MAC Track and Field Coaches Schedule Addition

You need to come this year especially to the Wednesday class on Pole Vault. Scott Kendricks will be talking about pole vaulting and then will have an outdoor session with his daughter and youngest son as the demonstrators of the different drills. This is a change from other years with a Wednesday class and demonstration. We need maximum attendance at this and where else can you get a class from the coach of the number one Pole Vaulter in the world at this point. Sam Kendricks is ranked number one in the world and just vaulted 6 meter or 19'8.25".

Penthouse & Pearl High School

WOODY BARNETT- Executive Director,
MAAA WILLIE CALVIN- Assistant Coach, Hinds Community College
CHARLES COVINGTON- Head Coach, Saltillo High School
HEATH DUDLEY- Former Head Coach, J.Z. George High School
NIC FORTENBERRY- Head Track & Field Coach, Christian Brothers High School (Memphis, TN)
BILL HOFFMAN- Head Cross Country Coach, Christian Brothers High School (Memphis, TN)
SCOTT KENDRICKS- Former Head Coach, Oxford High School

WEDNESDAY, JULY 19 (Pearl High School)
1:30 PM KENDRICKS: Pole Vault (Classroom Instruction)
3:00 PM KENDRICKS: Pole Vault (On Field Demonstration)
Sam Kendricks interview before the Olympic for MileSplit Mississippi

THURSDAY, JULY 20 (Penthouse)
8:30 AM DUDLEY: Managing Multi -Event Athletes
9:15 AM BARNETT: Mid-Distance: 4x800/800
10:00 AM MHSAA: Rules & Eligibility
1:30 PM CALVIN: High Jump
2:15 PM HOFFMAN: Injury Prevention, Putting on Meets, Starting a Cross Country Culture
3:00 PM FORTENBERRY: Springs & Hurdle Training
3:45 PM COVINGTON: Managing Athletes Who Are Involved in Numerous Activities