MHSAA Boys Team Rankings

MHSAA Class 6A

These team rankings all use this years best times to determine the rankings.

Oxford High has fought its way to the top of Class 6A and with Walt Johnson and Luke Johnson they should finish number one. 

1Oxford High School (MS) (MS)54
1) Walt Johnson15:20.951
2) Luke Johnson16:17.042
3) Matthew Singletary16:45.907
4) Brooks Austin17:33.0621
5) John Scott Kendricks17:40.3723
Average Time: 16:43.46 Total Time: 1:23:37.32 1-5 Split: 2:19.42
6) Ethan Knight18:00.3031
7) Tamon Matsumura18:05.0435
2Pearl High School (MS)69
1) JiKori James16:42.806
2) Jonathan Phillips16:51.008
3) Jacob Dedmon17:08.1014
4) Bruce Blackman17:17.2016
5) Collin Cloninger17:44.5025
Average Time: 17:08.72 Total Time: 1:25:43.60 1-5 Split: 1:01.70
6) Sam Long18:09.7538
7) Javien Davis18:13.8040

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