Top Three MAIS Boys and Girls Team Rankings

Madison Ridgeland has a narrow 12 point lead over Jackson Preparatory in the girls ranking,  Julia Stradinger needs some of her teammates to step to catch MRA.

1Madison Ridgeland Academy(MS)43
1)Sloane Vinson20:57.102
2)Abi Alden Benton21:24.894
3)Laurel Fulcher22:31.8511
4)Lydia Snopek23:03.5712
5)Hannah Potter23:28.5014
Average Time: 22:17.18Total Time: 1:51:25.911-5 Split: 2:31.40
6)Kate Mathison24:40.9024
7)Kienzle Smith24:58.6027
2Jackson Preparatory School(MS)55
1)Julia Stradinger20:57.091
2)Gracie Atkinson22:01.517
3)Kimmons Sheppard22:21.829
4)Olivia Smith23:41.8515
5)Havens Smith24:39.1023
Average Time: 22:44.27Total Time: 1:53:41.371-5 Split: 3:42.01
6)Sarah Beth Usey24:45.1325
7)Lauren Anne Smith27:09.7839
3Simpson Academy(MS)61
1)Layla Warren21:01.003
2)Emma Overstreet21:48.206
3)Mary Margaret White23:05.1013
4)Carson Carter24:16.0018
5)Kinsley Welch24:20.8821
Average Time: 22:54.24Total Time: 1:54:31.181-5 Split: 3:19.88
6)Olivia Hodom26:31.1032
7)Sophie Grubbs27:08.8038

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