Senior Hero Kyle Capo Saint Stanislaus

Mississippi Senior Heros 2020

Kyle Capo-

Saint Stanislaus

University: Spring Hill College

Coach Comment: (D.P Daigle)

 How is your athlete as a person and a competitor?

Kyle is a class act, he never misses practice and leads the team by example.It has been fun and rewarding watching his career grow over the years.

What are his best attributes?

I think Kyle's best attribute is his persistence.He's never shied away from a workout and always gives his best day in and day out.He keeps at a thing until it is done.

 Athlete (Kyle)

What is your GPA and ACT score?

My GPA is 3.96ACT is a 30 and Superscored 32.

Describe why you choose College and what you liked on your visit to the college.
I prefer small schools to larger schools, and Spring Hill is able to equip me for the career I have in mind. These reasons, in addition to being able to run for the team, are why I chose Spring Hill. My favorite part of my visit was being able to sit in on a Genetics class and see how science classes generally run.

Is there any other athlete that might have helped influence your signing?
Not particularly.

What are you most looking forward to about your future career as an athlete at College?

Meeting new people, being able to travel, and experiencing new courses/race atmospheres.

What is your favorite workout your Coach has you do?

I might get some hate for this but I enjoy 400m repeat workouts. I also enjoy hill workouts.

What is your least favorite workout?

Mile repeats.

What events do you think they'll have you run in track as a freshman?

Cross Country and hopefully the 1500m.

What motivates you to run?

I just do it because I enjoy running and I enjoy competing.

What do you think about when you're running?

If I'm running a race then I'm usually thinking about pacing or which runner ahead of me to target, but if I'm doing a long run then it's usually whatever random thoughts that pop into my head.

Do you have any superstitions on race day or perhaps an odd pre-race routine?

I always wear the same clothes to sleep in every night before a race (All-Region t-shirt and my old soccer shorts).

Gatorade or Powerade?

Usually Powerade, but if somebody has the white Gatorade then I'll take that over anything.

Jersey, aka Singlet, tucked or untucked?

Untucked on the line, but I usually pull it out halfway through the race.

Do you have a favorite meal for the night before a race?

Pasta with some meat in it for protein, and lots of water.

Do you take ice baths?  If yes, what do you think about during an ice bath?

I take ice baths all the time. I usually listen to music to take my mind off of how cold the water is.

Name a lesson that running and training as a runner has taught you.

Talent is great, but hard work can take you so much further.

Do you have a rival runner? 

My teammates.

 What do you do to recover after a race?

I do a stretch routine and take a long nap.

How do you intend to balance academics and athletics in college?

Same way as high school, work hard and try to keep my head above the water.

What is the strangest thing you've seen during a race?

.I saw somebody intentionally stop and take off their shoes halfway through a race.

Who is your biggest fan?

My Dad, for sure.

What advice would you like to share with younger runners just starting out their high school careers?

Most young runners aren't the fastest because they are just learning, and I feel that that discourages them and makes them want to give up. The only way to get fast is by working hard and not giving up, so all younger runners should remember that. 

Is there anything else you want to share with the MileSplit Community?

Never forget that runners are the toughest athletes in the world, and that running is the greatest sport ever.