Mississippi Just In Time XMAS Gift: A Milesplit Subscription

Chase Rose, Oxford High, Class 6A State Champion


MHSAA Class 2A-4A-6A Photos by James Mathews subscription required.

MHSAA Class 2A-4A-6A Videos subscription required to see race videos, interviews are free.
Hey, parents and athletes still looking for that perfect Christmas gift. How about a subscription to MileSplit Mississippi?

With a subscription, you can see the total athlete's profile without it all you can see are the athletes' personal records. With a subscription, you can see the picture albums put up by the paid professional photographers that MileSplit hires to take pictures.

Hannah Sanders, Mooreville High, Class 4A State Champion


Click here to see pictures from the MHSAA 2A-4A-6A State Cross County Championships


Without a subscription, you will not see a photograph of yourself. Parents will not see your athlete in action maybe. With a subscription, you can read many of the articles posted on MileSplit other than those that will not cover much of the action. With a subscription, you can see all the videos posted on MileSplit while without one you can only see interviews which are free

There are three types of subscriptions, monthly, yearly, and Professional.

The monthly is just like is say one month but is really the most expensive. 

Yearly is the most common subscription and is good for a year from the date of paying for it. You have access to not only Mississippi but other states as well You get to see race videos and live events on MileSplit.

Professional gives you access to all things MileSplit plus Flotrack and Flocrosscountry on Milesplits parent site. You get to see race videos both on MileSplit and Flosports.

Without a subscription, you miss many of the things posted on MileSplit and maybe some good picture or video of you running a race.

Where can you get one? Just click on the Account Icon in the upper right hand of the MileSplit Mississippi page. Once you get that you can click on subscription and go from there. Warning you must have a credit card handy to order your subscription.