MRA Classic 2022

Madison, MS

Meet Information

MRA Classic

Wednesday, March 23

Entry Deadline: Friday Midnight, March 18

Madison, MS

Hosted by Madison-Ridgeland Academy

Facility & Admission: 6 lane track.

Timing will be FAT. Admission, $5 for adults $4 students. MAIS coaches card will be accepted.

Equipment: Starting blocks will be provided

Entries & Registration: There will be an entry limit of two per event. The top 5 individuals will score per contest. Additionally, each school may only enter one relay team.

REGISTRATION will be online at   Go to the meet calendar and find this meet. 

Entry Fee: $150.00- for entry.  Bring the check to the meet. NO Check is in the mail explanations on race day.

Entry Deadline: Friday Midnight, March 18

Sanctioning: This meet will be sanctioned by the MAIS

Verification of Entry: A printout of your entries and an email from John Weaver will serve as your verification of entry to the meet.

Clerking & Scratches: There will be no additions at the meet for running events. Field Event scratches can be made at that field event.

Rules: We will use the National Federation rulebook for any disputes.

Scoring: Individual: 6-4-3-2-1 Relays: 6-4-3-2-1

Field Events: Each jumper/thrower with have 4 attempts. High jump and pole vault will follow the normal meet rules.

Opening Heights: Event JH Girls JH Boys Var. Girls Var. Boys High Jump

4-0  4-8 4-4 5-4

Pole Vault 6-0 7-0 6-0 8-0

Appeals: Any appeal must be given to the referee in writing within 30 minutes of infractions. Appealable offenses are misapplications of NFHSA rules. Judgment calls cannot be appealed.

Contacts: Meet Director: John Weaver (601.218.3943)