Top 5 Teams that have Lowest 1-5 Spread: High School Boys

As we saw from last week, having a strong 5th man can help out your whole entire team. If you missed it, check out that article HERE

This week, we will be previewing another skill that every team should try and master, and that their 1-5 spread. 

A team's 1-5 spread is the amount of time in between their #1 and #5 runners crossing the finish line. Almost every team in the top 10 has a 1-5 spread of less than 1 minute and 45 seconds. However, the teams that have really mastered this skill are the ones that have a 1-5 spread of fewer than 60 seconds. 

Coming into this cross country season, there are 5 teams on paper that have a sub-70 second 1-5 spread... Click on the next pages to find out which ones they are!

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