Junior Pirate Track & Field Invitational 2014

Pearl, Ms

Meet Information

This Meet is by Invitation Only!!!

The meet will consist of the following four divisions:
8th Grade Boys, 8th Grade Girls, 9th Grade Boys, 9th Grade Girls

First place team trophies will be awarded in each division, with ribbons being awarded to the first five places in each event. There will be a $40.00 entry fee for each school (8th & 9th grades are considered separate schools).

A coaches meeting will be held at the scoring tent at 3:00 p.m. the day of the meet!

Each team may enter two (2) participants in each individual event and one team in each relay. Unattached athletes will be allowed in the 800, 1600, 3200 m Runs. Unattached athletes are NOT to be entered on MileSplit, just check in at the beginning of their race.

Entries are now open and will close Tuesday noon, April 2.



Long Jump - 9th Boys -> 8th Boys
Long Jump - 8th Girls -> 9th Girls
Shot - 8th Boys -> 9th Boys
Shot - 9th Girls -> 8th Girls
Discus - 9th Boys -> 8th Boys
Discus - 8th Girls -> 9th Girls
High Jump - 9th Girls -> 8th Girls
High Jump - 8th Boys -> 9th Boys
Pole Vault - 8th & 9th Girls -> 8th & 9th Boys

Will follow events above as pits become available!

Triple Jump - 8th Girls -> 9th Girls
Triple Jump - 9th Boys -> 8th Boys


4:00 3200 m Runs
5:00 Other Running Events

8th Girls 100 m Low Hurdles
9th Girls 100 m High Hurdles
8th Boys 110 m High Hurdles
9th Boys 110 m High Hurdles

8th Girls 100 m Dash
9th Girls 100 m Dash
8th Boys 100 m Dash
9th Boys 100 m Dash

8th Girls 800 m Relay
9th Girls 800 m Relay
8th Boys 800 m Relay
9th Boys 800 m Relay

8th Girls 1600 m Run
9th Girls 1600 m Run
8th Boys 1600 m Run
9th Boys 1600 m Run

8th Girls 400 m Relay
9th Girls 400 m Relay
8th Boys 400 m Relay
9th Boys 400 m Relay

8th Girls 400 m Dash
9th Girls 400 m Dash
8th Boys 400 m Dash
9th Boys 400 m Dash

8th Girls 300 m Low Hurdles
9th Girls 300 m Low Hurdles
8th Boys 300 m Low Hurdles
9th Boys 300 m Int. Hurdles

8th Girls 800 m Run
9th Girls 800 m Run
8th Boys 800 m Run
9th Boys 800 m Run

8th Girls 200 m Dash
9th Girls 200 m Dash
8th Boys 200 m Dash
9th Boys 200 m Dash

8th Girls 1600 m Relay
9th Girls 1600 m Relay
8th Boys 1600 m Relay
9th Boys 1600 m Relay

Presentation of Trophies

Registration help:
Note that these instructions are on the US Portal and you will have to return to your state site to actually find your team and enter the meet.