Whats on Tap on Mississippi Milesplit for August 30th

Here is a brief summary of the meets and who from Mississippi are there.


08/30 Lawrence County/Cold Springs Pepsi Challenge
Lawrence County HS
Moulton, AL
08/30 Mississippi College High School Season Opener
Mississippi College
Clinton, MS
08/30 Mississippi College Season Opener
Mississippi College
Clinton, MS
08/30 Mooreville HS 5K Run
Mooreville High School
Tupelo, MS
08/30 Tremont Cross Country Invitational
Tremont High School
Tremont, MS

Brooks Memphis Twlight Classic - Pearl and Madison Central are the only schools that show up here if any others plan to be there please let us know so that our Photographer can make sure to get your pictures.

Teams Attending

Lawrence County/Cold Spring Pepsi Challenge - No Mississippi teams show here if anyone is going let us know.

Mississippi College High School Opener - A number of school are going to be here led by Brandon and Pontotoc. Registration is open until Wednesday at 5:59 Central Time so still time to register.

Teams Attending

Mississippi College Season Opener - College - There should be a number of Mississippi Alumni competing here I will post results as soon as I get them.

Morreville High School 5K Run - A fundraising run for Mooreville HS CC I will post the results of the run if they send them to me.

Tremont Cross Country Invitational - I will post results of this meet. If anyone is taking pictures here please contact me at 601-917-2177. There may be more attendting and they will show up in the results,

Teams Attending