Coulter Clement, Water Valley Blog

Let the Race Begin

     The day that we've all prepared for is less than 24 hours away. Tomorrow is the day that athletes across the state have trained all summer long for. All of the countless miles that we persevered in the excruciating heat will pay off. The time we have spent running up steep hills and long trails will only make us stronger.  That day is also referred to as Myrtle XC Invitational.

     I'm Coulter Clement. I am a sophomore at Water Valley High School, and I have been running Cross Country and Track since seventh grade. My Cross Country team has almost doubled in size this year! Did I mention I'm from Water Valley? Have you ever heard of it? Exactly. We are a small 3A school, and my team consists of 7 runners in all. Yes, we are small, but I wouldn't trade this group of runners for anything! Since we have such a small team, we don't have many "team" workouts or practices. It is a lot of individual work and training. This summer we've been hard at work preparing for the start of this new XC season. We have our standards set high, and don't plan on lowering them. Records will be broken and goals will be reached. It will be hard, but it is all so worth it.

     Cross Country is something I look forward all year for, and I am more eager this season than ever before to begin. This week I've been preparing myself mentally and physically in many ways. I've run distance in the heat of the day to prepare for the possibility of a hot and humid run this Saturday. I've also run some hill repeats and sprints to get ready for the multiple different terrains in New Albany. (Wooded, paved, grassy)  I've sweated more this week than I think I ever have before , but it always reminds me of hard work. I've prepared mentally by setting goals I would like to reach. I've thought of things I can change or improve from last year, and how to do so. Needless to say, I am ready to finally get on the starting line and take off.

     So here's to a new season of Cross Country. Here's to new PR's and Team Records. Here's to the coaches that have pushed us hard this summer in preparation for tomorrow. Here's to the early Saturday mornings of races. Here's to perseverance and strength to keep running even when it's tough. Here's to new friends and competition. And here's to the athletes who have worked for this day all year long. Cross Country 2017, let the race begin.


See you on the course,

Coulter Clement