All-State Meet of Champs Recap: Exciting Racing All Around

2021 Mississippi All-State Meet of Champions Meet Page

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        The first edition of the Mississippi All-State Meet of Champions was a huge success, and here is the main reason why: For the first time, there was a 'true' championship setting in Mississippi Cross Country. In the deepest year Mississippi has ever seen, we brought all of these studs and state champions together and see how they stacked up against each other, but mainly with 1 goal in mind - To win. Thanks to Justice, the girl's race still ran very fast, but we saw some awesome tactical racing for 2nd-8th place, and the guy's race felt almost like a collegiate race the way that front group was running, sizing everybody up and waiting (pictured above) - It was almost more a chess match than a cross country race. 

        All in all, these aspects brought some very exciting racing for the viewers to enjoy as everyone geared up for one last dance on Choctaw Trails. So, with all of that, let's dive in and recap everything that went down at Choctaw Trails on November 13, 2021...