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Lucky Number 8

     Number 8 proved to be a lucky number for Water Valley Cross Country two weekends ago at the TCPS Invitational! Both Lillian Lindsey and myself placed 8th in our respective 1A-3A races. Lillian ran a 22:44, and I finished with a 18:47. We were both pleased with our times knowing that TCPS is not at all an easy course. Lillian's sister, Maris Lindsey, also was a top finisher in the Junior High girls race. Maris placed 20th in the 4K and finished with a 22:19. I was also proud of my other teammates- Dante RamirezMatthew Dunn, and Peyton Ferguson for running an exceptional race. It was a pretty fun weekend for WVXC.

     This past weekend, our team did not race anywhere. But wow, the results from some of the races were amazing! Morgan Claire Rose, killed it at MC Watson this week with an incredible PR of 17:50! Also Dylan Allen, taking the lead for fastest time in the state with a 15:47 was also another amazing PR. Brock Kelly also did not disappoint, running a 17:07 at MC Watson. I'm glad I can call these guys my friends! Keep up the hard work.

     Tomorrow my team will be racing at the Pontotoc Invitational. This race is always one we look forward too. By this time of the season, it has normally cooled down a good bit and the course is mostly flat, so I look forward to seeing some good races. Wherever you may be running tomorrow, good luck. Run hard and don't hold anything back. After all, State is only a few weeks away. So strive for greatness. Set your goals high, I know you can achieve them.

See you on the course,

Coulter Clement