Way Too Early XC Rankings: MHSAA 4A Boys


As the seasons shift, attention turns to the eagerly awaited MHSAA 4A Boys Cross Country Championships. With the recent reclassification and addition of MHSAA 7A, the landscape of MHSAA 4A has been transformed, promising an exciting and unpredictable competition.

Individual Race: Winstead vs. Patterson

The individual race promises an electrifying contest between two rising stars. Senatobia's seasoned veteran Austin Winstead sets the early pace. His fourth-place finish at last year's championships, with a blistering 17:19 5K(XC) time, speaks volumes about his talent. His racing prowess has already earned him the 3200m title at the 2021 MHSAA 3A Track and Field Championships, and his 2023 track and field campaign was equally impressive, clocking 2:03 in the 800m, 4:42 in the 1600m, and 10:22 in the 3200m.

Hot on Winstead's heels, New Albany's Aiden Patterson brings his own set of remarkable credentials. A personal best of 17:29 in the 5K(XC) at the 2022 All-Mississippi Cross Country Championships makes him a contender to watch. His recent focus on middle-distance events, yielding a 2:04 PR in the 800m during the 2023 track season, adds an intriguing twist to the tale.

The stage is set for Winstead to possibly secure his second career class title and first-ever on grass. However, Patterson's form and tenacity ensure that the path to victory will not be an easy one. This duel promises to be one of the highlights of the championship.

Team Battle: A Three-Way Tug of War

The team competition is shaping up to be a thrilling three-way battle between West Lauderdale, Choctaw Central, and Senatobia. The early preseason standings are too close to call, with each team bringing unique strengths to the fore.

  • West Lauderdale: Boasting the lowest 1-5 split, this team's depth and consistency could prove to be a winning formula.
  • Choctaw Central: With three runners in the top 10, they possess firepower at the front, making them a genuine threat.
  • Senatobia: Led by the stellar Winstead and complemented by a well-rounded top five, they present a balanced challenge to their rivals.

The complexities of this competition make predictions a risky business. What is certain, however, is that this clash will be a spectacle, with every race a potential game-changer.

Conclusion: A Season of Surprises

In an ever-shifting landscape, the MHSAA 4A Boys Cross Country Championships are poised to be a landmark event. With a clash of individual titans and a tantalizing team battle, the season promises twists, turns, and thrilling finishes.

As the teams prepare, fans wait with bated breath. The only certainty is that this year's championships will be an unforgettable experience, filled with the drama, passion, and excellence that embodies the spirit of Mississippi's cross country running.