Last Week in Photos: Tupelo, Long Beach, and Clinton

Clinton Arrow Invitational - by Christian Leach

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What up @Patrick Faulk? Faulk out here hanging loose and having fun in the first mile at Clinton yesterday. If you see Faulk, be sure and congratulate him on his new 5k PR. He probably ran so well because he went out so relaxed... 


Speaking of going out relaxed, here is one of the best examples in the state of doing that. William Fugate of Madison St. Joseph is usually a little off the back in the first mile of a 5k. However, he simply 'has the first mile to himself', and progresses through the field throughout the race. If you do it right, the party starts after the first mile - just ask Adam Gomez about that and his 2019 MHSAA 6A state title, whenever he was around 15-20th at the 1-mile mark and ended up winning by 16 seconds...



Another great example of going out relaxed from yesterday is Shana Sellers of Pearl. Sellers in her first race back, was in 7th at around the 1 mile, somewhat far back off of the leaders,  and finished 3rd overall. I'm not seeing you have to go jogging on the 1st mile and hit some huge negative split - you just need to go out relaxed.