Hernando High Girls Ranked #1 Team In Mississippi

Riley Jackson, Hernando passing to finish fourth at the line.

It is a high scoring affair in this first girls' team ranking of the season. Hernando High, lead by number two runner Riley Jackson, leads Madison Ridgeland, led by Sloane Vinson, 91 to 105.

Only one team has two runners in the top ten and that is Saint Patrick with Isabel and Olivia Leatherman ranked seventh and eighth. The Saint Patrick team as a whole is ranked tenth.

1Hernando High School(MS)91
1)Riley Jackson20:28.532
2)Delaney Hopkins22:19.9016
3)Sarah Harmon22:36.0518
4)Emma Claire Haley22:47.8021
5)Wenn Sanders24:00.0034
Average Time: 22:26.46Total Time: 1:52:12.281-5 Split: 3:31.47
6)Addyson Erhardt24:52.5048
7)Jessica Polk25:16.9054
2Madison Ridgeland Academy(MS)105
1)Sloane Vinson20:57.104
2)Abi Alden Benton22:37.2719
3)Lydia Snopek23:06.9024
4)Hannah Potter23:28.5027
5)Laurel Fulcher23:47.5831
Average Time: 22:47.47Total Time: 1:53:57.351-5 Split: 2:50.48
6)Kate Mathison24:40.9045
7)Sydney Sanders25:28.0059
3Jackson Preparatory School(MS)106
1)Julia Stradinger20:57.093
2)Gracie Atkinson22:01.5113
3)Kimmons Sheppard22:21.8217
4)Olivia Smith23:41.8529
5)Havens Smith24:39.1044
Average Time: 22:44.27Total Time: 1:53:41.371-5 Split: 3:42.01
6)Sarah Beth Usey24:45.1347
7)Lauren Anne Smith27:09.7890
4Simpson Academy(MS)118
1)Layla Warren21:01.006
2)Emma Overstreet21:48.2012
3)Mary Margaret White23:05.1023
4)Carson Carter24:16.0037
5)Kinsley Welch24:20.8840
Average Time: 22:54.24Total Time: 1:54:31.181-5 Split: 3:19.88
6)Olivia Hodom26:31.1078
7)Sophie Grubbs27:08.8089
5Corinth High School(MS)128
1)Andi Kate Holley21:36.9510
2)Elsie Wilbanks22:12.9715
3)Emma Hall22:45.2120
4)Lauren Beech23:49.8132
5)Lexi Faulkner24:56.7751
Average Time: 23:04.34Total Time: 1:55:21.711-5 Split: 3:19.82
6)Catherine Grisham25:44.5564
7)Odilia Pascual26:22.8672

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