MAIS District 2-5A and 6A Jr. High Conf. Championship 2022

Madison, MS

Meet Information

MAIS District 2-5A Championship

MAIS 6A Jr. High Conference Championship

Wednesday, April 20

Hosted by Madison-Ridgeland Academy

Facility & Admission: 6 lane track.

Timing will be FAT. Admission, $5 for adults $4 students. MAIS coaches card will be accepted.

Equipment: Starting blocks will be provided

Entries & Registration: There will be an entry limit of two per event. The top 5 individuals will score per contest. Additionally, each school may only enter one relay team.

REGISTRATION will be online at   Go to the meet calendar and find this meet. 

Verification of Entry: A printout of your entries and an email from  Woody Barnett or John Weaver will serve as your verification of entry to the meet.

Clerking & Scratches: There will be no additions at the meet for running events. Field Event scratches can be made at that field event.

Rules: We will use the National Federation rulebook for any disputes.

Scoring: Individual: 6-4-3-2-1 Relays: 6-4-3-2-1

Field Events: Each jumper/thrower with have 3 attempts and the top 6 will get 3 more jumps/throws.

High jump and pole vault will follow the normal meet rules.

Opening Heights: Event JH Girls JH Boys Var. Girls Var. Boys High Jump

4-0 4-8 4-4 5-4

Pole Vault  7-0 8-0

Appeals: Any appeal must be given to the referee in writing within 30 minutes of infractions. Appealable offenses are misapplications of NFHSA rules. Judgment calls cannot be appealed.

Contacts: Meet Directors: John Weaver (601.218.3943)