Senior Heroes Roslyn Inabinette Ocean Springs High

Mississippi Senior Heros 2020

An Interview with Roslyn Inabinette

By DP Daigle

Roslyn Inabinette is a senior at Ocean Springs High SchoolShe primarily focuses on two events:Pole Vault and the 100M Hurdles.In the shortened 2020 season she ranked 3rd in the state in Pole Vault and 28th in the 100 Meter Hurdles.She strikes me as a well-rounded kid with incredible insight into the value of the sport we all know and love. Her coach, Timothy Sayers, says "Roslyn is someone I'm extremely proud of! I've seen her overcome some incredible obstacles, so to see her improve and have the success that she's had has been a joy for me as a coach, and I'm so proud of her." He goes on to add that, "She's a terrific teammate. She's someone who's extremely supportive and wants to see everyone on the team perform well and succeed."I really enjoyed picking her brain a bit, she really exemplifies the kind of athlete our sport is all about.

DP:What is your name, what grade are you in, and what school do you go to?

RI:My name is Roslyn Inabinette and I am a senior at Ocean Springs High School.

DP:What is your GPA and ACT score?

RI:My GPA is a 3.0 and I currently have a 22 on the ACT.

DP:What are your events? What are your Personal Records in those events?

RI:I compete in Pole Vault and the 100M Hurdles. My PR in Pole Vault is 11'8" and my PR in the 100M Hurdles is 15.9.

DP:What is the next goal, time, or mark that you are trying to hit?

RI:I want to set the state record in Pole Vault and I want to drop my 100H time to the low 15's.

DP:What is your favorite workout your Coach has you do?

RI:My favorite workout coach has me do is anything speed and agility related.

DP:What is your least favorite workout?

RI:Anything endurance related.

DP:What are your plans after high school?

RI:I want to Pole Vault at Mississippi State.

DP:What motivates you to train?

RI:Being the best and setting myself up for a successful future.

DP:Do you have any superstitions on meet day or perhaps an odd pre-meet routine?

RI:I always talk to Coach Kelly, our jumps coach, before the beginning of every competition.It could even just be to say hi, it normally calms my nerves.

DP:Gatorade or Powerade?

RI:Neither, water.

DP:OK, a write in ballot, gotcha.Jersey (Singlet), tucked or untucked?

RI:I prefer my singlet to be untucked.

DP:Do you have a favorite meal for the night before a meet?

RI:I like to eat anything my grandma will cook for me the night before a meet.

DP:Do you take ice baths?If yes, what do you think about during an ice bath?

RI:I don't take ice baths.

DP:Name a lesson that track & field has taught you.

RI:How good you think you are doesn't matter if you're not putting in 110% all the way to the end.

DP:Do you have a rival runner?Or who is your team's biggest rival?

RI:Pole Vaulters are very close knit.We all support each other and are happy to see individual success no matter the team.

DP:That's pretty cool, what a great network.What do you do to recover after a meet?

RI:I eat and sleep BIG!

DP:What is your favorite thing about your coach?

RI:I've never felt like he was disappointed in me, even on the days I thought I did horribly.

DP:Who is your biggest fan?

RI:My family.I have a very supportive family.

DP:That's awesome.What advice would you like to share with younger runners, maybe the JH kids on your team?

RI:It's up to you to uphold the Ocean Springs reputation.Be part of the legacy but never let your last performance determine where your chin settles.

DP:Wow, well put!Have you had any injuries you've had to deal with in your career?

RI:I broke my elbow during gymnastics before I started track and I've always had to be very conscience of how far I can push it.

DP:What are your thoughts about the Corona Virus?

RI:What is there to think? It sucks, but it's not anything I can control.I think it's best if we all just do as we're told and listen to the people who know what they're talking about.

DP:What do you think about the possibility of your senior track season being cancelled because of the virus?

RI:I've worked the past five years to end my senior year as the best pole vaulter I could be in high school.It almost feels like I have nothing to show for it knowing I don't even get a last chance at the mark I've literally dreamed about. But there's simply no point in dwelling on what I can't control.

DP:It's tough, but you're right - we can't dwell on things outside of our control. What is your greatest accomplishment in track & field?

RI:I wanted to say my mark at state last year.But really I think my biggest track accomplishment is the bond I have with the other pole vaulters I compete with. To be able to smile because of someone else's success - even after tears on a bad day - is something I'm proud to say that I, as well as other the other pole vaulters, are capable of. It's a joy.

DP:Is there anything else you want to share with the MileSplit Community?

RI:My senior season was cut short. It feels like my "last shot" was stolen from me. But I'm not the only person that this affects.So, to the seniors: fighting over who ate all the gummy snacks before we event got the tent set up, hour long pre AND post practice pep talks, cheering during races, screaming when the last thing said over the sound system was "Ocean Springs," bugging coach to stop for fast food on the bus ride home, team hugs after making a new mark, standing on the podium, being proud of each other, and every bit of blood, smiles, and tears I've put into this sport are what I'm going to choose to focus on and remember. It's not a senior season, but it is everything else.

DP:Wow Roslyn, you sure have been a pleasure to talk to, thanks for your time!