Inside MHSAA Track & Field: February 2024

Greetings from the MHSAA! I hope you and your athletes are preparing for a very successful outdoor track and field season! Through the years our state has produced some of the greatest track and field athletes in the world, from National High School leaders and record holders to NJCAA, NCAA, American, Olympic and World champions and record holders! Our state has been blessed with talent! It is up to all of us and our athletes to continue this tradition! I hope each of you demand EXCELLENCE!!

To assist our state's track and field coaches we are putting together this newsletter to provide each of you with helpful information you may need from time to time during the year. With the MHSAA going to seven (7) classes, there will be changes in our sport. This newsletter will be distributed by email as an attachment. Other informative attachments may also be included. If you would like to contribute to this newsletter or share any thoughts or ideas on our sport, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to contact me at any time by email or phone with any track & field questions or concerns! Looking forward to seeing each of you soon and wishing you and your team the best in the upcoming seasonpage1image30399600

The MHSAA will require that the order of events, as specified in the MHSAA Sports Information Manual, be followed in all meets! This order will call for either the boys or girls 3200 Meter Run to be contested after the 200 Meter Dash. The girls and boys will alternate each year with the boys running after the 200 Meter Dash in odd calendar years and the girls running in even calendar years. This year, 2024, the girls will run after the 200 Meter Dash!!!

The MHSAA has put a SPECIAL EMPHASIS on the 3200 Meter Run beginning with the 2024 Track & Field Season! An athlete MUST be able to run this race with some degree of effectiveness. Coaches should NEVER enter an athlete into this event without the proper training and required fitness level! During a 2024 Track & Field Meet any athlete that does not display a readiness to compete will be pulled off the track and not allowed to finish the race! This will include walking, stopping or running at a very sub-par pace. The following times can assist meet directors as to when to pull an athlete from a 3200m race:

Girls Goal Time: 18:00

Complete 4 Laps by: 9:00

Complete 7 Laps by: 15:45

Boys Goal Time: 14:00

Complete 4 Laps by: 7:00

Complete 7 Laps by: 12:15page1image30262496

The Three Greatest Words for Success:

"And Then Some"

2024 Qualifying for State Track & Field Championships Procedures & Dates


Class 5A, 6A & 7A Qualifying Procedure: Region -> North/South -> State

  • Each Region Meet will qualify 4 participants/relay teams to a North or South State Meet

  • Each North/South State Meet will qualify 4 participants/relay teams to the State Championships

o Regions Meets will held during the week of April 15o North/South State Meets will be held on Saturday, April 27 o State Championships will be held on Saturday, May 4

Class 1A, 2A, 3A & 4A Qualifying Procedure: Region -> Super Region -> North/South -> State

  • Each Region Meet will qualify 4 participants/relay teams to a Super Region Meet o SuperRegion1:Region1&2o SuperRegion2:Region3&4o SuperRegion3:Region5&6

    o SuperRegion4:Region7&8

  • Each Super Region Meet will qualify 4 participants/relay teams to a North or South State Meet

  • Each North/South State Meet will qualify 4 participants/relay teams to the State Championships

o Regions Meets will held during the week of April 8o Super Region Meets will be held during the week of April 15 o North/South State Meets will be held on Saturday, April 27o 1A & 3A State Championships will be held on Friday, May 3 o 2A & 4A State Championships will be held on Monday, May 6

State Meet 3200 Meter Run Qualifying Standards

To run in a state championship meet, athletes in the 3200 Meter Run will have to finish in the top four (4) in their respective north/south state meet and have met the qualifying standard listed below during the current 2024 season:

7A Girls - 13:30 | 6A Girls - 13:40 | 5A Girls - 14:00 | 4A Girls - 14:20 | 3A Girls - 14:40 | 2A Girls - 15:00 | 1A Girls - 15:20

7A Boys - 10:40 | 6A Boys - 11:00 | 5A Boys - 11:20 | 4A Boys - 11:40 | 3A Boys - 12:00 | 2A Boys - 12:20 | 1A Boys - 12:40

page2image19715328 page2image19715520

MHSAA Middle School Track & Field Classic

2024 MHSAA Middle School Track & Field Classic Date: Monday, April 8Location: Pearl High School

  • Meet Format: This meet is open to MHSAA 7th & 8th grade middle/junior high school athletes. An athlete may participate in a maximum of four (4) events including relays! Each school may enter two individuals in each individual event and one team in each relay!

  • Eligibility: ONLY athletes that have competed in middle school/junior high races are eligible. Athletes that have competed on a Varsity Squad during the 2023 or 2024 season are NOT eligible to participate in this meet!

  • Qualifying & Selection: All middle school athletes that meet the minimum qualifying standards. From the entries, the top 16 individuals and relay teams in each event will be selected to compete. Selections will be based on rankings. ONLY FULLY AUTOMATIC TIMES (FAT) WILL BE ACCEPTED, NO HAND TIMES WILL BE CONSIDERED!!! Athletes MUST represent their schools and be entered by the coach of their respective schools, NO UNATTACHED ATHLETES!!!

  • More Info: Detailed meet information and qualifying standards will be available for download at in early February 2024!

100 Meter Dash, 200 Meter Dash, 400 Meter Dash, 800 Meter Run, 1600 Meter Run, 3200 Meter Run, Girls 100 Meter Hurdles (30 in.), Boys 100 Meter Hurdles (33 in.), 300 Meter Hurdles (30 in.), 4 x 100 Meter Relay, 4 x 200 Meter Relay, 4 x 400 Meter Relay, 4 x 800 Meter Relay, Long Jump, High Jump, Girls Shot (6lbs), Boys Shot (4kg), Discus (1kg), Triple Jump, Pole Vault. Order of events will be the same as high school!!page3image30166688page3image30167104

Region meet sites are assigned by the MHSAA District Secretaries. Super Region, North & South State Meets are assigned by the MHSAA. Our plans are to send all coaches the sites for all Region, Super Region and North & South State Meets in the next couple of weeks. These are being gathered!

page3image19599872 page3image19600064

Due to moving to seven (7) classes this year, there will have to be changes on setting up region meets on MileSplit! This year we won't be able to clone meets as in the past. The MHSAA and MileSplit is working on this issue and will get out information and instructions to meet directors as soon as available. Any meets set up prior to this information being sent out to the meet directors will be deleted!!!

MHSAA Track Contacts:

Lonnie Tilman 601-924-6400

Woody Barnett 601-624-7822