Official Lists of All-State Teams and Individuals


This year is officially the deepest and most exciting year Mississippi has ever seen. From almost 50 people breaking 17 in the same race along with 2 teams having their 1-5 break 17, along with so many sub-16s, and what it took to be on the top 5 list for guys and girls... (15:54 and 19:01). 5 years ago, those times would have been the talk of the town. However, the year isn't over yet, as we have 1 final opportunity to make this year go out with a bang!

That's right, for the first time in Mississippi history, the All-State Meet of Champions has come to life in cross country! This is a very exclusive meet that only features the best of the best, and really is an honor to get chosen as there are hundreds of runners that want to run in this prestigious meet. And, not to mention all of the gear that goes with it!

In all seriousness, this meet is not really meant to crown a 'true champion'... I understand that the state championships are exhausting as it is, physically and mentally, which is why the MileSplit All-State Rankings will actually end this upcoming Wednesday. Nothing is going to take away from anyone's state championship or state runner-up away from them, no matter how this weekend's meet results end up. This meet is really meant to be a celebration of the year we have had, awarding runners with the dope gear (Seriously, I'm jealous of the gear y'all are getting), a great atmosphere and fun environment that is very similar to nationals the way the athletes are treated, and one more shot to run fast on the best course in the State, Choctaw Trails! All expectations and pressure are completely off of the table. Just hop in, have fun, and simply see what happens - Just like Watson (And we all know how that meet turned out). 

For example, Ocean Springs was very close to having all 5 break 20 minutes in the 5k last weekend. They have already cemented themselves as hands down the best team in the state, so why not just have fun and go for it this weekend?

Brookelyn Morgan, Ella Rankin, Maya Messenger, Riley Jackson... the list goes on and on of high school girls who are oh so close to getting under 19. I can promise that we will do everything in our power to get you to do that this weekend. 

The same goes with Taylor Brown, Bennett Ferguson, Gabe McElwain, or Matthew Singletary. Come on and hop on the sub-16 train!! (Why wouldn't you?!?)

The record for most Mississippi High School Boys running sub-17 in one race is 30 - Watson this year

The record for most Mississippi High School Girls running sub-20 in one race is 9 - Also Watson this year. 

Let's come together as a state, and try and smash those soil records. It has been proven that special things happen on this course when you have the right atmosphere, and that is exactly what this meet is going to be. 

From custom-made backpacks, All-State gear, MileSplit gear giveaways, drone race footage, cool weather, and the most hype atmosphere you've ever been a part of, the Mississippi All-State Meet of Champions is going to have it all. 

Once again, this is the deepest year Mississippi has ever seen in cross country... let's prove that fact this weekend. 



And now for the Official performance lists of the Mississippi All-State Meet of Champions...