How Hard are Mississippi XC Courses

Uphill finish at Choctaw Trails.

This is a chance for all coaches and athletes to rate our Cross Country courses.

How do we do it?

First all coaches need to confirm that a course is truly 5K. The only way I truly trust a course is if it is wheeled. GPS can give a false measurement by cutting corners. Cars are a horrible way to measure a course. So once your course is accurate let us know at Mississippi MileSplit,

Second is the fun part. Is there a lot of sharp turns in a course as this can slow down times as athletes make the turns? Are there hills if so how many and how steep an incline? Is the course on grass or dirt or paved or any combinations of these? 

Finally grade the course 1 - 5 with 1 being easy while 5 is tough. 

Okay how do I rate my courses, Northeast Lauderdale Invitational a 2.5. It has hills one steep. It has a lot of turns. Mostly paved but some grass. The course evolved over the years with many of the sharp turns deleted but you sill have to make a number of turns. This course may not be used as the course at Northeast Lauderdale High has been lengthened and might turn out to be a tougher course.

Sharp turn to enter the soccer complex NE Lauderdale Invite.

Okay Mississippi College Choctaw Trails. This course is hard to rate. Nice grass on most of the course with some dirt. A great down hill start but there are a number of hills to climb. Tough finish up hill for I estimate 200 meters. I think it might just get a 4 rating. 

So now all your coaches and athletes get out there and measure your course then rate it and send it in to Makes sure you say why if it is easy or hard. If you send pictures make sure they are horizontal so that they fit this page better. I will publish the ratings as they come in.