Toughest Course In Mississippi???

Rating on the Tupelo Christian Prep School Course by the number one ranked returning XC runner Brock Kelly. The only thing it does not have is how the course was measured.

Arguably one of the hardest trails in Mississippi, the TCPS trail has 8 very large hills along the 5k course and also many small gradual hills. There are around 11 hills in total. The trail is all dirt and grass and has been measured to be accurate many times. The last quarter mile is an uphill finish that flattens out for the last 100 meters. Overall, I would rate this course as a 5 as far as difficulty, and I doubt anyone would disagree with me. 

-Brock Kelly

PS I really like the idea of having a course rating. Keep up the good articles. 

Results of TCPS Invitational on Sept 29th 2018

Event 2  Boys 5k Run CC 1A-6A
    Name                    Year School                Avg Mile     Finals  Points
  1 Kelly, Brock              11 Tupelo Chris            5:35.2   17:21.44    1   
  2 Posey, J.T.               10 Tupelo Chris            5:51.2   18:11.02    2   
  3 Foster, John Michael      10 Tupelo Chris            5:55.0   18:22.91    3   
  4 Carter, Ben               10 Ripley High School      5:59.0   18:35.26    4   
  5 Childs, Tanner            12 Kossuth High School     6:08.7   19:05.52    5   

Now season Best for each of these athletes

Brock Kelly 16:11.65

J. T. Posey 17:10.14

John Michael Foster 17:16.59

Ben Carter 17:23.00

Tanner Childs 17:23.19

Hmmm I might have to agree with Brock on his rating including the toughest course in Mississippi. Plus I have been to the course when I was coaching and my team did not want to go back LOL. I am pretty sure that his coach would agree with the rating. If you want to really run it when it is tough go right after a good period of rain.

Coach just contacted me we will be getting some pictures of the hills plus maybe a go pro run attached to Brock Kelly. He also has said it has been wheeled but will do it again to confirm.