Top Three MAIS Boys and Girls Team Rankings

Preston Speed, Jackson Preparatory leads his number one ranked team to a comfortable 59 point early-season lead in the MAIS over Presbyterian Christian.

1Jackson Preparatory School(MS)42
1)Preston Speed18:11.142
2)Charlie Hight18:49.784
3)Nathan Werne20:05.8511
4)Evans Reynolds20:13.9512
5)Alex Roberson20:14.7313
Average Time: 19:31.09Total Time: 1:37:35.451-5 Split: 2:03.59
6)Graham Speed21:18.4328
7)Barnes Lowry21:25.8930
2Presbyterian Christian School(MS)101
1)Nathan Marcev19:58.0710
2)Jacob Beauvais20:28.8517
3)Andrew Marcev21:08.7523
4)Oliver Creel21:10.2425
5)Aaron Marcev21:11.4726
Average Time: 20:47.48Total Time: 1:43:57.381-5 Split: 1:13.40
6)Brody Creel21:19.2929
7)David Brett23:08.5147
3Jackson Academy(MS)109
1)Clayton Mahaffey19:16.146
2)Emery Thigpen19:52.349
3)Rett Stanley20:54.7820
4)Law Stanley21:36.6233
5)Samuel Long22:49.9141
Average Time: 20:53.96Total Time: 1:44:29.791-5 Split: 3:33.77
6)Coleman Dinkins24:20.5757
7)Michael Hogue25:47.7565

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