MAIS Overall XC Meet 2022

Clinton, MS
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2022 MAIS Overall Cross Country Meet

Entries Close: Midnight, Thursday, October 20!!!

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The MAIS Overall Cross Country Meet will be held on Monday, October 24, at Choctaw Trails in Clinton, MS. The running schedule will be as follows:

10:00 a.m. Girls' Class 3A 5K Race

10:30 a.m. Boys' Class 3A 5K Race

11:00 a.m. Girls' Class 4A 5K Race

11:30 a.m. Boys' Class 4A 5K Race

12:00 p.m. Girls' Open Jr. High 3K Race (grades 6-9)*

12:30 p.m. Boys' Open Jr. High 3K Race (grades 6-9)*

1:00 p.m. Girls' Class 5A 5K Race

1:30 p.m. Boys' Class 5A 5K Race

2:00 p.m. Girls' Class 6A 5K Race

2:30 p.m. Boys' Class 6A 5K Race

3:00 p.m. Girls' Class 2A 5K Race

3:30 p.m. Boys' 2A 5K Race

*It is noted that at the request of numerous cross country coaches, we are

offering a competitive race for those runners who usually run in the 5K race but

are "back of the pack" runners. This race is limited to MAIS junior high students

only (grades 6-9). No one above the 9th grade will be allowed to participate in

this race. Runners who compete in this race will NOT be allowed to run in their

respective class 5K race. This race is not a sanctioned championship race, and

for that reason, all classes will run together in the same race. Ribbons will be

given to the top finishers.