Looking for a Few Photographers and Videographer's

I cannot be everywhere and cover every meet that Mississippi Athletes attend so I need so help. If you have a camera and are going to a meet to cover a team why not cover all and post on Mississippi MileSplit. Some of you can even be paid to do this as long as you are willing to cover as many athletes as you can. If you have a video camera that you can set up while you shoot pictures or if you want to come with me and use my video camera let me know and I will show you how to post on MileSplit.

Yes you parents and team supporters can post your own pictures on MileSplit just let me know and I will help you do this. The good thing about those photos is that they are free to view not like the ones that our MileSplit Pros post. 

I hope we will have some writers and aspiring writers want to do articles about teammates, other athletes and coaches so that we can post those also on MileSplit. Who knows it may be like Austin BourneBrandon and selected as one of the Best Writing on MileSplit 2018. Some of you can even be paid for that. 

You can contact me at mathewsjames1950@gmail.com if you are interested in doing any of these things. Join us and make Mississippi MileSplit the most read site on MileSplit.