MRA Invitational Boys Winner Chase Rose

MRA Hosted the largest MAIS XC meet with over 50 schools.  The boys Varsity was the most challenging bringing  threes accomplish runners from 3 different schools and 3 different divisions competing to see who can grit it out on the Choctaw Trail.   Chase Rose now a Junior at Kirk Academy  who was injured throughout his XC Season his sophomore year decided 2019 XC Season would be a game changer for him wanting to finish what he could not the previous season.  Coming off an impressive sub 17 at City Auto in Memphis which is a flat course, Choctaw Trails is the opposite with hills, turns, and a long hill climb to the finish line would be a worthwhile accomplishment sub 17.   After all the summer training and the sub 17 minute finish at City Auto in Memphis Chase Rose after running XC  for over 5 years finally not only wins his first overall XC Boys Meet but finishes 16:40 at Choctaw Trails in one of the most challenging raises in MAIS for him to date.