Winona High School Invitational Boys Virtual Meet

Chris Webber Columbus Christian Academy will be one of the top runners in the 3200 meter run along with Kenna Pierce, Canton High School.

This meet will highlight the 400 meter dash and the distance races. Come and and enjoy a nice spring day and watch track and field action.

AdditionalNotes $5.00 admission for spectators. 
9:45 Coaches Meeting
10:00 4x800 & Field events 
12:00 Running events (rolling time schedule)
Two Divisions Division I (4A,5A,6A)
Division II (1A,2A,3A)

MileSplit Mississippi will be on site look for Whitney Robbins in the Blue MileSplit shirt.

100 Meter Dash

1Bralon Robinson2017Canton High School11.00 10
2Zahlyn McGruder2018Canton High School11.03 8
3Zacharey Goodman2017Greenville HS11.08 6
4Ramonte Hall2019Canton High School11.20 4.5
4Travis Tucker2017Senatobia High School11.20 4.5
6Jordan Lenard2018Haywood High School11.48 3
7Josh Stanford2017Kirk Academy11.55 2
8Artrell Phillips2017Greenville HS11.59 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Zacharey Goodman2017Greenville HS22.37 10
2Zahlyn McGruder2018Canton High School22.66 8
3Bralon Robinson2017Canton High School22.71 6
4Ramonte Hall2019Canton High School22.85 5
5Travis Tucker2017Senatobia High School23.49 4
6Josh Stanford2017Kirk Academy23.60 3
7Dedric Clark2018Winona High School23.88 2
8Bas Hollingsworth2017Kirk Academy24.45 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Zacharey Goodman2017Greenville HS50.14 10
2Zahlyn McGruder2018Canton High School50.82 8
3Rytravious Ollie2018Canton High School52.03 6
4Bas Hollingsworth2017Kirk Academy53.87 5
5Tony Rogers2018Senatobia High School55.07 4
6Dedric Clark2018Winona High School55.96 3
7Holman Taylor2017Kirk Academy57.08 2
8Adrian Warfield2019South Delta High School57.83 1
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800 Meter Run

1Tate Syme2017Senatobia High School2:00.00 10
2Tony Rogers2018Senatobia High School2:02.00 8
3Nate Parker2018Columbus Christian Academy2:10.00 6
4Jordan Ritchie2017Winona High School2:19.00 5
5Kenna Pierce2018Canton High School2:21.17 4
6Marquiz Wright2020Canton High School2:24.47 3
7Dene Ahmed2018Senatobia High School2:25.79 2
8Dominique Williams2019Greenville HS2:26.59 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Tate Syme2017Senatobia High School4:49.00 10
2Cameron Bullard2019Winona High School5:17.00 8
3Kenna Pierce2018Canton High School5:17.06 6
4Marquiz Wright2020Canton High School5:17.30 5
5Labroski Harvey2018Canton High School5:18.08 4
6Robert Reed2018Senatobia High School5:18.38 3
7Sam Roberts2017Senatobia High School5:32.64 2
8Carson Holly2020Winona High School5:35.00 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Kenna Pierce2018Canton High School11:06.47 10
2Chris Webber2018Columbus Christian Academy11:11.00 8
3Labroski Harvey2018Canton High School11:32.28 6
4Robert Reed2018Senatobia High School11:36.95 5
5Sam Roberts2017Senatobia High School11:43.88 4
6Marquiz Wright2020Canton High School11:55.37 3
7Austin Syme2019Senatobia High School12:23.00 2
8Adrian Martin2018Kirk Academy14:44.55 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Ray Thomas Jr.2018Senatobia High School16.18 10
2Mykel Mcgee2018South Delta High School16.37 8
3Rytravious Ollie2018Canton High School16.60 6
4Pizarro Travis2019Canton High School17.20 5
5Xavier Boler2018Canton High School17.24 4
6Kavan Wooten2020Senatobia High School17.35 3
7Michael Purnell2017Winona High School17.55 2
8Jamarius Shaw2017O'Bannon High School17.99 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Pizarro Travis2019Canton High School40.61 10
2Xavier Boler2018Canton High School41.36 8
3Michael Purnell2017Winona High School44.16 6
4Jaylen Davis2019Canton High School44.66 5
5Mykel Mcgee2018South Delta High School44.69 4
6Kavan Wooten2020Senatobia High School47.50 3
7Tyrese Hardin2017Senatobia High School48.64 2
8Malik Woods2020Haywood High School48.70 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Canton High School42.70 10
2O'Bannon High School45.13 8
3Senatobia High School45.28 6
4Haywood High School46.08 5
5Kirk Academy46.59 4
6South Delta High School46.78 3
7Winona High School47.47 2
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Canton High School1:28.60 10
2Senatobia High School1:34.85 8
3Kirk Academy1:35.11 6
4M. S. Palmer High School1:39.51 5
5South Delta High School1:39.65 4
6Winona High School1:43.87 3
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Canton High School3:31.67 10
2Senatobia High School3:51.98 8
3O'Bannon High School3:55.09 6
4Kirk Academy3:57.31 5
5Greenville HS3:57.32 4
6South Delta High School3:59.00 3
7Winona High School4:07.00 2
8M. S. Palmer High School4:08.00 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Senatobia High School9:02.90 10
2Canton High School9:18.82 8
3Winona High School9:24.00 6
4O'Bannon High School9:37.43 5
5South Delta High School10:48.00 4
6M. S. Palmer High School10:54.00 3
7Kirk Academy11:00.36 2
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High Jump

1Jyles Beard2017Haywood High School6-1 10
2Travis Tucker2017Senatobia High School6-0 8
3Bryce Currie2018Haywood High School5-8 6
4Alvarez Powell2018Senatobia High School5-6 4.5
4Ray Thomas Jr.2018Senatobia High School5-6 4.5
6Malcolm Gholston2020Winona High School5-4 3
7Antonio Kinnell2019Winona High School5-0 2
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Long Jump

1Dedric Clark2018Winona High School20-10.25 10
2Alvarez Powell2018Senatobia High School20-5.5 8
3Damerius Wash2018Canton High School20-5 6
4Jarius Harris2019Senatobia High School19-8 5
5Ladarious Porter2018Senatobia High School18-8.5 4
6Brandon Taylor2017Haywood High School18-3.5 3
7Decourtney Reed2019Haywood High School16-11 2
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Triple Jump

1Damerius Wash2018Canton High School43-0 10
2Tyrese Hardin2017Senatobia High School40-11 8
3Dedric Clark2018Winona High School40-0.75 6
4C Davis0Canton High School39-9.5 5
5Alvarez Powell2018Senatobia High School39-3 4
6T'Jarion Peel2017Canton High School38-8 3
7Brandon Taylor2017Haywood High School37-11.5 1.5
7Kavan Wooten2020Senatobia High School37-11.5 1.5
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Pole Vault

1Dalton Murphy2018Winona High School9-0 8
1Dodger Rhone2018Senatobia High School9-0 8
1Mitchell Palmertree2017Winona High School9-0 8
4Monterrius Jackson2018Senatobia High School8-6 5
5Kenzaki Jones2019Senatobia High School7-6 3.5
5Michael Walton2020Winona High School7-6 3.5
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Shot Put

1Jaylan Woods2017Greenville HS39-11.5 10
2Kedarious Woodfolk2017Haywood High School38-2.5 8
3Eddie Leverson2017Senatobia High School37-4.5 6
4Tovell Henderson2018Senatobia High School36-7 5
5Jalen Phillips2019Winona High School36-5 4
6Cornelius Lewis2020Canton High School36-0 3
7Jeremiah Brown2019Canton High School35-3 2
8Thomas Simmons0Canton High School34-5 1
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1Jaylan Woods2017Greenville HS120-3 10
2Jalen Phillips2019Winona High School117-2 8
3Javon Davis2018Winona High School114-7 6
4Jarius Taylor2020Canton High School105-0.5 5
5Eddie Leverson2017Senatobia High School100-6 4
6Austin Syme2019Senatobia High School87-9 3
7Saveon Gross2020Winona High School84-2 2
8Tovell Henderson2018Senatobia High School82-1 1
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