For Mississippi Boys XC Goals To Shoot For In 2020

Christian Balcer winning Class 5A State

Everyone needs goals to shoot for so here are a few that the boys can train for in 2021.

Anyone that paid attention to cross country in 2020 knows about the number one is held by Christian Balcer, East Central. If you want to take over number one you will have to beat 14:38 to take over the top time in the State.

To be in the top 25 you have to run and beat 16:03.50. Drew Kellum, Tupelo High, ran that time in 2006.

The top 50 will require you to run at 16:23.00. Jordon Salmon, East Union ran that in 2015 at the Region 1-2A Meet.

The 100th time on the list is 16:41.92 and that is the goal to beat. A.J. Stone, Madison Ridgeland ran that in 2016 as a senior.

To break the top 250 you need to run 17:09.30. This time is currently held by Will Triplett, Madison Ridgeland who is a junior this year and will be trying to improve on this time next season.

The top break into the top 500t you will need to run at least 17:34.00. There are two people tied at that point. Aidan Duncan, Florence High and Shawn Smith, Forest Hill.

To make it into the top 1000 you will need to run faster than 18:10.45. That time is currently held by Tommy Bramlett, Mooreville High, who ran this in 2017.

At the 2500th spot, you have to run at least 19:18.00. There are nine athletes that hold this time with none of them returning next year.

Finally, to break into the top 5000 you need to run 20:23.20. Qasim Banks, Meridian High and Jacob Baumgartner, Pearl River hold that time but both have graduated.

So for each of you athlete out there no matter what your time is now you have a goal to shoot for in 2021. Good luck with your training,