Future Stars: East Rankin's Zack Price

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Welcome back to our MileSplit Mississippi Future Stars series, where we spotlight young, talented athletes who are making a name for themselves in the world of track and field.

In this edition, we turn our attention to East Rankin Academy's Zack Price. As just a seventh-grader, Price has been making waves in the Mississippi track and field scene, demonstrating a remarkable ability to excel in various long-distance events. As the East Rankin Lady Patriots continue to make strides in their program, Price may be the spark the boys' team needs to reach the same level of success.

Recently, Price achieved a significant milestone in his budding track and field career by qualifying for the MSAIS North State Track and Field Championships. This remarkable feat came as a result of his impressive 800m performance, where he clocked a time of 2:17. It's important to note that Price is just in the seventh grade, making his achievement all the more extraordinary.

Price has consistently demonstrated his versatility and dedication to the sport by achieving a series of personal bests in various events. His other lifetime records include a 5:33 in the 1600m, a 12:02 in the 3200m, and a noteworthy 19:55 in the 5K(XC). 

As the East Rankin Lady Patriots continue to make progress, the boys' program has been eagerly searching for a standout athlete to lead them to similar heights.

With Price's undeniable talent and passion for the sport, he has the potential to be that guiding force. As he continues to develop and grow, the sky's the limit for this young buck and the East Rankin Academy boys' track and field program.