Meridian Boys and Clarkdale Girls Picked to Win at the Pine Belt.

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Brooke Robinson and her Clarkdale teammates look to win another East Central Mississippi meet today. But it will be all Emma Claire James, West Lauderdale in the individual race.

Championship Meet - 10 Teams

1Emma Claire James10West Lauderdale High School19:23.401
2Brooke Robinson9Clarkdale High School21:03.502
3Hannah Hannington9Lamar School22:24.80--
4Cora Bucurel8Clarkdale High School22:53.103
5Princess Grant10Meridian High School22:56.604
6Gracie Bunyard8West Lauderdale High School23:08.005
7Naja Hvirgel10Clarkdale High School23:26.706
8Teknetra Batiste9Meridian High School23:43.307
9Aslan Shirley8West Lauderdale High School23:44.808
10Brooke Gibson7Clarkdale High School23:48.879
11Kristen Phillips7Clarkdale High School24:18.7210
12Kaleigh McMahon9Enterprise HS - Clarke24:38.9011
13Sarah Paige Shirley9Lamar School24:56.70--
14Tj Redhouse11Nanih Waiya High School25:00.00--
15Sonya McPhail10Meridian High School25:40.3012
16Camryn Gray8Clarkdale High School25:47.5113
17Zoe Clymer7West Lauderdale High School25:48.4314
18Brooke Kyle9Enterprise HS - Clarke25:49.2015
19Kathleen Tabb10Northeast Lauderdale HS25:56.8016
20Ty Jimerson12Meridian High School26:01.1017
21Macie Manasco9Clarkdale High School26:17.0018
22Franchesca Hearn10Meridian High School26:26.8019
23Allie Roberson12Northeast Lauderdale HS26:40.3020
24Noelle Howell7West Lauderdale High School26:48.0021
25Catherine Freeman8Clarkdale High School26:55.30--
26Waverly Mcdonald9Union High School26:55.30--
27Anna Claire Brewer8Enterprise HS - Clarke27:07.3022
28Mercedez Blanks10Northeast Lauderdale HS27:29.9023
29Claire Thornhill6Enterprise HS - Clarke27:39.3024
30Jade Temple11West Lauderdale High School27:47.6025
31Grace Bowers9West Lauderdale High School27:56.0026
32Angel Plott9Clarkdale High School28:00.32--
33Meadow Blazowich11Southeast Lauderdale HS28:13.30--
34Dallas Brown10Union High School28:16.53--
35Destiny Alford11Northeast Lauderdale HS28:25.4027
36Anna Claire Brewer8Enterprise HS - Clarke28:43.4028
37Abbey Carter9West Lauderdale High School28:53.50--
38Raven Collins11Southeast Lauderdale HS28:59.40--
39Viskiyya Muhammad9Meridian High School29:09.7029
40Caroline Prewitt9Lamar School29:12.10--
41Kyra Howell12West Lauderdale High School29:29.50--
42T'Onna Neal10Northeast Lauderdale HS29:33.8030
43Marina Blazowich7Southeast Lauderdale HS29:45.10--
44Braeden Smith9Clarkdale High School30:01.94--
45Olivia Palmer-3West Lauderdale High School30:56.70--
46Olivia Palmer-3West Lauderdale High School31:04.40--
47Naomi Boatwright9Meridian High School31:10.9031
48Julia Butler9West Lauderdale High School31:14.30--
49Gabrielle Hutchinson9West Lauderdale High School31:16.30--
50Kylie Wiggins9West Lauderdale High School31:31.10--
51Anna Elmore8Enterprise HS - Clarke31:44.4032
52Mary Margaret Freema10Clarkdale High School31:45.00--
53Savannah Cooksey9West Lauderdale High School32:18.88--
54Brianna Price9Meridian High School32:36.60--
55Abby Yudt9West Lauderdale High School32:38.38--
56Kayann Matlock10Clarkdale High School33:30.40--
57Kylie Holbrook11West Lauderdale High School33:33.33--
58Halle Kate Smith8Enterprise HS - Clarke33:51.5033
59Halle Kate Smith8Enterprise HS - Clarke34:00.28--
X60Sarah Richards11West Lauderdale High School34:51.69--
61India Russell9Meridian High School34:52.80--
62Terraline Green12Northeast Lauderdale HS36:35.7034
63Kaylee Covington11Enterprise HS - Clarke38:18.20--
64Hannah Grace Hegwood11West Lauderdale High School38:35.20--
65Edie Long11Lamar School38:59.80--
66Skylar Glenn12Enterprise HS - Clarke39:05.30--
67Rebecca Dawkins10Northeast Lauderdale HS39:08.5035
68Kaylan Mccoy12Meridian High School39:44.00--

Championship Meet - 10 Teams Team Scores

1Clarkdale High School30236910--
2West Lauderdale High School491581421--
3Meridian High School5947121719--
4Enterprise HS - Clarke1001115222428--
5Northeast Lauderdale HS1161620232730--
--Nanih Waiya High SchoolNTS
--Union High SchoolNTS
--Lamar SchoolNTS
--Southeast Lauderdale HSNTS