Winona High School Invitational Girls Virtual Meet

This does not separate the runners into two divisions like the meet will be scored but is just a virtual representation of what could happen based on this years best times.

AdditionalNotes $5.00 admission for spectators. 
9:45 Coaches Meeting
10:00 4x800 & Field events 
12:00 Running events (rolling time schedule)
Two Divisions Division I (4A,5A,6A)
Division II (1A,2A,3A)

Mississippi MileSplit will be there with Whitney Robbins. Look for the lady in the Blue MileSplit shirt.

100 Meter Dash

1Keiryonia Green2017Senatobia High School12.38 10
2Jasmine Burns2020Canton High School12.63 8
3Zykia Cage2018Greenville HS13.10 6
4Ahmadia Hines2019Haywood High School13.51 4.5
4Kedra Benton2018Haywood High School13.51 4.5
6Hillary Hayes2018Canton High School13.58 3
7Krystal Hughes2019Winona High School13.85 2
8Justyce Cockrell2020Senatobia High School13.89 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Keiryonia Green2017Senatobia High School26.16 10
2Gabrielle Davis2017Canton High School26.65 8
3Jasmine Burns2020Canton High School26.68 6
4Zykia Cage2018Greenville HS27.39 5
5Chemyah Winn2019Canton High School27.95 4
6Felicity Watkins2020M. S. Palmer High School28.83 3
7Ja'Shayla Jackson2019M. S. Palmer High School29.59 2
8Justyce Cockrell2020Senatobia High School29.76 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Gabrielle Davis2017Canton High School1:01.16 10
2Chemyah Winn2019Canton High School1:03.94 8
3Keiryonia Green2017Senatobia High School1:04.70 6
4Zykia Cage2018Greenville HS1:04.78 5
5Justyce Cockrell2020Senatobia High School1:08.65 4
6Tyra Weathersby2020Winona High School1:09.33 3
7Tia Greenlee2017Winona High School1:11.62 2
8Sequoia Burdette2020Senatobia High School1:11.99 1
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800 Meter Run

1Athena Richardson2019Senatobia High School2:35.00 10
2Keiryonia Green2017Senatobia High School2:40.00 8
3Destini Cathey2018Senatobia High School2:42.00 6
4Derika Watts2019Canton High School2:56.20 5
5Alexus Hunter2018Canton High School3:05.00 4
6Takiyah Benton2017Haywood High School3:05.96 3
7Dimon Birkley2019Greenville HS3:10.13 2
8Ambrel Homrighausen2022Winona High School3:22.10 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Derika Watts2019Canton High School6:40.40 10
2Casey Rhone2019Senatobia High School6:43.00 8
3Abbi Casey2018Senatobia High School6:56.20 6
4Kaylee Rice2020Winona High School6:58.00 5
5Quintoria Oliver2020Canton High School7:01.00 4
6Lily Mercier2018Senatobia High School7:11.00 3
7Mary Hope Gammell2021Winona High School7:39.00 2
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3,200 Meter Run

1Anna Clark2021Senatobia High School13:27.00 10
2Alexus Hunter2018Canton High School14:00.35 8
3Lily Mercier2018Senatobia High School14:16.22 6
4Derika Watts2019Canton High School14:29.54 5
5Abbi Casey2018Senatobia High School14:31.00 4
6Quintoria Oliver2020Canton High School16:04.52 3
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Trinity Farve2017Canton High School16.84 10
2Jada Poston2019Canton High School18.73 8
3Alaysia Applewhite2018Haywood High School19.74 6
4Roinissia Presley2020M. S. Palmer High School20.16 5
5Shukira King2018Senatobia High School20.59 4
6Ashleigh Roberts2017Winona High School20.61 3
7Makayla Anderson2018Canton High School20.64 2
8Johnverna McCurston2020Winona High School20.83 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Trinity Farve2017Canton High School47.22 10
2Jada Poston2019Canton High School54.10 8
3Ja'Myla Brown2020Canton High School55.10 6
4Alaysia Applewhite2018Haywood High School56.24 5
5Alexis Blanks2017Senatobia High School56.87 4
6Shukira King2018Senatobia High School58.43 3
7Annaisa McGoughy2019Haywood High School59.79 2
8Alandria Miller2018Senatobia High School1:00.89 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Senatobia High School52.84 10
2Canton High School53.32 8
3M. S. Palmer High School56.42 6
4Haywood High School58.18 5
5Leflore County HS58.29 4
6O'Bannon High School1:01.58 3
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Canton High School1:47.35 10
2Senatobia High School1:58.13 8
3M. S. Palmer High School2:00.75 6
4Winona High School2:01.03 5
5O'Bannon High School2:09.18 4
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Greenville HS4:44.12 10
2Canton High School4:45.12 8
3Senatobia High School4:45.86 6
4M. S. Palmer High School5:01.00 5
5O'Bannon High School6:01.42 4
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Senatobia High School11:45.06 10
2Canton High School11:52.57 8
3M. S. Palmer High School12:26.00 6
4Winona High School13:18.00 5
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High Jump

1Kayla Douglass2018Haywood High School4-8 10
2Athena Richardson2019Senatobia High School4-6 8
3Alexis Hines2017Haywood High School4-4 5.5
3Amiracle Davis2018Canton High School4-4 5.5
5Jada Poston2019Canton High School4-2 4
6Alexis Blanks2017Senatobia High School4-0 2.5
6Destini Cathey2018Senatobia High School4-0 2.5
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Long Jump

1Amiracle Davis2018Canton High School15-4 10
2Tyra Weathersby2020Winona High School15-3.5 8
3Trinity Farve2017Canton High School15-0 6
4Sha'korie Norwood2017Senatobia High School13-5 5
5Makayla Anderson2018Canton High School13-4 4
6Destini Cathey2018Senatobia High School12-10.5 3
7Ashleigh Roberts2017Winona High School12-8.5 2
8Casiah Pegues2020Senatobia High School12-7 1
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Triple Jump

1Tyra Weathersby2020Winona High School32-2 10
2Trinity Farve2017Canton High School32-0 8
3Sha'korie Norwood2017Senatobia High School31-0.25 6
4Amiracle Davis2018Canton High School29-8 5
5Alexiis Bean2019Haywood High School29-4 4
6Makayla Anderson2018Canton High School28-9 3
7Tyonna Ford2020Winona High School27-3.5 2
8Casiah Pegues2020Senatobia High School26-8 1
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Pole Vault

1Casey Rhone2019Senatobia High School6-0 10
2Lily Mercier2018Senatobia High School5-6 8
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Shot Put

1Mikayla Flagg2017Haywood High School26-9.5 10
2Ashala Lewis2019Canton High School26-9 7
2Kosha Butts2017Senatobia High School26-9 7
4Jakeria Wilson2017Senatobia High School26-1.5 5
5Brierra Starks2018Haywood High School25-11.75 4
6Natija Moore2018Winona High School25-9.5 3
7Wandariku Young2017Haywood High School25-5.5 2
8Natori Weathersby2018Winona High School24-9 1
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1Natori Weathersby2018Winona High School99-5 10
2Brierra Starks2018Haywood High School72-9 8
3Jakeria Wilson2017Senatobia High School72-2 6
4Wandariku Young2017Haywood High School66-0 5
5Mikayla Flagg2017Haywood High School65-1 3.5
5Natija Moore2018Winona High School65-1 3.5
7Kosha Butts2017Senatobia High School58-7 2
8Caitlyn Homrighausen2019Winona High School56-8.5 1
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