Poll: Which Miss. Girls Sprint Event Will Be Watched

Kennedi Sanders, Madison Ridgeland at USM


The question is which of the girl's sprint events will be the most-watched this outdoor season. Kennedi Sanders, Madison Ridgeland will dominate any MAIS event she runs in. Same with most of the races here in Mississippi no matter where it is run. Unless we get a new unknown to show up the only place she will get a great race is out of state at some of the big races. I hope that I get to know where she will race once the season gets started.

The 100 meters is still the premier sprint event though some coaches will argue for the 200 and the 400 meters. I argue that the most fun to watch sprint event is the 4X100 meter relay. You might notice that I did not include the 4X400 relay as a sprint event. It was my decision as many relays will include some fast distace runners on the team.