupelo Christian Prep School21:38.18--
74Keith Goolsby7East Union High School21:46.4163
75David Duarte12French Camp High School21:47.8164
76Dakota Shaw10Columbus Christian Academy21:51.1365
77Joshua Harvel8Saint Andrew's HS21:51.99--
78Andrew White8Florence High School21:56.5266
79Trayvon Silas8Greenwood High School21:57.8667
80cameron verser10Cathedral Unit School21:58.70--
81Cedrell Barksdale9Greenwood High School22:02.5568
82Tyler Looney9Columbus Christian Academy22:04.9169
83Ayden Harrell8Florence High School22:06.5970
84Hartley Pyron9Cathedral Unit School22:07.45--
85Carter Phillips9East Union High School22:10.5371
86joseph garrity9Cathedral Unit School22:11.42--
87Chris Freeman9West Lincoln High School22:12.1472
88Bryce Ware8Bayou Academy22:12.49--
89Noah Addison9West Lincoln High School22:19.22--
90josua johnson12J. Z. George High School22:25.9073
91Mathew Phillips10Columbus Christian Academy22:30.0574
92Austin Dossett12Saint Patrick High School22:30.0675
93Dakota Spring9West Lincoln High School22:32.79--
94Izaiah Rich12East Union High School22:39.1176
95Wils Davis7Madison St. Joseph HS22:40.3677
96Sam Marcus12Saint Andrew's HS22:40.93--
97Owen Newburger8Saint Andrew's HS22:46.18--
98Dami Oluwatade8Saint Andrew's HS22:48.40--
99Trey Ellison11Saint Andrew's HS22:49.88--
100Byron Poindexter II11Madison St. Joseph HS22:51.8778
101Ian Paladino8French Camp High School22:54.1479
102Bradley McGlothin11French Camp High School22:55.3580
103Hollis Lee's9Cathedral Unit School23:01.70--
104John Michael Lindsey8Florence High School23:01.7681
105John Clark7Florence High School23:07.86--
106Jeremy Rakestraw9East Union High School23:23.19--
107Brady Peacock9French Camp High School23:27.0182
108Cody Woychesin8Columbus Christian Academy23:27.55--
109Michael Doherty10Madison St. Joseph HS23:27.9883
110William McCord12French Camp High School23:30.0884
111Mikeldrick Burch8Greenwood High School23:31.7885
112Brian Buchanan7Columbus Christian Academy23:32.59--
113Jonah Harrison7Columbus Christian Academy23:32.92--
114Weston Williams9Tupelo Christian Prep School23:37.96--
115Drake Shaw7Columbus Christian Academy23:41.31--
116John Briggs10East Union High School23:45.85--
117Connor Paladino7French Camp High School23:46.66--
118Nee Thompson7Saint Andrew's HS23:51.07--
119Jack Crawford7Saint Andrew's HS23:51.60--
120Heath Seawright7Saint Andrew's HS23:52.75--
121Kaleel Salloum10Saint Patrick High School23:53.8686
122Luis Benividez10Loyd Star School23:56.5787
123Austin Case10Loyd Star School23:57.5288
124Jack Brown10Saint Andrew's HS23:58.27--
125William Wessel8Bayou Academy24:05.00--
126Tanner Dolan10Columbus Christian Academy24:05.12--
127Will Floyd10Bayou Academy24:05.20--
128Boatner Calhoun10Tupelo Christian Prep School24:08.41--
129Cole Todd9Clarkdale High School24:10.7089
130Dalton Dear12Saint Andrew's HS24:14.60--
131Grayson Guedon7Cathedral Unit School24:14.80--
132De'Undre Givens9Greenwood High School24:27.3890
133Dow Hairston9Cathedral Unit School24:27.54--
134Judson Cavanaugh11Florence High School24:28.10--
135Sam Strange7Saint Andrew's HS24:39.96--
136Clay Morris11Saint Andrew's HS24:41.80--
137Justin Comans10East Union High School25:06.58--
138Teal Salloum11Saint Patrick High School25:10.0091
139Ashton Martin7Florence High School25:17.11--
140Alex Sturm10Clarkdale High School25:19.10--
141Kevin Cundiff10French Camp High School25:19.11--
142Caleb Weeks11West Lincoln High School25:22.38--
143Cody Holiday8Florence High School25:24.17--
144Blake Chandler8Columbus Christian Academy25:26.48--
145Forrest Hutchison9Saint Andrew's HS25:27.05--
146Benjamin Wright7Saint Andrew's HS25:27.26--
147Meritt DeVoss9Saint Andrew's HS25:28.73--
148Selase Dzathor9Saint Andrew's HS25:30.22--
149Grant Morgan11Saint Andrew's HS25:32.49--
150Chance Speed10Tupelo Christian Prep School25:33.17--
151Barrett Burget7Cathedral Unit School25:33.53--
152Melvin Leflore12Greenwood High School25:34.2092
153Izacc Harrell9Florence High School25:43.13--
154Luke Phillips7Columbus Christian Academy25:47.83--
155Clayton Wilkins7Saint Andrew's HS25:48.05--
156Jj McQueen8Florence High School25:52.36--
157Samuel Freiberger10Cathedral Unit School26:01.05--
158Brian Cook12Clarkdale High School26:07.00--
159Curt Todd11Clarkdale High School26:07.20--
160Trey Gray12Saint Andrew's HS26:08.97--
161Joseph Jernigan10Clarkdale High School26:16.40--
162Nathan Reiss10Scott Central High School26:17.6593
163Branden Wicker9West Lincoln High School26:25.79--
164Jack McKee12Saint Patrick High School26:35.7094
165Sam Emerson12Florence High School26:35.74--
166Cade Everett9West Lincoln High School26:36.25--
167Caleb Myers9West Lincoln High School26:38.75--
168Benson Smith12Columbus Christian Academy26:45.13--
169Antonious Granderson12J. Z. George High School26:51.3995
170Trevonte Alexander12J. Z. George High School27:08.9796
171Alex Brown9Saint Andrew's HS27:26.93--
172Ronderick Leason11Greenwood High School27:54.3197
173Jamal Smith10Greenwood High School27:54.33--
174Tevarius Holmes7Greenwood High School27:59.53--
175Cody Gilbert10Scott Central High School27:59.5898
176Octavius Sanders10Greenwood High School28:07.30--
177James Rigby10Tupelo Christian Prep School28:16.94--
178Louie Russo9Hickory Flat High School28:23.3499
179Alexander Criss8J. Z. George High School28:30.27100
180Stephen Banks9Greenwood High School28:40.41--
181James Whitty12Florence High School28:48.60--
182John Matthews7Madison St. Joseph HS28:49.60101
183Matthew Hornaday9Madison St. Joseph HS28:54.95--
184Andrew Pilcher10East Union High School29:05.07--
185Cj Seroux7Columbus Christian Academy29:12.88--
186Justin Hopkins9Clarkdale High School29:13.60--
187Daniel Smith10Scott Central High School29:22.44102
188Kalitre Wilson9Greenwood High School29:24.95--
189Jacob Engle11Scott Central High School29:25.15103
190Zack Hall9East Union High School29:29.00--
191Joshua Chisolm9Scott Central High School29:32.43104
192Bryan Perkins10Scott Central High School29:49.41105
193Charley Hutchison12Saint Andrew's HS30:03.41--
194Courtney Derricks10Scott Central High School30:08.38106
195Jeremy Crimm9Scott Central High School30:09.85--
196Peyton Wages9East Union High School30:11.00--
197Hayes Garrett Marchbanks7Cathedral Unit School30:34.65--
198Mickey Blackburn7Cathedral Unit School30:38.69--
199Wyatt Sevier7Columbus Christian Academy30:50.73--
200Bishop Opata12Saint Andrew's HS31:32.51--
201Carlisle Harding10Columbus Christian Academy31:34.21--
202Dylan Griffin11West Lincoln High School31:45.09--
203Braxton Miller9Columbus Christian Academy31:49.26--
204JT Moore8Greenwood High School31:59.59--
205Evan Champney8Saint Andrew's HS32:02.47--
206Garrett March Banks7Cathedral Unit School32:09.90--
207Robdarius Williams9Greenwood High School32:40.27--
208Connor Case7Loyd Star School33:07.40107
209Derrick Matthews10Greenwood High School33:09.97--
210Jackson Howard7Columbus Christian Academy33:10.67--
211Spencer Wingfield12Saint Patrick High School33:21.81--
212Jajuan Greene8Greenwood High School33:58.72--
213Quintray Gaines10J. Z. George High School34:47.67108
214Kile Harrison7Columbus Christian Academy36:57.58--
215Marquavious Hughes8Greenwood High School37:41.62--

Championship Meet - 19 Teams Team Scores

1Tupelo Christian Prep School3924101112--
2Cathedral Unit School74514151921--
3Saint Andrew's HS1191718252633--
4Hickory Flat High School13378313552--
5West Lincoln High School160623245057--
6Columbus Christian Academy16639385165--
7East Union High School178128414563--
8Clarkdale High School2323447484954--
9Florence High School2461353555966--
10Saint Patrick High School2692737447586--
11Madison St. Joseph HS2912056607778--
12French Camp High School3114246647980--
13Loyd Star School33422308788107--
14Greenwood High School3423267688590--
15J. Z. George High School42258739596100--
16Scott Central High School5009398102103104--
--Bayou AcademyNTS