Brock Kelly, #1 Mississippi 5K Weekly Blog

Brock Kelly, Tupelo Christian

Blog 1- The Beginning of Something Great

August 14, 2019

10 days from the gunfire of first race and the entire South has just been hit with the biggest heatwave of the summer. With heat indexes exceeding 110 degrees, most sports have cancelled practices and their players are currently reclining in their homes enjoying a bag of chips and a soda while relaxing on the couch. But runners are cut from a different cloth. We will push through anything for the sake of competition.

For me and my team, we shifted our practice back to 7PM for Monday and Tuesday and ran at the local park where we carry out most of our long runs and faster practices. Monday was just a simple practice with an easy six to eight miler for most of the team. The top five guys just took it at whatever pace was sustainable and tried to push through the run, despite the heat. It definitely ended up being more difficult than our usual easy runs, but we managed it well. For Tuesday, we had our usual fast-paced run for the week, but it was much tougher than usual for obvious reasons. A two-mile tempo on the trail crossed with a few race pace 400s was in store for the day. Although it was tough, we all made it through and tried to remain as relaxed as possible. 

Although the results did not show in the times this week, I can guarantee that as the season begins and progresses, the people that ran this week will see improvements if they continue to push through the struggle. The training conditions can only get easier from here and this is the start of something great! I am highly anticipating what this year has to offer and looking forward to my last year of high school running. Remember to have fun and stay hydrated.

Best of luck to everyone!

-Brock Kelly