Pearl High School Breaks Boys 4x800m State Record

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The Pearl High School boys not only dominated the 4x800m race at the Florida State Relays this weekend but also shattered the Mississippi state record and achieved one of the nation's fastest times.

Brendan Clark took the race out and stuck behind the competition with his opening split at 1:59. The reigning 7A cross country state champion Jaquavion Bryant took the baton and ramped things up with his blazing split of 1:56, bringing the Pirates back into the pack. Bryant passed the baton to Jon Haralson who took the reigns of this race and brought the Pearl team from 6th to 2nd place with his 1:57 split. On the final leg, the 7A 800m state champion Tanner Moore had the baton and knew exactly what to do to seal this race for his team. Staying relaxed through the first 400 meters, Moore caught the lead runner and laid down a decisive kick to clock a 1:56 and claim victory over an insanely stacked field of teams.

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Their official finish time comes in at 7:50.77 for a new Mississippi state record by 16 seconds. You read that right, sixteen seconds shaved off of an already impressive time. This mark ranks them as the 3rd fastest team in the nation for the 4x800m race and earned them the meet record.

Tanner Moore told Milesplit Mississippi, "We knew going in that we had the training and the strength to do what we did, we just had to apply it and compete."

This Pearl team has been on a rampage this track season and shows no signs of stopping. They no doubt have the talent, strength, and ability to compete against the best in the country. Could we potentially see more of this stellar 4x800m team on the national level?

MORE MILESPLIT: Instagram Calendar | Rankings | Results