Coach's Announcement: Fill out Contact Information

COACHES... The staff of Pirate Timing and I are vying to make it ESSENTIAL that each school's pages on MileSplit Mississippi have the Coaches have accurate contact information. The reason for this is that whenever Pirate Timing or myself needs to send out schedule changes, coaching info, etc. we have the necessary information to contact each school and/or coach so that way is not a surprise whenever a team shows up to a meet. 

Here is how to add contact information: 

1. At the top of the page, click on the TEAMS tab. 

2. Search your team in the 'Find Team' Search Engine

3. Once you see your team in the results, click on it. 

4. Click on 'Edit Team'. 

5. Fill out the contact information in the 'Add Coach' Tab to the very right. 

6. Click Add, and you are all set.