Virtual Meet Clinton Girls Varsity Saturday

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A couple of things to note. This meet uses last years best times which means relays are not in the scoring because seniors from last year are deleted. This does not completely reflect entries so it may leave in an athlete that had a good mark last year but are not competing in this meet. Plus if an athlete is entered that does not have a mark on MileSplit they will not be counted. Still it is a way to see how the top eight might be. 

Savi'a Varnell, Pearl looks good in the sprints but Clinton has  a couple of girls that might give her a run for the top spot. Pearl looks good in the distance but you must take out some of their scoring because it shows entries that are not going to run.

100 Meter Dash

1Savi'a Varnell11Pearl High School12.1310
2Olivia Womack10Clinton High School12.198
3Tytianna Houston11Pearl High School12.376
4Trinity Williams9Clinton High School12.575
5Zorriah McCormick10Laurel High School12.704
6Kristian Edwards11Laurel High School12.733
7Skye Ranson9Pearl High School12.762
8Kambria Cotton11Clinton High School12.801

200 Meter Dash

1Savi'a Varnell11Pearl High School24.7110
2Trinity Williams9Clinton High School25.368
3Olivia Womack10Clinton High School25.446
4Taylor Gray11Vicksburg High School25.625
5Tytianna Houston11Pearl High School26.304
6Erin Thornton11Brandon High School26.993
7Kristian Edwards11Laurel High School27.082
8KaDasia Wansley11North Pike High School27.211

400 Meter Dash

1Ariel Grinnell10Brandon High School1:00.1310
2Michayla Johnson11Clinton High School1:01.488
3Tytianna Houston11Pearl High School1:02.436
4Gabrielle Davis10Callaway High School1:02.585
5Myiesha Stephney10O'Bannon High School1:02.904
6Ashley Barnes10Vicksburg High School1:03.333
7Brashayla Thomas11Vicksburg High School1:04.192
8Zoe Gorden8Clinton High School1:04.441

800 Meter Run

1Jordan Conner11Clinton High School2:24.7010
2Shaylon Barr11North Pike High School2:26.388
3Mary Claire Ford11Clinton High School2:30.036
4Jalecia Johnson9Pearl High School2:33.855
5Hannah Pinter11Pearl High School2:34.474
6Zoe Gorden8Clinton High School2:34.693
7Nakya Holmes10Pearl High School2:41.862
8Whitney Schuler11Pearl High School2:44.351

1600 Meter Run

1Clare Pinter11Pearl High School5:31.1510
2Daeja Davis9Pearl High School5:35.518
3Hannah Pinter11Pearl High School5:48.336
4Jordan Conner11Clinton High School5:56.095
5Shelby Dean10Clinton High School5:56.594
6Meagan Henry10Brandon High School6:01.353
7Octavia Adams9Clinton High School6:08.292
8Whitney Schuler11Pearl High School6:09.321

3200 Meter Run

1Daeja Davis9Pearl High School12:04.5610
2Clare Pinter11Pearl High School12:14.578
3Hannah Pinter11Pearl High School12:32.196
4Shana Sellers8Pearl High School12:38.565
5Shelby Dean10Clinton High School12:52.684
6Grace Massey11Pearl High School13:02.413
7Meagan Henry10Brandon High School13:23.952
8Kariah Evans9Pearl High School14:43.071

100 Meter Hurdles

1Jerricka Ambus10Brandon High School14.5110
2Char'Davia Anderson11Vicksburg High School14.988
3Schelyria Smith11Clinton High School15.036
4Kalli Husband8Laurel High School15.465
5Ashlyn Jones10Laurel High School15.564
6Lashundria Chatman11Brandon High School15.903
7Jordan Davis11Vicksburg High School16.372
8Riana Jones11Pearl High School16.751

300 Meter Hurdles

1Ayanna Lindsey10Laurel High School45.1610
2Jerricka Ambus10Brandon High School45.208
3Tatiana Jones7Brandon High School46.646
4Jada Conner11Clinton High School48.115
5Char'Davia Anderson11Vicksburg High School48.314
6Thai Douglas9Pearl High School49.393
7Jordan Davis11Vicksburg High School49.402
8Ashley Myers11Clinton High School49.431

Shot Put

1Madelynn Webster10Clinton High School34-5.7510
2Taleisha Johnson11Pearl High School32-38
3Kendalyn Washington10Brandon High School32-1.756
4Brandi Dillon9Vicksburg High School32-05
5Tanasia Jackson9Callaway High School31-1.54
6Nevada Jones10Brandon High School31-0.53
7Jelecia Brown9Callaway High School30-102
8Hailey Richardson11North Pike High School29-91


1Taleisha Johnson11Pearl High School105-210
2Jelecia Brown9Callaway High School100-58
3Brandi Dillon9Vicksburg High School94-06
4Nareuna Ford11Clinton High School86-25
5Michaela Walker11Pearl High School86-14
6Kymyona Walker11Pearl High School84-43
7Hailey Richardson11North Pike High School83-42
8Tanasia Jackson9Callaway High School79-31

Long Jump

1Michayla Johnson11Clinton High School17-310
2Jordan Davis11Vicksburg High School16-5.58
3Kyla Lott10Brandon High School16-46
4Lashundria Chatman11Brandon High School16-1.55
5Ashley Myers11Clinton High School16-04
6Keirra Wilkerson10Vicksburg High School15-113
7Armonie Williams10Callaway High School15-112
8Mercades Miller10North Pike High School15-101

Triple Jump

1Michayla Johnson11Clinton High School35-910
2Jordan Davis11Vicksburg High School35-1.58
3Ashley Myers11Clinton High School35-1.56
4Jada Wallace11Brandon High School35-15
5Thai Douglas9Pearl High School33-4.54
6Gabrielle Davis10Callaway High School33-33
7A'Miracle Davis11Callaway High School32-11.52
8Akyra Bennett11Pearl High School32-71

High Jump

1Lashundria Chatman11Brandon High School5-210
2Jerricka Ambus10Brandon High School5-28
3Thai Douglas9Pearl High School5-06
4Ashlyn Smith11Pisgah High School5-05
5A'Miracle Davis11Callaway High School5-04
6Victoriah Harvey10Pearl High School4-103
7Olivia Knight10Pearl High School4-82
8Brashayla Thomas11Vicksburg High School4-81

Pole Vault

1Amari Shields11Clinton High School8-010
2Nevada Jones10Brandon High School8-08
3Hannah Chapman11Pearl High School6-66
4Kennedy Smith11Clinton High School6-65
5Ta'Mia Archie9Brandon High School6-04
6Taylar Lester7Brandon High School5-63

Team Scores

		                    Girls - Team Rankings - 14 Events Scored                    
1) Pearl High School 159 2) Clinton High School 143
3) Brandon High School 103 4) Vicksburg High School 57
5) Callaway High School 31 6) Laurel High School 28
7) North Pike High School 13 8) Pisgah High School 5
9) O'Bannon High School 4