All The MHSAA XC 5K Runners By Grade

Christian Balcer, East Central

Brock Kelly, Tupelo Christian

This ranking shows all the runners in the MHSAA by grade ranking the best times run this season. Only those who have compete at 5K for their varsity teams are ranked.



Brock Kelly, Tupelo Christian, 15:56.50, Sep 21, Saltillo - Brock still leads but has other runners closing in. He runs this week at his teams home meet and not at MC Watson Ford where many of the top runners are competing. The TCPS may be the only 5.0 course in the state with 11 hills for the runners to overcome on the way to the finish.

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Christian Balcer, East Central, 15:39.98, Sep 28, Biloxi Indians Invitational - Right now Christian is the top runner in the state coming off his impressive win at Biloxi. Some may try to discount the time he ran at Biloxi but he is a strong runner and that course was wheeled. He will compete at the MC Watson where he will have a couple of other juniors in the race to help push him. Look for a little slower pace maybe but good competition in the Gold Division.

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Sam Arnold, Brookhaven, 16:41.40, Sep 28 Clinton Arrow Invitational - Sam does not have it easy here as he has his teammate Grayson Childress only .11 of a second in back of him. Also Luke Johnson, Oxford is at 16:45. Sam will race this weekend at the MC Watson Ford Meet.

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Bruce Blackman, Pearl High, 17:17.20, Sept 21, Saltillo - Bruce is another with just the barest of leads as Parker Legoff, Corinth is only .50 back from that same Saltillo race. Both are scheduled to race Saturday at the MC Watson meet.

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8th Graders

Seth Flurry, East Central, 18:46.11, Sept 28, Biloxi Indians Invitational - Seth will be running with his teammates at the MC Watson Meet. This is the State Meet course so it will be interesting to see what his time will be heading toward that meet.

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7th Graders

Taylor Brown, Tupelo, 18:11.61, Myrtle Invitational, Aug 24 - Taylor is scheduled to run at the MC Watson Meet this weekend. Should be able to run a better time with all the competition.

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Madison Walker, Biloxi, 19:34.61, Sept 28, Biloxi Indians Invitational - Madison has made big strides so far this season and I expect more from her. She is scheduled to run at the MC Watson meet this Saturday.

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Madison Jones, Saltillo, 18:01.90, Sep 21, Saltillo Invitational - She has run her best time on  her home course so it will be amazing to see what she runs a State. It should be a great race in Class 5A as she will run with Brooklyn Biancamano, Long Beach. Madison and her teammates will compete this Saturday at Tupelo Christian over that very tough course.

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Brooklyn Binacamano, Long Beach, 18:Sep 27, Frank Horton - Brooklyn has been the state leader for all of the last couple of season but no has been challenged by Madison Jones. It will be a great race when the top two runners in the state face off at the State Meet. Brooklyn is scheduled to run at the MC Watson meet but may not if rumors are true.

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Jessica Cartwright, Hernando High,19:02.80, Sep 21, Saltillo - Jessica has stepped from the shadows of her big sister to become a force in Mississippi Cross Country. She is scheduled to run at the MC Watson meet and if Brooklyn shows Jessica could race to her first sub 19 minute run. Of course she might just do it herself being pushed by some of the runner in the meet.

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8th Grade

MIA Card, Baldwyn, 19:25.50, Sept 21 Saltillo - Mia Card had been dominating the 1-3A division meet that she has run in this season. She should continue to dominate that division as she runs this weekend at Tupelo Christian. 

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7th Grade

Lauren Entremont, Brandon High, 19:29.11, Sep 28, Clinton Arrow Invitational - Lauren Entremont burst onto the scene at the City Auto Invitational with a first ever 5K of 20:26. Since then she has gotten stronger and set her best time last Saturday. Lauren is schedule to run this Saturday at MC Watson Ford and depending on which Division she runs in could set a new personal record.

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