MAIS District 3-5A Varsity Meet 2022

Hattisburg, MS

Meet Information


Coaches Meeting - 9am

Field Events - 9:30am

Concessions will be open to all spectators, athletes, and coaches

-Max of 2 athlete per sprint event

-Max of 2 athletes per distance event

-Max of 2 athletes per field event

-Max of 1 relay team per school

-All Jumpers & Throwers will get 3 throws/jumps.  They will then be reseeded & the Top 6 will get 3 more throws/jumps.

-High Jump and pole vault will be contested regularly

All Schools and Patrons must park at Tatum Park which is located behind the visitor bleachers.  

Admission - $6 for all patrons

9:30am                 Pole Vault                     All

                               Shot Put                       Boys

                                Discus                         Girls

                                Long Jump                  Boys

                                Triple Jump                 Girls

                                High Jump                   Boys

10:10am                Shot Put                        Girls

                               Discus                            Boys

                                Long Jump                    Girls

                                Triple Jump                   Boys

                                High Jump                     Girls 

9:45am                    3200m Run (Waterfall Start)                   Girls

11:00am                300m Hurdles                                            Girls - Boys

                                4x200m Relay                                           Girls - Boys

                                4x800m Relay  (Waterfall Start)              Girls - Boys

                                4x100m Relay                                           Girls - Boys

                                100m/110m Hurdles.                               Girls - Boys

                                100m Dash                                                 Girls - Boys

                                1600m Run (Waterfall Start)                    Girls - Boys

                                400m Dash                                                 Girls - Boys

                                800m Run (Waterfall Start)                      Girls - Boys

                                200m Dash                                                 Girls - Boys

                                3200m Run (Waterfall Start)                     Boys

                                4x400m Relay                                            Girls - Boys