How to Register for the Mississippi Meet of Champions

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If you want to register as a CLUB: 

Go to the support page and provide the following information:

- Team Name

- Address (at least a zip code for identification purposes)

- Email used for the coaches' MileSplit account that will be doing the registration. 

*You do not need to email the support page multiple times to have a club team created*

When a club team is added, there is no quick way to add athletes from a current roster to the new team page. The best suggestion is to add the athletes as new ones, and then send over the list of those that will need to be merged to either or to the support contact page to get those athletes merged to eliminate those dup profiles.

If you want to register as an INDIVIDUAL: 

If one is registering for the meet as an individual, all you need to do is simply claim their athlete profile and register as unattached. The meet is fully set to allow unattached individuals to register.

Finally, the link to this page can provide some better clarity on what to do: (