2023 MHSAA 3A Track & Field State Meet Analysis

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The stage is set for the highly-anticipated 2023 MHSAA 3A Track and Field Championships, to be held at Pearl High School on Friday, May 5. Fans and athletes alike eagerly await the thrilling competition that will showcase the finest talent in Mississippi high school sports.

The MHSAA Track and Field Championships will bring together athletes from across the state, and as the event looms closer, MileSplit Mississippi is here to provide an in-depth preview of the must-see events and athletes to watch.

St. Andrew's Emerges as Favorite, with Alcorn Central and Saint Patrick in Hot Pursuit

The Lady Saints of St. Andrew's HS are poised to be the top contenders at the 2023 MHSAA 3A Track and Field Championships, thanks to their formidable distance squad. However, they face stiff competition from Alcorn Central and Saint Patrick High School, both of which have dominated their respective regions in Mississippi this season.

St. Andrew's is led by multi-time MHSAA 3A Champion Emily Ireland and strong distance runner India Mitchell. With season's bests of 2:31 in the 800m, 5:38 in the 1600m, and 12:01 in the 3200m, Ireland is the top seed in both the 1600m and 3200m and ranks second in the 800m. The Lady Saints' distance squad could potentially score an impressive 60 points at the championships, which accounts for more than half of their projected points. The team is also ranked third in MHSAA 3A in the 4x400m and 4x800m relay events, with potential to score even higher thanks to the contributions of Ireland, Mitchell, and other talented athletes such as middle schoolers Parker Lee and Mary Mac Penton.

Alcorn Central, on the other hand, relies heavily on its "bomb squad" of throwers, led by Mattie Mynatt and Allie Kirkland. Mynatt, a junior, recently won both the shot put and discus events at the MHSAA Region 1-3A Championships and is ranked first in the discus and third in the shot put. Branna Quinn is another solid addition to the team, with potential to secure a podium finish in the discus event. The team also has a versatile star in Ellie Pellizzer, who could potentially win the triple jump and 400m events, as well as contribute to defending their 4x400m relay title.

The Saint Patrick Fighting Irish, hailing from Biloxi, Miss., present a well-rounded challenge to their rivals. While their distance program may not be as strong as St. Andrew's, the potential 30 points they could earn in the discipline is still significant. With Jayden Ware, Lillieann Bentz, Jayne Gavin, and Bella Jordan leading the charge, Saint Patrick's distance squad is a force to be reckoned with. The team also boasts an exceptional pole vault squad, with the potential to sweep the podium in the event. Reigning MHSAA 3A Pole Vault Champion Anna Katherine Thriffiley is expected to play a key role in their success.

As the MHSAA 3A Track and Field Championships approach, St. Andrew's, Alcorn Central, and Saint Patrick High School will undoubtedly provide thrilling competition, ensuring a captivating showcase of Mississippi's finest high school athletes.

Tylertown: A Sprints / Jumps Powerhouse set to Dominate MHSAA 3A

Though sprinting legends Jordan Anthony and Jeremiah Dillon may have moved on, the Tylertown Chiefs have managed to assemble a formidable group of sprinters, hurdlers, and jumpers, poised to dominate the boys' program in the MHSAA 3A championships.

The Chiefs' roster is packed with talent, including Jamarcus Garrett, Kendrell Robertson, Wildrekus Johnson, and Avery Abram Jr., all of whom are coming off outstanding performances at the MHSAA 3A South State Championships. Robertson now leads all Mississippi athletes in the 110m hurdles with a blistering time of 14.27 seconds. Abram Jr. has qualified for four events, boasting a high jump mark of 6-6 and the top position in the long jump rankings. Reigning MHSAA 3A 400m champion Wildrekus Johnson continues to dominate, sitting atop the 400m rankings in MHSAA 3A. Freshman phenom Jamarcus Garrett leads the 100m and is ranked second behind Johnson in the 400m.

The Chiefs' depth doesn't end there, as the team also features the likes of Henry Hill, Jourdan Clements, Kylon Magee, and many others. With such an impressive roster, the question surrounding the Tylertown Chiefs isn't whether they'll win the championships, but by how much they'll dominate.

As the MHSAA 3A Track and Field Championships draw near, the Tylertown Chiefs' sprinters, hurdlers, and jumpers are poised to leave an indelible mark on Mississippi high school sports history, continuing the legacy established by their predecessors and setting the stage for a bright future.

Top Individual Athletes to Watch at the MHSAA 3A Track and Field Championships

While Tylertown boasts an impressive lineup of sprinters, hurdlers, and jumpers, there are several individual athletes from other schools set to make their mark at the MHSAA 3A Track and Field Championships.

Jack Hewes, the reigning MHSAA 3A Cross Country Champion from Saint Patrick, is one of the top contenders in distance events. With lifetime bests of 4:32 in the 1600m, 9:51 in the 3200m, and 15:51 in the 5K (XC), Hewes aims to follow in the footsteps of Keegan Leverett by sweeping the 800m, 1600m, and 3200m events at the championships.

Hazlehurst's Sentario Willis, the reigning MHSAA 3A Triple Jump Champion, is another athlete to watch. Willis will seek to defend his triple jump title and challenge Tylertown's Abram Jr. in the high jump.

Jefferson County's Charve Gibson, an eighth-grader ranked first in her age group nationally in multiple events, has the potential to become one of the best athletes in MHSAA 3A history. Gibson will chase state titles in the 300-meter hurdles, 100m dash, long jump, and triple jump at the championships, possibly setting new records in the process.

The MHSAA 3A Track and Field Championships will also feature middle school sensations from Port Gibson, Amari Trevillion and DaBriel McCauley. Both seventh-graders are top seeds in the 400m and 800m events, with lifetime bests of 59.80 and 2:29.33, respectively. Trevillion is the only MHSAA 3A athlete to have gone sub-60 in the 400m, while McCauley is the sole competitor to have broken 2:30 in the 800m. Both athletes are coming off wins at the MHSAA 3A South State Championships and are well-positioned to claim MHSAA 3A titles at the 2023 MHSAA 3A Track and Field Championships.

These exceptional athletes, alongside the dominant Tylertown Chiefs, are sure to make the MHSAA 3A Track and Field Championships an unforgettable display of talent and determination.