Way Too Early XC Rankings: MAIS 5A Girls


Get ready for an exhilarating showdown as the MAIS 5A Girls Cross Country Championships promises to be one of the most competitive events in Mississippi. With a plethora of returning talent, including two standout runners from Simpson Academy, Lilly Overby and Layla Warren, this classification is undoubtedly stacked. Let's delve into the details and analyze the potential contenders for the individual and team titles.

The Dynamic Duo: Overby and Warren

Leading the charge in the MAIS 5A girls' division are the formidable duo from Simpson Academy, Lilly Overby and Layla Warren.

Both athletes boast impressive lifetime bests under 19 minutes, and their exceptional performances would likely secure them positions in the All-MAIS 5A scoring range, even in the boys' championship race. Warren, the defending MAIS 5A Champion, and Overby, the runner-up from last year, have established themselves as two of the top female distance runners in the state. Moreover, Overby clinched victory at the 2022 All-Mississippi Cross Country Championships, while Warren, a six-time MAIS 5A Champion, continues to display her dominance.

As long as they stay healthy, these two talented athletes will likely claim the top two spots at this year's MAIS 5A Girls Cross Country Championships.

The Field Behind Them

Although Overby and Warren are expected to lead the pack, the depth of talent in the MAIS 5A Girls Cross Country Championships is truly remarkable.

East Rankin Academy showcases a strong lineup, featuring Leah Collipp, Emma Raines, Emily Williams, and Audrey Mayatte, all certified heavy hitters. Columbia Academy, renowned for their pack running tactics, fields Blair Pounds, Briley Speights, Macy Robertson, and Madelyn McKenzie.

Additionally, Saint Aloysius boasts the impressive duo of Samantha Edwards and Hendrix Eldridge, who finished third and fourth, respectively, in last year's championships. Edwards, the 2021 MAIS 5A Cross Country Champion, will undoubtedly be a formidable contender. Let's not forget Allie Grace Mcgehee, who secured an impressive sixth-place finish last year. The class is brimming with talent, making every position fiercely contested.

A Potential Game Changer

Rumors suggest that Simpson Academy may have acquired another transfer who could significantly shake things up in the MAIS 5A Girls Cross Country Championships. Should this rumor prove true, it would add an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the class, further intensifying the competition.

Team Battle: The Three-headed Dragon East Rankin, Columbia, and Simpson:

The team title race in MAIS 5A is poised to be a battle among three powerhouse schools: East Rankin Academy, Columbia Academy, and Simpson Academy. Simpson Academy possesses a top-heavy lineup with Overby and Warren leading the charge.If the rumored transfer materializes, it would bolster their chances even further.

However, it is East Rankin Academy that is touted as the team to beat, not just in MAIS 5A, but across all of Mississippi. Their loaded lineup, featuring four runners clocking in at nearly under 20 minutes in the 5K(XC), makes them a formidable force. With strong depth in their 5-7 runners, the Lady Patriots present a formidable challenge.

Nevertheless, one should never discount the competitiveness of teams like Simpson Academy and Columbia Academy, particularly when it comes to chasing a class title.

In conclusion, the MAIS 5A Girls Cross Country Championships promises an exciting spectacle that pushes the sport forward. The depth of talent in this classification is truly remarkable, underscoring the need for Mississippi to consider lowering their classification numbers to foster equally deep competition across other classifications. Races like these epitomize the spirit of the sport and drive its advancement, and it is essential for Mississippi to embrace and cultivate more of these electrifying contests.