MileSplit MS All-State XC Teams #6: High School Boys

7. Cooper Parmer - Pontotoc High School

Previous Ranking: NR

Last Performance: 16:07 5k Runner-up finish at the Pontotoc XC Invitational

Next Race: MHSAA Region 2-4A

Coming onto the list for the first time with his 16:07 runner-up at his home course last weekend is Cooper Parmer of Pontotoc. Parmer had a very impressive run the weekend before last at Pontotoc, with a huge last mile and took down notable runners such as Luke Johnson, Ethan Knight, Taylor Brown, and JJ Lincoln. Like #7 ranked Gann, it somewhat hurt Parmer that he wasn't at Watson, but he has still had quite a few notable performances and has been on the bubble of this list for quite some time. 

6. Jaheim Bridges - Tupelo High School

Previous Ranking: #6

Last Performance: 16:02 5k, 6th place at the 2021 Watson High School Meet

Next Race: French Camp Classic

Once again showing off the depth in the Mississippi High School boys running this year as it is crazy that someone of this caliber is number 6, whereas he would have been #1 or #2 most years...

Coming in at #6 is Pontotoc XC Champion and 15:57 5k runner Jaheim Bridges of Tupelo. I'm finally done getting surprised by Bridges and I am now recognizing that he is the real and is here to stay. It still is crazy how good he has gotten, even since the beginning of the year, but he has asserted himself as someone to always watch out for at any given meet on any given day. Bridges will surely be chasing another fast time with teammate Taylor Brown at the flat course of French Camp this upcoming Saturday.