Interview With Madison Jones, Saltillo High

This interview is with Madison Jones, Saltillo High who is having to sit out at the start of the season because of injuries.

MileSplit: I understand you have committed to Mississippi State to continue your running career after high school. Why Mississippi State?

Madison: From the phone calls I got to know the coaches and some of the athletes and I seemed to fit in. We also did a family visit to the campus not an official visit and I liked what I saw. 

MileSplit: Have you thought about what you want to major in?

Madison: I think I want to double major in interior design and communications with a minor in Spanish.

MileSplit: interesting combination.

Madison: I think I will need the communications to help my career in interior design.

MileSplit: What is your goal in cross country this season.

Madison: Under 18 minutes 17:59.99 would be fine

MileSplit: How about outdoors.

Madison: I really like the 800 meters and maybe the 400 meters. I would like to run sub 2:20 in the 800 this spring. I also have a goal of 56 to 57 in the 400. The 1600 meters is a good race and I would like to run 4:55 for a personal best. If possible I would like to run the 3200 meters a couple of times this spring. 

Milesplit: Which events do you think you might run each track meet?

Madison: I believe I will run the 4X800, 1600, and 800-meter run. 

MileSplit: What other interests do you have in school?

Madison: A club called Fish and Gods Girls is the main one I like to be in.

MileSplit: How about after school?

Madison: My church youth group and just hanging out with friends.

MileSplit: Favorite Subject

Madison: English and reading.

MileSplit: What is your favorite workout?

Madison: I really like a 6 to 7-mile progression run.

MileSplit: What is your least favorite workout?

Madison: My least favorite is quarter-mile repeats.

MileSplit: What is your favorite food?

Madison: That has to be sushi.

MileSplit: What is your least favorite food?

Madison: I absolutely hate english peas (me too).

MileSplit: What about Ice baths after practice?

Madison: Ice baths after running are only properly done with Netflix and a hot shower close to the tub.

MileSplit: What has cross country and track training taught you?

Madison: Running teaches me so much. I really struggled for a while with the absolute black and white nature of the sport. I used to play a lot of basketball, where there was enough grey area to have excuses. But after 5 years of playing a sport where your performance is very much correlated to your work, I've heard the fat lady singing a lot. I've had to learn that I lie to myself often, even outside of competition in order to justify the mediocre effort. Running is teaching me how to live in reality, not my perceived version of it. It is also teaching me balance. How to be proud of what you've done yet not satisfied. And it teaches me what actually matters. Not unlike the rest of the world, I've been thrown a lot of unexpected curve balls this year. Running brings me back to level 1. Though I love competition, I chuckle sometimes at the irony of how seriously I take running around in circles, and that helps me to chuckle at the other things I take a little too seriously also. (Including myself). It's taught me to be proud and excited for myself if I've worked hard, even if the results I want aren't showing yet. Right now running is teaching me to be less afraid of failure, and motivates me to take more risks in every aspect of life. I feel God has used this sport for so many different things in me, and I'm extremely thankful for it!