Balcer Nabs 2 State Records in the Same Weekend

For most athletes, 1 state record would probably be enough for them. 

Christian Balcer is a different kind of athlete though. 

Balcer only ran 2 races this weekend. And in those 2 races, he came away with 2 state records, less than 24 hours apart from each other. 

On Friday night, at the RunningLane Track Championships, Balcer ran 9:03 in the 3200m to nab the state record from East Central alumni, which is also where Balcer is from, Jake Raines. The Review for that race can be found HERE. 

Fast forward to Saturday night, and Balcer is back for the 1 mile. Balcer was one of the first ones out of the fast heat (It took a 4:10 1600m to make that heat), but still had an almost-perfect race set out for him, as they were running very fast, and Balcer would be in contention for the win. 

The gun went off, and although Balcer looked a little uncomfortable doing so as he was getting boxed in and shoved around, he learned from his tactics on Friday night and got on the rail. 

It was on the rail where he patiently waited, passing 1 or 2 runners each lap, but keeping a low profile throughout the race. With about 600m to go, he found himself near the front in about 2nd or 3rd place. And 150 meters later, Balcer pounced. 

As the bell started ringing signaling 1 lap to go, Balcer shot out to the lead - only Walker St. John, a multiple time state champion from Texas, went with him. As a matter of fact, he not only went with him, but regained the lead with 300 meters to go. Still, Balcer was persistent, and responded. 

Balcer and St. John were flying down the backstretch. The race was clearly going to come down to these 2. With 200m to go, Balcer fought back, and was in the lead again. It was like a chess match out there the way they were going back and forth. With 100 meters to go, Balcer had the edge, but just barely, and St. John was coming for him hard. St. John took the lead, but somehow, Balcer came back again! Back and forth they kept going, all the way to the line, both runners giving a huge lean for the Win!! The results popped up on the scoreboard... 

It was St. John that came away with the W, but Balcer was very pleased with his performance, as he should have been. After all both runners ran 4:11 for the full mile, which converts to a 4:09 1600m. And their last lap... 

59.5 seconds!!!

What closing speed, and what an electrifying race between St. John and 3 x State Record Holder Christian Balcer. It was Balcer's last high school race on the track, and you certainly could tell that it was, as he left it all out there. 

It was a bittersweet day for Mississippi High School track and field, as Balcer gave us such a show, but alas, it was Balcer's last show that he will ever give in Mississippi High School running. However, he will be on to bigger and better things, and his running days and electrifying performances are not over yet!